Earth 2: Part 8

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The 3 took a seat on the track, waiting for Jean to return. “So, are you in school?” Paul asked.

“Well, right now I’m taking a gap year, but I plan to go to the university up the street for nursing.” Vanessa replied.

“Oh yeah? That’s cool, good school.”

“Yeah… Do you guys have jobs, or do you go to school or something?”

“Well I was going to go to school this semester, but then I kinda got… blindsided.” Paul laughed for a moment, before he noticed he was the only one laughing. “Am I overdoing the blind jokes? Can’t really read body language like I used to.”

Dayspring leaned towards him, “Little bit.” Dayspring paused for a moment before turning back to Vanessa. “Well, right now I work in a warehouse, ya know, gotta pay the bills.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” She turned back to Paul, “Do you have any hobbies?”

“Well, I still like to play instruments. It’s one of the few things I can still do really.”

“Oh wow, you’ll have to play for me some time!”

“Sure thing!” Paul laughed, “I’m always down to show off.”

Vanessa admired Paul’s smile for a while, she still couldn’t get over it, there was something about it. Vanessa panicked for a moment as she made eye contact with Dayspring. Was I staring? Just move the conversation along.  “So did you know what you were going to major in? I bet you could still go to college.”

“Well, I was going to major in nursing, like you. I suppose I’ve thought about going to school anyways, but I’m at least gonna take a gap year.” He paused for a moment, “I’d need a way to get there, I don’t know.”

“Well, I just think it would be a shame if-” Vanessa started, when her father and Jean returned.

“Vanessa! How did it go?” Mr Smith shouted from a ways away.

Vanessa waited for him to get a little closer before speaking. “Well, we figured out a couple of things that I can do… And-”

“Excellent!” Her father interrupted, “Why don’t you show me?”

“Okay.” She said, pausing for a moment. She opened her mouth to speak again, but decided against it.

“Alright, let’s try shooting the ball again.” Dayspring retrieved another basketball, bouncing it a couple of times as he walked. He once again sat the ball down about 10 feet in front of her and stepped back.

Vanessa, again, concentrated on the ball. Okay… No different than the last time… Sure dad’s here watching, but that doesn’t mean anything. The disk began to appear in her hands. Okay… Just hit the ball… Focus. She slung the disc at the ball and sent it bouncing down the track. A beaming smile appeared on her face as she turned to her father.

“Excellent.” He remarked, nodding his head, “Can she do anything else?” He asked, turning to Dayspring, missing Vanessa’s smile fade from her face.

“Well, she was also able to read Paul’s mind.” Dayspring said, gesturing towards his blind compatriot.

“So can we get a demonstration of that?” Her father asked, raising one eyebrow slightly.

“Sure, alright Paul, think of something, but only tell Mr. Smith, here.” Dayspring said, gesturing towards Vanessa’s father.

Her father walked over and leaned in to listen to Paul whisper something. “Alright,” Mr. Smith chuckled, “Darling, give it a shot.”

“Alright.” Vanessa said as she approached Paul again. She exhaled deeply before taking Paul’s hands and trying to see whatever it was he thought of. Alright, focus… She then heard him speak, but, like the last time, she looked up to see he wasn’t speaking. “Alright, just say grandma’s meatloaf… Can you taste tastes?” Suddenly Vanessa could taste what she presumed was ‘grandma’s meatloaf’. It was quite good actually.

“Grandma’s meatloaf?” Vanessa looked with uncertainty at Paul, who then laughed and nodded. “Why can’t you just think of a number?” She laughed, gently squeezing his hands. She then realized she was still holding his hands, so she let go.

“Most impressive.” Her father remarked, “Any other demonstrations?”

“Nope,” Vanessa replied, “But… I was wond-”

“Excellent,” He interrupted again, “My Vanessa, superpowers… Wow. I suppose that will be all then?” He asked, turning to Dayspring.

