Earth 2: Part 3 (Re-Write)

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So the pair continued for months in this same manner, Paul detecting crimes and Jude preventing them. Jude had even started to build up a name for himself. He made a costume and began to push the limits to his abilities. He decided to go by Dayspring.

Paul began to hone his abilities as well. Sometimes, but not always, he could reach out for something more specific and see it. He began to call himself Prophet, because Jude had a badass name so he figured he should too.

One day Jude was out on a Dayspring run when Paul came in on his earpiece. “Hey Jude, get to 10th and James Avenue, there should be some kind of abandoned warehouse or something, I’m not sure what’s going down, but I’m pretty sure this guy is up to no good.”

“Gotcha, let me get the car going!” Jude cranked the ignition and the car wheezed. Jude turned the key several more times before throwing his hands up in frustration. “The car won’t start, Paul!”

“Well you need to figure something out, quick!”

Jude got out of the car, and looked around, he was parked in an empty lot and nobody was around.

“Jude, I know this sounds crazy but give it a try. So, I think you can fly.”

“Okay…” Jude looked around. “How exactly do I do that?”

“I don’t know, just do it! You don’t have time!”

Jude’s heart was pounding, but in a moment of instinct and necessity, he leapt into the air and took off soaring, cracking the pavement beneath his feet. He felt wind rushing through his hair, and looked around. This was spectacular, indescribable. But he didn’t have time to appreciate this, he needed to go. He zipped off into the skyline.




Vanessa had set out jogging at about six. Her father always prefered for her to use the track they had, but she thought that nothing could replace fresh air and the open city, so every morning, she set out jogging. Her father always insisted she carry pepper spray with her when she went out to the surrounding blocks, but she kept that in her purse, and didn’t feel like jogging with a purse. Besides, who commits crimes at six in the morning?

The streets were nearly completely empty this morning, just how she liked them. For a moment she was able to get away from the manor and the city, and just go. The streets were dead silent as she fumbled around with her music playlist, all she could hear was the steady rhythm of her feet hitting the pavement. She decided to take a different route this morning than she usually did, as she saw some road construction.

She had been jogging for about half an hour, and her favorite workout song had just come on. She just rounded a corner when she thought she heard something. It was probably nothing important, as it wouldn’t be unreasonable for someone to be out, even if uncommon. She took an earbud out just in case something was happening that she would need to hear, but all that she heard was the steady tapping of her feet. However, as she listened, it almost sounded like her footsteps were echoing, but there was nothing for the noise to bounce off of. She had a gnawing feeling of unease and glanced over her shoulder, as she turned she saw a man maybe 10 feet back keeping pace with her.

She picked up the pace. He’s probably just walking the same way as me. Everything is fine.

She glanced over her shoulder again. The man was actually closer now. Vanessa ran faster. She was practically sprinting now. Her heart was pounding.

The man still kept pace. He was now almost upon her.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no! This is what her dad was always talking about. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.

Vanessa felt cold metal press into her back. The man grabbed her ponytail and pulled her to a stop.

“Nice and easy into the alley.”

She felt the cold metal of the gun against her back. She was fighting back tears at this point. Adrenaline coursed through her veins. She wanted to knock the gun out of his hands, to fight back, but she couldn’t do anything but follow his orders into the alley, despite her instincts screaming out.

The man kicked in a door in the alley. Vanessa yelped as he did.

She wanted to run, but she was frozen to the spot.

He shoved her to the floor of the building, and slammed what was left of the door shut. The building was dark, cold, and empty.

She wanted to get up and fight, but all she could do was look at the man in terror.

“Lean against that pole.” The man pointed a large handgun at her.

No! Vanessa wanted to scream. Her body crawled along the floor and leaned against the pole. She was sobbing now. Why was she doing everything he said? She couldn’t help it. Her own body was betraying her.

“Arms around the pole.”

Vanessa wanted to get up and fight. Every time she tried, she found she couldn’t. It was like her body had shut down. She put her arms around the pole. She could hardly see him from the tears blocking her vision.

The man went around the back of the pole. He yanked a zip-tie tight around her wrists. He caught some of her skin in the latch. She yelped in pain as he did so.

“Not too talkative, are we?” The man was smiling now.

Get off of me! She tried to yell out, for anyone to help.

“Please…” Was all she could mutter.

The man let out a horrible cackle. He was so close to her face she could smell his breath.

She wanted to slam her head into his. Break his nose. But all she could do was cry.

The man flicked a switchblade out. He was moving side to side and smiling, like a horrible snake with its unhinged jaw opened wide.

“I’m gonna cut you up bad.” He began to flick his tongue.

Her legs were still free. She wanted to kick him. But she couldn’t. She only sobbed quietly.

“Now, where to start my masterpiece?” He waved the blade around near her face. “Ah yes, right here!”

Suddenly there was a loud bang and the entire building was flooded with light. In the center of the light, stood a man dressed in white.

The man with the knife fell to the ground.

“Stop! Leave her alone!” The man in the light commanded.

Vanessa looked up at the man in white, in awe. Someone came to save her! Her fears began to fade, and her sobbing stopped.

“Alright,” The man got to all fours and breathed heavily, turned away from the man in the light. “But first…” The man sprang to his feet in a flash, and flung a hammer at his adversary.

The man in the light hit the floor and didn’t move.

“Well, that was easy. Now where was I?” The man picked up his blade from the ground.

All the fears that had just left, came back twice as strong. Vanessa began to sob hopelessly. No! There must be something! Kick him! Fight!

But her body wouldn’t comply with her orders. She bowed her head in hopelessness.



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