Earth 2: Part 11

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Jude and Paul arrived home and began to pack up their things. About an hour after they arrived they received a call from Jean and arranged a time for a moving truck to come. Jude did most of the packing, while Paul tried his best to be helpful. The two last days in their place went by quickly. Despite having only lived there for a few months, it was still a little bit sad to go. This sadness was certainly less than the happiness from moving to a much better place, but the sadness itself still remained.

The day finally came and the movers packed all of the boxes onto the truck. Paul and Jude had always done their own moving, so the idea of workers doing it for you was a little bit foreign, but they weren’t going to complain about not doing work.

They both jumped into Jude’s car and followed the truck until the mansion once again came into view. The gates squeaked as they slowly swung open. They were directed to the side of the mansion and instructed to park in spot #020. They were guided out of their car into a side entrance to the house, and not too far off of the side entrance into a room which had a large common area and 2 bedrooms.

The common room was furnished with a television, a loveseat, and a couch. To the side of the couch was an end table with a lamp. The bedrooms were furnished simply, with a television, a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser. Each bedroom had its own bathroom.

Once they had briefly acquainted themselves with the rooms, Jean entered the common area. “Hello, sirs, I trust you find everything to your liking?”

“Yeah,” Paul replied, “Nice place.”

“Yes, thank you.” Jude nodded. Jude had decided to be Jude, as opposed to Dayspring, as it might be difficult to maintain a secret identity within the same house.

“If you would oblige, Mr. Smith has requested to see you once you had arrived.” Jean gestured towards the door.

“Of course. C’mon Paul, let’s go.”

Paul followed along, giving the end table a wide berth.

Jean led them through the halls, not too far, into the foyer, where Mr. Smith and Vanessa were standing.

“Dayspring! Nice to see you again!” Mr. Smith turned to Paul, “You as well Paul!”

“Please, call me Jude.”

“Pleasure.” Paul nodded in his general direction, “Thank you again for the room.”

“Ah it’s not a problem. Are the rooms to your liking?” He asked, looking between Paul and Jude.

“Oh absolutely,” Jude replied.

“Very good. Well, while your things are being moved in, would you like a tour of the house?”

“Sure.” Paul nodded. He looked at the blobs of color that he assumed were Vanessa and her dad.

“Vanessa, would you mind showing them the place?”

“Absolutely,” Vanessa smiled at Paul as he looked off into space.

“Very good,” He turned to Jude, “Do you think you’ll be ready to begin training full time tomorrow?”

“Sure, I have a few ideas ready.” Jude nodded.

“Very good.” He paused and smiled for a second, “Well Vanessa, I’ll leave you to it. I’ll see you all for dinner.”

Vanessa led them through the house, showcasing the theater and the pool. By the time they had completed the tour, there were a couple of hours left before dinner, so Vanessa took them back to their room so they could do some unpacking.

“I could help, if you want.” Vanessa lingered in the doorway.

“I’ve got most of my stuff taken care of, what about you, Paul?” Jude looked at Paul.

“Well… I suppose so, c’mon, I don’t have too much stuff.” Paul went with Vanessa into the room. On top of the bed sat four boxes: two labelled clothes, one labeled PC, and one labeled stuff. The stuff one was smaller than the others. A keyboard leaned against the wall. “There should be 2 boxes that say clothes, would you mind helping me hang these?”

“Sure,” She replied, she grabbed a bunch of hangers from the closet.

Paul felt around the closet, it was a wood rod with some shelves on top of it. “Alright, so put them into 3 groups, summer, winter, and dress. Dress on the left, summer in the middle, and winter to the right.”

“Alright,” Vanessa replied. So they set about hanging clothes, and once they had finished, they set about to arranging the dresser. Once they had finished with the clothes, they arranged the few other trinkets that were left.

“Don’t worry about the computer, I can get Jude to help me with that.” Paul said.

“Alright, I think that’s it then.” Vanessa replied. They both sat at the edge of the bed for a moment. Now would be a good time to ask… He’d never say yes… Her heart raced as she looked at him. Why do I always get like this?

“Well, thank you for your help.” Paul said. “I suppose we’ve got a bit of time left then…”

“Yeah, do you wanna go on a walk? We’ve got about an hour left.” She looked at her phone for the time. Her heartbeat slowed back to normal. Maybe later.

“Yeah sure, sounds good.” Paul replied, “Hey, Jude!” He called to the other room, “We’re going on a walk, you wanna come?”

“I’ve still got some unpacking, you guys go ahead.” He replied from the other room.

“Alright then,” Paul replied. He turned back to Vanessa, “Shall we go then?” He said with a smile in her general direction.

“We shall.” She giggled.



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