Earth 2: Part 8

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The 3 took a seat on the track, waiting for Jean to return. “So, are you in school?” Paul asked.

“Well, right now I’m taking a gap year, but I plan to go to the university up the street for nursing.” Vanessa replied.

“Oh yeah? That’s cool, good school.”

“Yeah… Do you guys have jobs, or do you go to school or something?”

“Well I was going to go to school this semester, but then I kinda got… blindsided.” Paul laughed for a moment, before he noticed he was the only one laughing. “Am I overdoing the blind jokes? Can’t really read body language like I used to.”

Dayspring leaned towards him, “Little bit.” Dayspring paused for a moment before turning back to Vanessa. “Well, right now I work in a warehouse, ya know, gotta pay the bills.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” She turned back to Paul, “Do you have any hobbies?”

“Well, I still like to play instruments. It’s one of the few things I can still do really.”

“Oh wow, you’ll have to play for me some time!”

“Sure thing!” Paul laughed, “I’m always down to show off.”

Vanessa admired Paul’s smile for a while, she still couldn’t get over it, there was something about it. Vanessa panicked for a moment as she made eye contact with Dayspring. Was I staring? Just move the conversation along.  “So did you know what you were going to major in? I bet you could still go to college.”

“Well, I was going to major in nursing, like you. I suppose I’ve thought about going to school anyways, but I’m at least gonna take a gap year.” He paused for a moment, “I’d need a way to get there, I don’t know.”

“Well, I just think it would be a shame if-” Vanessa started, when her father and Jean returned.

“Vanessa! How did it go?” Mr Smith shouted from a ways away.

Vanessa waited for him to get a little closer before speaking. “Well, we figured out a couple of things that I can do… And-”

“Excellent!” Her father interrupted, “Why don’t you show me?”

“Okay.” She said, pausing for a moment. She opened her mouth to speak again, but decided against it.

“Alright, let’s try shooting the ball again.” Dayspring retrieved another basketball, bouncing it a couple of times as he walked. He once again sat the ball down about 10 feet in front of her and stepped back.

Vanessa, again, concentrated on the ball. Okay… No different than the last time… Sure dad’s here watching, but that doesn’t mean anything. The disk began to appear in her hands. Okay… Just hit the ball… Focus. She slung the disc at the ball and sent it bouncing down the track. A beaming smile appeared on her face as she turned to her father.

“Excellent.” He remarked, nodding his head, “Can she do anything else?” He asked, turning to Dayspring, missing Vanessa’s smile fade from her face.

“Well, she was also able to read Paul’s mind.” Dayspring said, gesturing towards his blind compatriot.

“So can we get a demonstration of that?” Her father asked, raising one eyebrow slightly.

“Sure, alright Paul, think of something, but only tell Mr. Smith, here.” Dayspring said, gesturing towards Vanessa’s father.

Her father walked over and leaned in to listen to Paul whisper something. “Alright,” Mr. Smith chuckled, “Darling, give it a shot.”

“Alright.” Vanessa said as she approached Paul again. She exhaled deeply before taking Paul’s hands and trying to see whatever it was he thought of. Alright, focus… She then heard him speak, but, like the last time, she looked up to see he wasn’t speaking. “Alright, just say grandma’s meatloaf… Can you taste tastes?” Suddenly Vanessa could taste what she presumed was ‘grandma’s meatloaf’. It was quite good actually.

“Grandma’s meatloaf?” Vanessa looked with uncertainty at Paul, who then laughed and nodded. “Why can’t you just think of a number?” She laughed, gently squeezing his hands. She then realized she was still holding his hands, so she let go.

“Most impressive.” Her father remarked, “Any other demonstrations?”

“Nope,” Vanessa replied, “But… I was wond-”

“Excellent,” He interrupted again, “My Vanessa, superpowers… Wow. I suppose that will be all then?” He asked, turning to Dayspring.

This is your chance, just tell dad how you feel… He won’t listen though… Well I guess what’s the worst that could happen… Besides looking like an idiot in front of everyone. Oh just do it.

Vanessa took a deep breath.



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Sorry I uploaded a little late today, I try to shoot for about noon, but that’s not firm. I had a job interview today. In other news, this has been one of our biggest weeks as far as views goes, thank you so much! I really am grateful that anyone would want to read my stuff, and I appreciate every view.

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