This is your chance, just tell dad how you feel… He won’t listen though… Well I guess what’s the worst that could happen… Besides looking like an idiot in front of everyone. Oh just do it.

Vanessa took a deep breath.



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Earth 2: Part 7

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“Well she clearly has mind powers, so maybe, like, telekinesis?” Paul suggests.

“Maybe, let’s give it a go. Your last guess was pretty spot on.” Dayspring shrugged. He got out a basketball and sat it on the ground a few yards ahead of Vanessa. “Alright, try to move the ball.”

“You know, I don’t know why, but I was expecting a lot more science to this.” Vanessa muttered. She turned her focus to the ball. Okay, Vanessa, you were able to do the mind reading thing, so you can totally manage this. Just move the ball… move… the ball. She continued to concentrate for a minute, until eventually she threw her hands in the air and gave up. “I can’t do it!” 

“Alright, so I guess it’s not telekinesis.” Dayspring shrugged. “No big deal, any other ideas?”

“Hmmm… I think I’m feeling something. Come here Vanessa, take my hands again.” Paul extended his arms, palms up.

Vanessa took his hands again and suddenly Paul’s head was thrown back. Paul remained like that for about a minute. I wonder what he’s seeing, and what it’s like to have these visions. Vanessa was caught off guard, as Paul fell backwards onto the ground. She tried to grab him, but ended up falling on top of him.

“You okay?” Dayspring ran over and knelt down next to them.

“Yeah I’m fine.” Paul’s face went pink. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” She giggled as she rolled off of him. She slowly stood to her feet and then helped Paul up. “So what did you see?”

“I saw a lot… But try to send some kind of psychic blast at the ball.”

“Psychic blast…” she muttered to herself. She concentrated again, this time trying to blast the ball. Okay, psychic blast. What does he mean by ‘I saw a lot’? Focus, psychic blast. A wave of… something radiated down Vanessa’s spine. Her mind suddenly snapped into focus at a certain point downrange. A pink disc wisped from her hands and sent the ball flying. “I did it!” She began to do a victory dance.

“Good work. Was it pink?”

“Yeah,” Dayspring looked impressed, “Good work, Vanessa. Alright, did you see anything else in your vision?”

Paul thought for a second, his face turned red again, “Alright, so try making a pink disk, but don’t blast it, just hold it.”

Vanessa concentrated for a moment. Okay… Pink disc… I wonder what he saw that made him blush so much? Focus, pink disc. And sure enough, a pink disc slowly appeared in her hands. “Okay… now what?”

“Alright, let go, but keep it there with your mind.” Paul wiggled his fingers dramatically.

“Alright…” She stared intensely at the disc and released it. It began to wobble, and Vanessa felt it beginning to slip from her control No, no, I almost had it! “I can’t keep it, I’m losing control of it!”

“Yes you can! You can do it!” Paul smiled as he spoke.

There was something reassuring about his smile, like she could do anything, and sure enough the disc stabilized. “Okay… I’ve got it.”

“Alright, Jude- I mean…. Dayspring, try to pull on it, put some weight on it.”

Dayspring put his hand to the bridge of his nose at the use of his name, then approached the disc. It felt solid, he began to put some weight on it, but it only moved a little. Soon enough it seemed to be supporting most of his body weight.

“Alright,” Dayspring said, nodding, “It seems we have a good few powers we can train.”

“So… What’s the next step?” Vanessa looked back and forth between Dayspring and Paul. What is the next step? Are they going to let me join, or were they just helping me? Could I even be a hero like him? Would they even want me? The only thing they saw of me was me getting overpowered by a petty criminal, why would they want me?

“Well, if you want, we’ll help you train your powers, and you can… Join us?” Dayspring paused for a moment and awkwardly scratched his neck, “We haven’t honestly thought too much about future steps.”

“Yes!” She yelled, louder than she intended. “I mean if you want me to…” I actually have a chance to be a hero! I could really help people! Oh, but my dad would never let me do something like this… Maybe Paul or Dayspring could talk him into it. “We’d have to talk to my dad… He might take some convincing.”

