Earth 2: Part 12

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They walked out of the room, into the hall, and then into the gym. The pair set about walking around the track at a leisurely pace. “So, what do you think of the place?” Vanessa asked.

“Really nice, much nicer than anywhere i’ve ever lived.” Paul replied, “How long have you lived here?”

“This house has been in my family for a while, I’ve lived here my whole life.”

“I pretty much stayed in the same place until I graduated and my parents went off to Africa.”

“What do your parents do in Africa?”

“They’re missionaries in a small village. I pretty much haven’t heard from them.”

“Oh, wow that must be hard.”

“Well, not so much. I’ve had Jude, and he’s basically family. We stick together and look out for each other.”

“That sounds nice. My highschool friends all went off to college in far away places.”

“Why didn’t you go?”

“My dad wanted me to stay here for a while. I just wish he’d just let me do me, you know?” Vanessa sighed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to unload on you. I love him, I mean he’s my dad, but sometimes…”

“It’s alright. I don’t mind.”

He doesn’t want to hear about all of your personal issues. Just change the subject. “Do you have any pets?” Pets? Really is that the best you can come up with?

“Actually, I think this is a good time for some practice.” Paul said, stopping in his tracks. “Alright, take my hands, and try to see my dog.”

“Alright, I haven’t tried for images before, but I’ll give it a go.” She paused, “Do you want to sit?”

“Yeah, actually, that’d probably be better.” Paul dropped down onto the ground and Vanessa followed suit and oriented herself appropriately.

She took his hands and closed her eyes. Okay… Dog, just a dog… Focus. All of a sudden, she found herself standing in a well lit bedroom, Paul was sitting in an office chair, and stroking a dog in his lap. It was a small dog, white with black splotches. It’s like I’m here. She slowly stepped closer to Paul, and suddenly she was back in the real world.

“White dog with black splotches?” She asked.

Paul looked up. “Yup, that sounds about right.” He replied.

“Cute dog.” She said, letting go of his hands.

“Yeah, he was the best.” Paul said, looking down for a moment, “Anyways, let’s move on from the sad stuff. So, if I can send you images, that makes me wonder, can you send thoughts like you can receive them?”

“I suppose it’s worth a shot.” She replied, shrugging her shoulders. She gripped his hands again and concentrated. Okay, Vanessa… Mental image… As she reached out into her mind, she decided on the only thing that came to mind. She focused on Paul for a moment.

“Good to know I still know how to color coordinate.” Paul said with a laugh.

“Yeah sorry that’s all I could think of…” She laughed, then paused, “Not like that- I mean…”

Paul laughed, “It’s alright, I haven’t seen myself in a while.” His laughter subsided with this last statement.

“Well… I think you look nice.” Why did I just say that? It doesn’t even make sense!

Paul smiled, “Thanks.”

Vanessa looked into his eyes for a moment, and then down at her phone to see the time. “Oh, crap!” She exclaimed, “We’re like 10 minutes late for dinner!”

“Oops,” Paul chuckled, “Here, help me up.” He said, reaching out his hand. Vanessa jumped up and pulled Paul to his feet.

“Alright, this way.” Vanessa said before taking off.

“Hey wait up!” Paul laughed.

Vanessa slowed down sufficiently and the pair rushed to the second floor dining room.



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Earth 2: Part 11

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Jude and Paul arrived home and began to pack up their things. About an hour after they arrived they received a call from Jean and arranged a time for a moving truck to come. Jude did most of the packing, while Paul tried his best to be helpful. The two last days in their place went by quickly. Despite having only lived there for a few months, it was still a little bit sad to go. This sadness was certainly less than the happiness from moving to a much better place, but the sadness itself still remained.

The day finally came and the movers packed all of the boxes onto the truck. Paul and Jude had always done their own moving, so the idea of workers doing it for you was a little bit foreign, but they weren’t going to complain about not doing work.

They both jumped into Jude’s car and followed the truck until the mansion once again came into view. The gates squeaked as they slowly swung open. They were directed to the side of the mansion and instructed to park in spot #020. They were guided out of their car into a side entrance to the house, and not too far off of the side entrance into a room which had a large common area and 2 bedrooms.

The common room was furnished with a television, a loveseat, and a couch. To the side of the couch was an end table with a lamp. The bedrooms were furnished simply, with a television, a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser. Each bedroom had its own bathroom.

Once they had briefly acquainted themselves with the rooms, Jean entered the common area. “Hello, sirs, I trust you find everything to your liking?”

“Yeah,” Paul replied, “Nice place.”

“Yes, thank you.” Jude nodded. Jude had decided to be Jude, as opposed to Dayspring, as it might be difficult to maintain a secret identity within the same house.

“If you would oblige, Mr. Smith has requested to see you once you had arrived.” Jean gestured towards the door.

“Of course. C’mon Paul, let’s go.”

