Earth 2: Part 7

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“Well she clearly has mind powers, so maybe, like, telekinesis?” Paul suggests.

“Maybe, let’s give it a go. Your last guess was pretty spot on.” Dayspring shrugged. He got out a basketball and sat it on the ground a few yards ahead of Vanessa. “Alright, try to move the ball.”

“You know, I don’t know why, but I was expecting a lot more science to this.” Vanessa muttered. She turned her focus to the ball. Okay, Vanessa, you were able to do the mind reading thing, so you can totally manage this. Just move the ball… move… the ball. She continued to concentrate for a minute, until eventually she threw her hands in the air and gave up. “I can’t do it!” 

“Alright, so I guess it’s not telekinesis.” Dayspring shrugged. “No big deal, any other ideas?”

“Hmmm… I think I’m feeling something. Come here Vanessa, take my hands again.” Paul extended his arms, palms up.

Vanessa took his hands again and suddenly Paul’s head was thrown back. Paul remained like that for about a minute. I wonder what he’s seeing, and what it’s like to have these visions. Vanessa was caught off guard, as Paul fell backwards onto the ground. She tried to grab him, but ended up falling on top of him.

“You okay?” Dayspring ran over and knelt down next to them.

“Yeah I’m fine.” Paul’s face went pink. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” She giggled as she rolled off of him. She slowly stood to her feet and then helped Paul up. “So what did you see?”

“I saw a lot… But try to send some kind of psychic blast at the ball.”

“Psychic blast…” she muttered to herself. She concentrated again, this time trying to blast the ball. Okay, psychic blast. What does he mean by ‘I saw a lot’? Focus, psychic blast. A wave of… something radiated down Vanessa’s spine. Her mind suddenly snapped into focus at a certain point downrange. A pink disc wisped from her hands and sent the ball flying. “I did it!” She began to do a victory dance.

“Good work. Was it pink?”

“Yeah,” Dayspring looked impressed, “Good work, Vanessa. Alright, did you see anything else in your vision?”

Paul thought for a second, his face turned red again, “Alright, so try making a pink disk, but don’t blast it, just hold it.”

Vanessa concentrated for a moment. Okay… Pink disc… I wonder what he saw that made him blush so much? Focus, pink disc. And sure enough, a pink disc slowly appeared in her hands. “Okay… now what?”

“Alright, let go, but keep it there with your mind.” Paul wiggled his fingers dramatically.

“Alright…” She stared intensely at the disc and released it. It began to wobble, and Vanessa felt it beginning to slip from her control No, no, I almost had it! “I can’t keep it, I’m losing control of it!”

“Yes you can! You can do it!” Paul smiled as he spoke.

There was something reassuring about his smile, like she could do anything, and sure enough the disc stabilized. “Okay… I’ve got it.”

“Alright, Jude- I mean…. Dayspring, try to pull on it, put some weight on it.”

Dayspring put his hand to the bridge of his nose at the use of his name, then approached the disc. It felt solid, he began to put some weight on it, but it only moved a little. Soon enough it seemed to be supporting most of his body weight.

“Alright,” Dayspring said, nodding, “It seems we have a good few powers we can train.”

“So… What’s the next step?” Vanessa looked back and forth between Dayspring and Paul. What is the next step? Are they going to let me join, or were they just helping me? Could I even be a hero like him? Would they even want me? The only thing they saw of me was me getting overpowered by a petty criminal, why would they want me?

“Well, if you want, we’ll help you train your powers, and you can… Join us?” Dayspring paused for a moment and awkwardly scratched his neck, “We haven’t honestly thought too much about future steps.”

“Yes!” She yelled, louder than she intended. “I mean if you want me to…” I actually have a chance to be a hero! I could really help people! Oh, but my dad would never let me do something like this… Maybe Paul or Dayspring could talk him into it. “We’d have to talk to my dad… He might take some convincing.”

“Alright, I suppose we can talk to him.” He looked to Paul for reassurance. “That sound good Paul?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a great feeling about this.”

“Okay then, are you ready to talk to him?” Vanessa asked, looking between the two.

“Yeah, I suppose so.” Dayspring replied, looking to Vanessa for direction.

“I will contact him for you.” Jean said. Paul jumped at the sound of his voice, having forgotten he was there. Jean departed the room at a swift walking pace, leaving the three alone on the track.



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