“Alright, I suppose we can talk to him.” He looked to Paul for reassurance. “That sound good Paul?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a great feeling about this.”

“Okay then, are you ready to talk to him?” Vanessa asked, looking between the two.

“Yeah, I suppose so.” Dayspring replied, looking to Vanessa for direction.

“I will contact him for you.” Jean said. Paul jumped at the sound of his voice, having forgotten he was there. Jean departed the room at a swift walking pace, leaving the three alone on the track.



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Earth 2: Part 6

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The days passed quickly until the time Vanessa had agreed to. Jude and Paul clambered into the car, Jude dressed in his Dayspring uniform, Paul in a suit. They were both so excited at the prospect of a new hero that they had hardly slept.

“So, I feel like it’s appropriate to gamble about what her powers are.” Paul buckled his seatbelt.

“Alright, alright, wait though, I feel like you have a bit of an unfair advantage here.” Jude laughed and cranked the car.

“Fair, how about this, I go with my second guess, and you go with your first.”

“Fine, if one of us is right… loser does the dishes for a month.”

“Sounds good. Alright my bet’s on ice powers.”

“Hmmmm…” Jude stroked his chin in an over exaggerated manner. “Maybe laser eyes? Yeah laser eyes.”

“Alright, it’s a bet.”

The two joked in a similar fashion about what her powers might be for the remainder of the trip until they reached the address they were given.

“I didn’t know they made mansions in cities! Would you look at that!”

“I’m blind, Jude.” Paul said deadpan, remaining serious for a moment before laughing.

“Okay, okay, it’s huge though.”

“Wow they have an indoor track!” Paul drummed his hands on the dashboard.

“I still can’t get used to that.” Jude laughed.

Jude was directed to park outside of a garage, and then the pair were silently led by an older gentleman in a suit through the estate, into, sure enough, a room with an indoor track and loads of fitness equipment. Vanessa and her father stood on the track, Jude and Paul approached.

“Hello Mr. Smith!” Dayspring greeted him.

“Pleasure to see you again, Dayspring. You as well… Paul was it?”

“Yup, pleasure.” Paul nodded.

“Now I won’t be staring over your shoulder while you conduct your tests, but my associate will.” He gestured towards the man who had escorted them, “This is Passepartout.”

Passepartout nodded, “Please, call me Jean.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Jean.” Paul stuck his hand out in a random direction for a handshake.

Jean looked confused for a moment, but Dayspring reassured him, “He’s blind, he’s just pulling your leg. Ignore him.”

“Feel free to get underway.” Mr. Smith said, before nodding to Jean and walking away.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try to stay out of the way.” Jean stepped back.

“Much appreciated.” Dayspring nodded. “Now, Vanessa, how have you been?”

“I’ve been alright, I guess” She paused for a moment. “A little nervous, a little bit of mood whiplash from ‘almost murdered’ to ‘potential superhero’.”

“Yeah I get what you mean. How are you holding up?”

“Well… I mean I guess I’m alright…” She glanced to the side, placing her hand on her neck. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Well, I’m available if you want to talk.” He replied. What are you a counselor?

“Thanks…” Vanessa paused and looked to the side. “Well I’m ready to start if you are.”

“Alright, let’s get down to business then. Have you noticed any changes since the green light?”

“For example, I went blind, but started having visions. Fun fact, blind people don’t get super hearing, disappointing I know.”

“Well… I can sometimes hear things that people didn’t say. Mostly at the end of conversations, at first I thought people were just pulling my leg, but then I saw somebody remain absolutely still but I still heard them speak.” Vanessa paced around the track.

“Alright… Maybe mind reading?” Jude looked to Paul to see what he thought. Mind reading would be an interesting prospect…

“Come here, Vanessa.” Paul motioned to her. As she approached him, he spoke, “Take both of my hands.” She obliged. “Now try to tell me what I’m thinking.”