Paul followed along, giving the end table a wide berth.

Jean led them through the halls, not too far, into the foyer, where Mr. Smith and Vanessa were standing.

“Dayspring! Nice to see you again!” Mr. Smith turned to Paul, “You as well Paul!”

“Please, call me Jude.”

“Pleasure.” Paul nodded in his general direction, “Thank you again for the room.”

“Ah it’s not a problem. Are the rooms to your liking?” He asked, looking between Paul and Jude.

“Oh absolutely,” Jude replied.

“Very good. Well, while your things are being moved in, would you like a tour of the house?”

“Sure.” Paul nodded. He looked at the blobs of color that he assumed were Vanessa and her dad.

“Vanessa, would you mind showing them the place?”

“Absolutely,” Vanessa smiled at Paul as he looked off into space.

“Very good,” He turned to Jude, “Do you think you’ll be ready to begin training full time tomorrow?”

“Sure, I have a few ideas ready.” Jude nodded.

“Very good.” He paused and smiled for a second, “Well Vanessa, I’ll leave you to it. I’ll see you all for dinner.”

Vanessa led them through the house, showcasing the theater and the pool. By the time they had completed the tour, there were a couple of hours left before dinner, so Vanessa took them back to their room so they could do some unpacking.

“I could help, if you want.” Vanessa lingered in the doorway.

“I’ve got most of my stuff taken care of, what about you, Paul?” Jude looked at Paul.

“Well… I suppose so, c’mon, I don’t have too much stuff.” Paul went with Vanessa into the room. On top of the bed sat four boxes: two labelled clothes, one labeled PC, and one labeled stuff. The stuff one was smaller than the others. A keyboard leaned against the wall. “There should be 2 boxes that say clothes, would you mind helping me hang these?”

“Sure,” She replied, she grabbed a bunch of hangers from the closet.

Paul felt around the closet, it was a wood rod with some shelves on top of it. “Alright, so put them into 3 groups, summer, winter, and dress. Dress on the left, summer in the middle, and winter to the right.”

“Alright,” Vanessa replied. So they set about hanging clothes, and once they had finished, they set about to arranging the dresser. Once they had finished with the clothes, they arranged the few other trinkets that were left.

“Don’t worry about the computer, I can get Jude to help me with that.” Paul said.

“Alright, I think that’s it then.” Vanessa replied. They both sat at the edge of the bed for a moment. Now would be a good time to ask… He’d never say yes… Her heart raced as she looked at him. Why do I always get like this?

“Well, thank you for your help.” Paul said. “I suppose we’ve got a bit of time left then…”

“Yeah, do you wanna go on a walk? We’ve got about an hour left.” She looked at her phone for the time. Her heartbeat slowed back to normal. Maybe later.

“Yeah sure, sounds good.” Paul replied, “Hey, Jude!” He called to the other room, “We’re going on a walk, you wanna come?”

“I’ve still got some unpacking, you guys go ahead.” He replied from the other room.

“Alright then,” Paul replied. He turned back to Vanessa, “Shall we go then?” He said with a smile in her general direction.

“We shall.” She giggled.



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Earth 2: Part 10

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Deven was having a pretty good day. Jamal said he could quit his job, so he did. Deven found himself with a lot of time on his hands, though. Deven scraped the couch cushions for change, looking to go to a gardening store.

“Deven, man, what are you doing?” Jamal plopped down on the couch, and kicked his feet onto the coffee table.

“I need money.”

“Ah jeez, man.” Jamal went through his wallet and thumbed threw some bills. He thought for a moment and gave Deven a 20. “Deven, we’re starting to run low on money.”

“But you said money wasn’t a problem anymore.”

“And it won’t be.” Jamal put his feet to the floor and leaned in towards Deven. “Now, I know I said we wouldn’t have to work no more, but we gotta do something for this money.”

“But that sounds like work.”

“Yeah, but not like the foundry, we aren’t ever doing that kind of work again…” Jamal smiled, “Nah, this work is fun. Soon, I’ll tell you about it. We just gotta do this once every now and then, and that’s that!”

“Okay.” Deven walked out the door. Deven really liked Jamal. Jamal knew everything, all Deven had to do was ask, and Jamal would tell him. What to do, where to go, what to eat, multiplication, anything. Jamal knew it all.

The streets were really empty today. Deven noticed a few people looking at him from inside stores, but figured they probably just liked how shiny he was. On the way to the store, Deven even saw a lady scream and run away. She must have seen a bee. Deven was glad he didn’t have to worry about bees anymore. He didn’t like bees very much.

Deven walked into the gardening store and walked towards the back. This was the thing that Deven knew better than Jamal. Deven worked here in high school. Deven liked it, but Jamal said he needed more money, so he quit. Deven decided to grab a cart, even though he was strong, because he only had two arms, and he wanted more than he could carry with his two.

