Earth 2: Part 9

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“I want to be a hero!” Vanessa yelled. “I want to keep working with Jude and Paul!”

“What? Absolutely not, that’s entirely too dangerous!” Mr. Smith turned to Vanessa.

“You always do this! You never let me do anything, or let me make my own choices! You never care about me until I want to do something, then all of a sudden, shutting me down is top priority!” Vanessa was breathing heavily, as everyone in the room stared in shock.

Mr. Smith sighed and paused for a moment. “Very well.” He paused again and took a deep breath turning to Jean. “Jean, I want all ‘superheroing’ based here, work something out with them, please. They can have the nanny’s old room. Pay and benefits too.” He gave Vanessa one last pained look before walking out of the room.

“Well, are those terms agreeable to you?” Jean broke the silence. “You’ll have housing, a salary, and benefits, I suppose we can work out an exact number at a later date.”

“Uh, would the offer be extended to Paul as well?” Jude gestured to Paul

“Yes, of course, he would be offered the same pay and benefits.”

“Well, Paul what do you think?”

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan!” Paul paused for a moment. “Vanessa, is that good with you?”

Vanessa was looking off where her dad had left. “Oh, yeah.” She took a deep breath and smiled again. “That sounds great.”

“Alright then, how soon will you be ready to move in?” Jean asked.

“I suppose we need a couple of weeks to give notice and get ready. So let’s say, two weeks from now?”

“Very good, can I show you to your car?”

“I can show them out, you don’t need to worry about it Jean.” Vanessa said.

“Very well.” Jean turned and went towards the exit.

Vanessa led the pair through a few hallways covered with expensive looking paintings and out to their car. “It’s really not too much of a maze once you get used to it.” She laughed.

“I feel like I’m still gonna get pretty lost.” Paul replied, laughing as well.

“Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you soon! Safe trip.” Vanessa stopped on the curb and waved as they reached Jude’s car. Vanessa paused for a moment, and opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but decided against it.

“Yup, see you soon.” Paul replied, smiling like he hadn’t in a while.

“Nice seeing you.” Jude added, before opening Paul’s door.

Jude and Paul got into their car and made their way home.

“So what did you think?” Jude asked.

“Of what? The job offer, Vanessa, or the mansion?” Paul replied.

“I guess all of the above.”

“Well,” He paused, putting his hand to his chin, “Sounds pretty nice, much better than living in our place, AND we’re getting paid. Sounds like it could really be the next level of superheroing… Vanessa seems nice, I think she could be a great addition to the team. Yeah, overall, I liked her.”

“Looked like a bit more than just ‘like’ to me” Jude laughed.

“Shut up. I’m punching you in my mind.” The pair laughed some more, “Anyways, the mansion yeah, seems better than our current place.” He paused for a moment. “I didn’t really get to see her in my visions, would you mind describing her?”

“Oh, uh, yeah. Tannish exterior, wrought iron gates… Uh lots of paintings-”

“I meant Vanessa you idiot.”

“Ohhhhhhh!” Jude laughed, “Well she’s got long-ish, red brown hair, she’s about a foot shorter than you… Brown eyes… I think.”

Paul was quiet for a moment “What do you think?”

“About what?”

“Is there a chance?”

“You’re the prophet here, not me.” Jude looked over his shoulder as he merged onto the interstate. “I guess you’ll just have to find out.”



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