Vanessa closed her eyes and concentrated. She focused on entering his mind and suddenly she could hear him, but she looked and he wasn’t speaking “If you can hear me say purple penguin.”

“Um…” She paused for a moment, then released Paul’s hands, “Purple penguin?”

“Oh, nice, she did it!”

“Great work,” Dayspring clapped. “So you can read minds, but what else can you do?”



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Earth 2: Part 5

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Dayspring was winded; he really didn’t see that hammer coming. He laid on the ground for a moment. Oh, yeah, criminal.

As he sat up, he saw that the man had turned around. Wow, assuming your opponent is down is a big no no.

Dayspring got up as quietly as he could and blasted the man to the floor.

The man scurried back, “Hey man, take it easy!”

Typical criminal, always wants to play rough until he’s not the one with the big guns.

The man jumped up and bolted for the door, only to be stopped in his tracks by a blast of light. This time the man didn’t get back up. Dayspring walked over to check, the man was unconscious but still breathing.

Dayspring then went over to the girl.

“Are you okay?” He cut the zip tie carefully.

She sobbed for a moment before speaking, “I think so… Are- Are you Dayspring?”

“Yeah, I’m glad you’re alright. Can I take you to a hospital?” Dayspring smiled reassuringly.

“I… Sure…”

“Alright, just give me one second.” He reached his hand to his earpiece and turned slightly away. “Pau- I mean Prophet, have you called this one in?”

“Police are already on their way, they should be there in about 30 seconds, I’ve told them there was an attempted murder.”

“Alright, thanks.” Dayspring looked back to the girl, “I never got your name.”

“Oh, I’m Vanessa.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Vanessa.” The ambulance came into view. “Now let’s get you to the hospital.”

Dayspring helped her onto the ambulance and rode in the back with her. Dayspring waited for her parents to get there and met them. He then heard Paul in his earpiece.

“Dayspring, I think I know what stuck out to me about her, bring me to the hospital with you. I need to see for sure. I’ll fill you in on what I’m thinking on the way.”

“Roger that.” He walked over to Vanessa and her family. “Hi, I have a friend who would really like to meet you, would that be alright?”

“I’m not sure if-” Her father began.

“Yes, that would be fine.” Vanessa interrupted.

“Alright, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Dayspring said. He flew back over to the car, which of course felt like starting now, and drove back to pick up Paul. The pair arrived to the hospital room in about half an hour after they left. Dayspring knocked on the door and was invited back into the room. He guided Paul through the doorway.

“This is my friend, Paul.” Dayspring gestured towards Paul.

“Hi, Paul, I’m Vanessa.” She sat up in her bed.

“Hello, would you mind if I took your hand for a moment? I’m blind you see.”

“Oh, uh, sure.” That explains the looking off into the distance, is holding strangers hands a normal blind people thing?

Paul took her hand for about 10 seconds, he then released and turned away from her. “Jude I think I was right.”

“I see.” Jude stared at Vanessa pensively.

“I’m sorry, I’m not following.” Vanessa swung her legs off of the bed. Her parents looked even more confused than her.

“Vanessa…” Jude paused for a moment, “My friend and I believe you have powers.”

“You mean like you?” She replied, her confused expression intensifying.

“Yes- Well, not exactly like me, different powers.”

“What… What kind of powers?” A wave of emotions washed over her. Powers? Could that mean…?

“Well, we’re not exactly sure, but if you’ll allow us, we’d like to help you find out.”

“Absolutely!” She exclaimed.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m not so sure exactly what kind of intentions you have for my daughter.” Her father stepped forward.

“Dad! This is my decision.” Vanessa turned to her father with an exasperated sigh.

“Can we speak for a second?” Her father began whispering back and forth with her. After a couple of minutes, he turned back to Dayspring, “I suppose finding out what powers she has, if any, has no harm, but it will be done on my property.”

