Earth 2: Part 13

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Dinner passed uneventfully, similar to the next 3 months. Vanessa practiced and slightly expanded her abilities, and Paul and Jude adjusted to their new life.

Vanessa was sitting in the den with Paul and Jude after a day of training. She was sipping on some hot tea that was still just a little too hot to drink. After burning her tongue twice she decided she could give it a minute. She looked over at Paul, who was sipping his own tea. Somehow he manages to keep his hair perfect without any work, it must just naturally be like that.

Her train of thought was interrupted by Jude snickering next to him.

“What’s that?” Paul looked up from his tea.

“Nothing.” Vanessa glared at Jude and gave her tea another sip. Ow, still too hot.

“Well today was-” Paul paused for a moment. “I think I’m feeling something… Robbery at the gas station down the street from here. Be careful, Jude.”

Jude got up from his seat and headed out, before pausing and turning back. “Actually, this could be a good opportunity for you. You know, real world application.”

“Oh, I don’t know… Do you think I’m ready?” Please, please, please change your mind. I don’t know if I’m ready…

“Oh, sure, Jude went out the day his found his powers, you’ll be fine!” Paul took another sip of his tea.

“Well, I don’t want to force you into this, if you’re not ready we can-” Jude started.

“I’m ready, I can do this!” What. Have. I. Done. Did i just volunteer for this? There’s no way I’m ready! I can’t back out like this in front of Paul though… I guess I’m commited now.

“Alright then, let’s rock and roll.” Jude began to walk from the den. Vanessa looked back at Paul for a second before heading on.

Vanessa caught up to Jude and followed him down the halls, eventually reaching the garage. I wish we could’ve just waited until my suit got here, but oh well, I guess I’m doing this now.

“Even though it’s just up the road, it’ll still be a good bit quicker to drive, since you can’t fly and all.” Jude unlocked his car.

How does this thing even still run? I don’t get why he still drives this, my dad offered him a better car, and surely he could afford something better than this now… What’s that smell?

Jude got in and looked at Vanessa for a moment. “Hey, don’t worry, honestly usually these guys just give up when we get there.”

“Thanks…” Okay, they usually just give up, there’s nothing to worry about… Well, but he said usually, and with my luck that would mean today would be the day they fought.

Jude zoomed out of the gates and was at the gas station in about a minute. The pair got out of the car and headed for the entrance.

Oh god, this is happening, this is really happening. You can do this. Vanessa took a deep breath and walked into the store behind Jude.

As they entered they were greeted by a man with a gun. “Get on the ground!” He moved the gun between Vanessa and Jude.

“Okay, Vanessa.” Jude nodded at her.

Okay? What does that even mean? Does he want me to get down or do something? Vanessa slung a pink disc and knocked the gun out of the man’s hand.

“Very good!” Jude patted her on the shoulder.

The man dove for the gun, but Jude knocked him to the side with a blast of light. I can’t believe how bright that light is… Maybe I should add sunglasses to my outfit… Now’s not the time to accessorize Vanessa.

Jude and Vanessa walked towards the registers and saw another criminal.

“Okay, Vanessa, now try to knock this guy down.” He pointed at the criminal, who was now pointing his gun and yelling something unintelligible at them.

Vanessa took a deep breath. Okay, just a disk, not too hard though, don’t want to hurt him too bad. Not too soft either, though, gotta find a balance. Vanessa hurled a disk which sent the robber flying into a shelf. Okay, maybe a little hard.

“Another one bites the dust!” Jude laughed a little as he went to make sure the guys were down. “Vanessa, check on the cashier.”

Vanessa walked over to what looked like the only worker in the store at the moment. “Are you alright?”

The girl was shaking with fear. She couldn’t have been more than like 15. The girl managed a quiet nod.

“I’m Vanessa, we took care of those two guys. Everything’s gonna be just fine.”

Vanessa’s heart was still pounding when the police came and arrested the two robbers. I can’t believe I just actually stopped a crime! This is real super hero stuff! I mean, I’ve done training, but this… this is something else.

They had both gotten in the car and Jude had just pulled out of the parking lot. “You did great out there!”

“Really? Thanks!” I can’t believe it! This might be the actual best day ever.



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