Deven reached up onto the shelf and grabbed 3 pots and drain plates. He walked to the side of the store and grabbed a bag of potting soil. Deven ate potting soil once, it wasn’t very tasty.

Deven gently grabbed 3 pretty flowers. He used to like to smell them, but he couldn’t do that anymore. He couldn’t taste anymore either, so he figured he could eat a lot of dirt. He still liked to gently pat the petals though.

Deven walked over to the register and noticed that there was nobody there. He figured they were taking a smoke break, everyone took lots of smoke breaks here. Deven still remembered the number to use the computer though, so he just rang himself up. The computer always told him how much change to do, but Deven could never remember which coins were which, so Deven put stickers in the trays. Deven’s stickers were still there. Deven wondered if Jamal would let him work here again, since they don’t need to worry about money.

Deven put the money in the register and went on his way. The store owner always let Deven borrow carts, but Deven alway brought them back so he figured he should do the same.

On his way back home, he saw a couple more screaming people. He figured there were a lot of bees out today.

Deven eventually got home and started potting his flowers.

“Dude! You bought flowers?!” Jamal yelled. Deven didn’t like it when Jamal yelled.

“I thought they were pretty.”

“Pretty?!” Jamal sighed and rubbed his face. “Where are you gonna put ‘em?” He didn’t sound mad anymore.

“By the window in the kitchen.”

“Yeah, they’d look nice there.”

Deven thought Jamal looked happy again, but he wasn’t sure.

“There were a lot of bees out today.”

“Were there?” Jamal poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.

“Yeah. Lots.”



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Earth 2: Part 9

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“I want to be a hero!” Vanessa yelled. “I want to keep working with Jude and Paul!”

“What? Absolutely not, that’s entirely too dangerous!” Mr. Smith turned to Vanessa.

“You always do this! You never let me do anything, or let me make my own choices! You never care about me until I want to do something, then all of a sudden, shutting me down is top priority!” Vanessa was breathing heavily, as everyone in the room stared in shock.

Mr. Smith sighed and paused for a moment. “Very well.” He paused again and took a deep breath turning to Jean. “Jean, I want all ‘superheroing’ based here, work something out with them, please. They can have the nanny’s old room. Pay and benefits too.” He gave Vanessa one last pained look before walking out of the room.

“Well, are those terms agreeable to you?” Jean broke the silence. “You’ll have housing, a salary, and benefits, I suppose we can work out an exact number at a later date.”

“Uh, would the offer be extended to Paul as well?” Jude gestured to Paul

“Yes, of course, he would be offered the same pay and benefits.”

“Well, Paul what do you think?”

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan!” Paul paused for a moment. “Vanessa, is that good with you?”

Vanessa was looking off where her dad had left. “Oh, yeah.” She took a deep breath and smiled again. “That sounds great.”

“Alright then, how soon will you be ready to move in?” Jean asked.

“I suppose we need a couple of weeks to give notice and get ready. So let’s say, two weeks from now?”

“Very good, can I show you to your car?”

“I can show them out, you don’t need to worry about it Jean.” Vanessa said.

“Very well.” Jean turned and went towards the exit.

Vanessa led the pair through a few hallways covered with expensive looking paintings and out to their car. “It’s really not too much of a maze once you get used to it.” She laughed.

“I feel like I’m still gonna get pretty lost.” Paul replied, laughing as well.

“Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you soon! Safe trip.” Vanessa stopped on the curb and waved as they reached Jude’s car. Vanessa paused for a moment, and opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but decided against it.

“Yup, see you soon.” Paul replied, smiling like he hadn’t in a while.

“Nice seeing you.” Jude added, before opening Paul’s door.

Jude and Paul got into their car and made their way home.

“So what did you think?” Jude asked.

“Of what? The job offer, Vanessa, or the mansion?” Paul replied.

“I guess all of the above.”

“Well,” He paused, putting his hand to his chin, “Sounds pretty nice, much better than living in our place, AND we’re getting paid. Sounds like it could really be the next level of superheroing… Vanessa seems nice, I think she could be a great addition to the team. Yeah, overall, I liked her.”

“Looked like a bit more than just ‘like’ to me” Jude laughed.

“Shut up. I’m punching you in my mind.” The pair laughed some more, “Anyways, the mansion yeah, seems better than our current place.” He paused for a moment. “I didn’t really get to see her in my visions, would you mind describing her?”

“Oh, uh, yeah. Tannish exterior, wrought iron gates… Uh lots of paintings-”

“I meant Vanessa you idiot.”

“Ohhhhhhh!” Jude laughed, “Well she’s got long-ish, red brown hair, she’s about a foot shorter than you… Brown eyes… I think.”

Paul was quiet for a moment “What do you think?”

“About what?”

“Is there a chance?”

“You’re the prophet here, not me.” Jude looked over his shoulder as he merged onto the interstate. “I guess you’ll just have to find out.”



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