“Very well.” Jude nodded. “I will meet with you soon.”



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Earth 2: Part 4

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Deven Weber and Jamal Davidson were both workers at the same foundry. Deven Weber was a third generation German immigrant, and Jamal was from Atlanta. Deven and Jamal had both met in high school and decided to move in together. Jamal elected to do an electrician’s apprenticeship while Deven, being a lot beefier, set off straight to work.

Soon enough Deven and Jamal found openings at the same foundry, so they took the jobs, Deven moved steel and other heavy things while Jamal kept the electric systems up and running.

The owner of the foundry was something of a jerk; he was rude to his employees and harassed the women. They worked these jobs day in and day out for 10 years, until the day of the green light.

A power outage hit the foundry, leaving Deven up on the walkways in darkness, his surroundings faintly lit by the molten metal. Jamal ran down to the generator room and got to work. The green light washed through the building causing Jamal to trip and fall face first onto a live wire, he disappeared instantly in a flash of electricity.

Deven was meandering down the walkways when the green light began to wash through. He began to run away from the light, and as he was blinded by the light, he took a tumble off of the walkways, falling 50 feet to the ground with a deafening crack.

Deven stood up from the ground and as he did so, he noticed his arm was shiny, and that the concrete he hit was shattered, while he was left untouched. He looked around and saw his coworkers backing away from him in terror.

“What the hell?!” He slammed a mighty fist into the concrete, sending it several inches in. Shards of concrete flew everywhere, but they just dinged off of him.

Meanwhile, Jamal ran along the wires of the building, it was like he was everywhere in the building at once. He saw everything, he saw his friend hit the ground, he saw his boss run from his office towards the noise. Jamal tried to escape the circuit, and willed himself to be next to his friend. In a flash of blue lightning, he was there.

“Jamal? What’s happening?”

“I don’t know Deven, one minute I’m in the generator, next I’m everywhere, then I’m here.”

“What are you doing to my foundry, Weber and Davidson?!” The owner stomped down the metal stairs, his face red with rage.

“What do you mean what are we doing? We haven’t done anything!” Jamal wasn’t surprised that Mr. Johnson was going to try to pin this on them.

“Yes, what are you two neanderthals doing?! Why is he shiny? Why is there a hole in my floor!” Mr. Johnson looked like he was about to blow a blood vessel, his voice grew louder and his face grew more red with every observation.

“Hey, wait a minute.” Jamal put 1 finger up. “I think you should watch your tone.” He crossed his arms with a smile.

“Watch my tone! Who the hell do you think you-” He was cut off with a blast of lightning, causing him to convulse on the floor.

“And that’s what you get for talking down to Jamal!”

“Why’d you do that?” Deven nudged Mr. Johnson, but he didn’t move.

“Because, he’s not the boss of us anymore. Nobodies the boss of us anymore, Deven!” Jamal laughed as he made the realization.

“We don’t have to listen to no one no more!?” A stupid grin sprouted on Deven’s shiny face.

“Yeah, let’s blow this joint.” Jamal walked towards the exit, and Deven followed.



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Earth 2: Part 3 (Re-Write)

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So the pair continued for months in this same manner, Paul detecting crimes and Jude preventing them. Jude had even started to build up a name for himself. He made a costume and began to push the limits to his abilities. He decided to go by Dayspring.

Paul began to hone his abilities as well. Sometimes, but not always, he could reach out for something more specific and see it. He began to call himself Prophet, because Jude had a badass name so he figured he should too.

One day Jude was out on a Dayspring run when Paul came in on his earpiece. “Hey Jude, get to 10th and James Avenue, there should be some kind of abandoned warehouse or something, I’m not sure what’s going down, but I’m pretty sure this guy is up to no good.”

“Gotcha, let me get the car going!” Jude cranked the ignition and the car wheezed. Jude turned the key several more times before throwing his hands up in frustration. “The car won’t start, Paul!”

