Earth 2: Part 4

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Deven Weber and Jamal Davidson were both workers at the same foundry. Deven Weber was a third generation German immigrant, and Jamal was from Atlanta. Deven and Jamal had both met in high school and decided to move in together. Jamal elected to do an electrician’s apprenticeship while Deven, being a lot beefier, set off straight to work.

Soon enough Deven and Jamal found openings at the same foundry, so they took the jobs, Deven moved steel and other heavy things while Jamal kept the electric systems up and running.

The owner of the foundry was something of a jerk; he was rude to his employees and harassed the women. They worked these jobs day in and day out for 10 years, until the day of the green light.

A power outage hit the foundry, leaving Deven up on the walkways in darkness, his surroundings faintly lit by the molten metal. Jamal ran down to the generator room and got to work. The green light washed through the building causing Jamal to trip and fall face first onto a live wire, he disappeared instantly in a flash of electricity.

Deven was meandering down the walkways when the green light began to wash through. He began to run away from the light, and as he was blinded by the light, he took a tumble off of the walkways, falling 50 feet to the ground with a deafening crack.

Deven stood up from the ground and as he did so, he noticed his arm was shiny, and that the concrete he hit was shattered, while he was left untouched. He looked around and saw his coworkers backing away from him in terror.

“What the hell?!” He slammed a mighty fist into the concrete, sending it several inches in. Shards of concrete flew everywhere, but they just dinged off of him.

Meanwhile, Jamal ran along the wires of the building, it was like he was everywhere in the building at once. He saw everything, he saw his friend hit the ground, he saw his boss run from his office towards the noise. Jamal tried to escape the circuit, and willed himself to be next to his friend. In a flash of blue lightning, he was there.

“Jamal? What’s happening?”

“I don’t know Deven, one minute I’m in the generator, next I’m everywhere, then I’m here.”

“What are you doing to my foundry, Weber and Davidson?!” The owner stomped down the metal stairs, his face red with rage.

“What do you mean what are we doing? We haven’t done anything!” Jamal wasn’t surprised that Mr. Johnson was going to try to pin this on them.

“Yes, what are you two neanderthals doing?! Why is he shiny? Why is there a hole in my floor!” Mr. Johnson looked like he was about to blow a blood vessel, his voice grew louder and his face grew more red with every observation.

“Hey, wait a minute.” Jamal put 1 finger up. “I think you should watch your tone.” He crossed his arms with a smile.

“Watch my tone! Who the hell do you think you-” He was cut off with a blast of lightning, causing him to convulse on the floor.

“And that’s what you get for talking down to Jamal!”

“Why’d you do that?” Deven nudged Mr. Johnson, but he didn’t move.

“Because, he’s not the boss of us anymore. Nobodies the boss of us anymore, Deven!” Jamal laughed as he made the realization.

“We don’t have to listen to no one no more!?” A stupid grin sprouted on Deven’s shiny face.

“Yeah, let’s blow this joint.” Jamal walked towards the exit, and Deven followed.



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