Earth 2: Part 10

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Deven was having a pretty good day. Jamal said he could quit his job, so he did. Deven found himself with a lot of time on his hands, though. Deven scraped the couch cushions for change, looking to go to a gardening store.

“Deven, man, what are you doing?” Jamal plopped down on the couch, and kicked his feet onto the coffee table.

“I need money.”

“Ah jeez, man.” Jamal went through his wallet and thumbed threw some bills. He thought for a moment and gave Deven a 20. “Deven, we’re starting to run low on money.”

“But you said money wasn’t a problem anymore.”

“And it won’t be.” Jamal put his feet to the floor and leaned in towards Deven. “Now, I know I said we wouldn’t have to work no more, but we gotta do something for this money.”

“But that sounds like work.”

“Yeah, but not like the foundry, we aren’t ever doing that kind of work again…” Jamal smiled, “Nah, this work is fun. Soon, I’ll tell you about it. We just gotta do this once every now and then, and that’s that!”

“Okay.” Deven walked out the door. Deven really liked Jamal. Jamal knew everything, all Deven had to do was ask, and Jamal would tell him. What to do, where to go, what to eat, multiplication, anything. Jamal knew it all.

The streets were really empty today. Deven noticed a few people looking at him from inside stores, but figured they probably just liked how shiny he was. On the way to the store, Deven even saw a lady scream and run away. She must have seen a bee. Deven was glad he didn’t have to worry about bees anymore. He didn’t like bees very much.

Deven walked into the gardening store and walked towards the back. This was the thing that Deven knew better than Jamal. Deven worked here in high school. Deven liked it, but Jamal said he needed more money, so he quit. Deven decided to grab a cart, even though he was strong, because he only had two arms, and he wanted more than he could carry with his two.

Deven reached up onto the shelf and grabbed 3 pots and drain plates. He walked to the side of the store and grabbed a bag of potting soil. Deven ate potting soil once, it wasn’t very tasty.

Deven gently grabbed 3 pretty flowers. He used to like to smell them, but he couldn’t do that anymore. He couldn’t taste anymore either, so he figured he could eat a lot of dirt. He still liked to gently pat the petals though.

Deven walked over to the register and noticed that there was nobody there. He figured they were taking a smoke break, everyone took lots of smoke breaks here. Deven still remembered the number to use the computer though, so he just rang himself up. The computer always told him how much change to do, but Deven could never remember which coins were which, so Deven put stickers in the trays. Deven’s stickers were still there. Deven wondered if Jamal would let him work here again, since they don’t need to worry about money.

Deven put the money in the register and went on his way. The store owner always let Deven borrow carts, but Deven alway brought them back so he figured he should do the same.

On his way back home, he saw a couple more screaming people. He figured there were a lot of bees out today.

Deven eventually got home and started potting his flowers.

“Dude! You bought flowers?!” Jamal yelled. Deven didn’t like it when Jamal yelled.

“I thought they were pretty.”

“Pretty?!” Jamal sighed and rubbed his face. “Where are you gonna put ‘em?” He didn’t sound mad anymore.

“By the window in the kitchen.”

“Yeah, they’d look nice there.”

Deven thought Jamal looked happy again, but he wasn’t sure.

“There were a lot of bees out today.”

“Were there?” Jamal poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.

“Yeah. Lots.”



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