“Well you need to figure something out, quick!”

Jude got out of the car, and looked around, he was parked in an empty lot and nobody was around.

“Jude, I know this sounds crazy but give it a try. So, I think you can fly.”

“Okay…” Jude looked around. “How exactly do I do that?”

“I don’t know, just do it! You don’t have time!”

Jude’s heart was pounding, but in a moment of instinct and necessity, he leapt into the air and took off soaring, cracking the pavement beneath his feet. He felt wind rushing through his hair, and looked around. This was spectacular, indescribable. But he didn’t have time to appreciate this, he needed to go. He zipped off into the skyline.




Vanessa had set out jogging at about six. Her father always prefered for her to use the track they had, but she thought that nothing could replace fresh air and the open city, so every morning, she set out jogging. Her father always insisted she carry pepper spray with her when she went out to the surrounding blocks, but she kept that in her purse, and didn’t feel like jogging with a purse. Besides, who commits crimes at six in the morning?

The streets were nearly completely empty this morning, just how she liked them. For a moment she was able to get away from the manor and the city, and just go. The streets were dead silent as she fumbled around with her music playlist, all she could hear was the steady rhythm of her feet hitting the pavement. She decided to take a different route this morning than she usually did, as she saw some road construction.

She had been jogging for about half an hour, and her favorite workout song had just come on. She just rounded a corner when she thought she heard something. It was probably nothing important, as it wouldn’t be unreasonable for someone to be out, even if uncommon. She took an earbud out just in case something was happening that she would need to hear, but all that she heard was the steady tapping of her feet. However, as she listened, it almost sounded like her footsteps were echoing, but there was nothing for the noise to bounce off of. She had a gnawing feeling of unease and glanced over her shoulder, as she turned she saw a man maybe 10 feet back keeping pace with her.

She picked up the pace. He’s probably just walking the same way as me. Everything is fine.

She glanced over her shoulder again. The man was actually closer now. Vanessa ran faster. She was practically sprinting now. Her heart was pounding.

The man still kept pace. He was now almost upon her.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no! This is what her dad was always talking about. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.

Vanessa felt cold metal press into her back. The man grabbed her ponytail and pulled her to a stop.

“Nice and easy into the alley.”

She felt the cold metal of the gun against her back. She was fighting back tears at this point. Adrenaline coursed through her veins. She wanted to knock the gun out of his hands, to fight back, but she couldn’t do anything but follow his orders into the alley, despite her instincts screaming out.

The man kicked in a door in the alley. Vanessa yelped as he did.

She wanted to run, but she was frozen to the spot.

He shoved her to the floor of the building, and slammed what was left of the door shut. The building was dark, cold, and empty.

She wanted to get up and fight, but all she could do was look at the man in terror.

“Lean against that pole.” The man pointed a large handgun at her.

No! Vanessa wanted to scream. Her body crawled along the floor and leaned against the pole. She was sobbing now. Why was she doing everything he said? She couldn’t help it. Her own body was betraying her.

“Arms around the pole.”

Vanessa wanted to get up and fight. Every time she tried, she found she couldn’t. It was like her body had shut down. She put her arms around the pole. She could hardly see him from the tears blocking her vision.

The man went around the back of the pole. He yanked a zip-tie tight around her wrists. He caught some of her skin in the latch. She yelped in pain as he did so.

“Not too talkative, are we?” The man was smiling now.

Get off of me! She tried to yell out, for anyone to help.

“Please…” Was all she could mutter.

The man let out a horrible cackle. He was so close to her face she could smell his breath.

She wanted to slam her head into his. Break his nose. But all she could do was cry.

The man flicked a switchblade out. He was moving side to side and smiling, like a horrible snake with its unhinged jaw opened wide.

“I’m gonna cut you up bad.” He began to flick his tongue.

Her legs were still free. She wanted to kick him. But she couldn’t. She only sobbed quietly.

“Now, where to start my masterpiece?” He waved the blade around near her face. “Ah yes, right here!”

Suddenly there was a loud bang and the entire building was flooded with light. In the center of the light, stood a man dressed in white.

The man with the knife fell to the ground.

“Stop! Leave her alone!” The man in the light commanded.

Vanessa looked up at the man in white, in awe. Someone came to save her! Her fears began to fade, and her sobbing stopped.

“Alright,” The man got to all fours and breathed heavily, turned away from the man in the light. “But first…” The man sprang to his feet in a flash, and flung a hammer at his adversary.

The man in the light hit the floor and didn’t move.

“Well, that was easy. Now where was I?” The man picked up his blade from the ground.

All the fears that had just left, came back twice as strong. Vanessa began to sob hopelessly. No! There must be something! Kick him! Fight!

But her body wouldn’t comply with her orders. She bowed her head in hopelessness.



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Earth 2: Part 3

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The Rewrite


So the pair continued for months in this same manner, Paul detecting crimes and Jude preventing them. Jude had even started to build up a name for himself. He made a costume and began to push the limits to his abilities. He even found that he could fly. He decided to go by Dayspring.

Paul began to hone his abilities as well. Sometimes, but not always, he could reach out for something more specific and see it. He began to call himself Prophet, because Jude had a badass name so he figured he should too.

One day Jude was out on a Dayspring run when Paul came in on his earpiece. “Hey Jude, get to 10th and James Avenue, there should be some kind of abandoned warehouse or something, I’m not sure what’s going down, but I don’t think this guy means good.”

“Gotcha,” Jude took off into the air.

“There’s something about the victim though… That seems different.”




Vanessa was out on her usual jog when she heard a shout from off around a corner. She took her earbud out and heard a man screaming for help. She looked around and saw there was nobody else there, so she figured she should take a look. She rounded the corner and saw the source of the cry. A man about her age with a clean haircut was leaning against a wall, gripping his side.

“Help…” He called faintly.

“Oh my god, let me call 911!” She said, reaching for her phone.

“No, no, no… I can’t… Just help me up.” He murmured.  He was gritting his teeth and seemed to be in decent pain.

Vanessa ran over and helped the man up. Suddenly the man took his hand off his side and she saw that he looked fine. He grabbed her phone, threw it far away, and cupped his hand over her mouth. Vanessa tried to scream but could make no noise through his hand, she could barely breathe.

The man dragged her into the warehouse next to them and tied a filthy rag as a gag, it tasted foul, like motor oil and dirt. Though Vanessa fought, he managed to tie her arms behind a pole. The warehouse was dark and moldy, with a few crates and some miscellaneous machinery scattered about.

“Nobody’s gonna hear you now, princess.” He said, a sadistic grin creeping across his face.

Vanessa tried fruitlessly to call out, but she couldn’t make a sound. She began to sob and the man laughed. Was this how she was going to die? At the hands of some crazy dude in an abandoned warehouse, completely helpless. Her father had always warned her to be more careful when she left the house, but she had never imagined something like this would happen.

“I suppose since you won’t be making out of this alive, I should introduce myself. I’m Jonathan Wright, and I’m a much wanted man, at least by the authorities.” He said, moving his upper body side to side like a snake. “Normally I try to make these quick, but there’s something about you that makes me want to have some fun with this one.” He began to laugh wildly, throwing his head back, as Vanessa sobbed. “So,” he hissed, with an awful face splitting smile, “Let’s get down to business.”

Suddenly there was a crash, and sunlight flooded the warehouse. Dayspring stood in the center of the beam. He shouted, “Step away from her!”

“Or what!” Jonathan said, he suddenly chucked a hammer that had been laying on the ground at Dayspring.

Dayspring was caught off guard by this, and was knocked to the ground as the hammer slammed into his sternum.

“And that was your last hope honey. Now for the fun!” Jonathan said, his smile suddenly exploding back onto his face.