Earth 2: Part 16

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Once they had arrived, Jude, Paul, and Vanessa gathered in the den. Paul sat on the loveseat next to Vanessa with his leg propped on an ottoman, while Jude pulled around a wooden rocking chair.

“So what exactly happened?” Jude slowly rocked as he spoke.

“Well, I was walking about and then fell down the stairs. Vanessa heard me and Jean took us to the hospital. Broke both of the bones in my shin.”

“Wow, how long do they think it’ll take to heal?”

“About 4 months.”

“They gave him a wheelchair and a walker, they said he can’t use crutches because he’s blind.” Vanessa said.

Paul opened his mouth to speak, when he began to have a vision. He closed his eyes and saw a bank, with people going about their business. Suddenly there was a flash of light and everyone started screaming. “Go to the bank on 10th and Jones, there’s a robbery.”

“Alright, you ready Vanessa?”

“I guess so…” The pair got up from the seats and began to leave the den.

“Be careful! There’s something weird about this…” Paul called to them as they left.

“It’ll be fine, we’ve done this before. Besides, it’ll be good practice for her” Jude took off, Vanessa lingered for a moment and took off after him.

Susan was having the actual worst day ever. She had stayed up later than she intended, drinking and watching bad youtube videos, so she slept through ALL of her alarms. Then when she finally did get up, she found that she forgot to do laundry, so she ended up wearing an outfit she didn’t care for. She finally left her house, skipping breakfast, she figured she could stop by starbucks since coffee is close enough to breakfast.

Once she arrived at Starbucks, she ordered her usual Americano, and found they gave her a frappuccino instead. Susan waited by the counter for at least five minutes, until finally an employee came up.

“Hi is there anything I can help you with?” The employee beamed as she spoke, she was young and attractive, some people have all the luck.

“Get on the ground!” A male voice bellowed from behind her, and everyone obliged.

Of course, on the morning she was late the freaking starbucks gets robbed. The crook hastily collects the purses and wallets of all of the occupants, before cleaning out the register and running off. Great, that was an incredibly expensive purse with a new phone in it.

The police came and Susan put in her perspective before taking off for work. By the time she got out it was already almost lunch. She figured she should probably just head to work and bum some lunch off of Jannette, who owed her a favor anyways.

She finally arrived at the bank, and after a brief tirade from her boss, she was in her station. She looked to her left, to ask Jannette for food, when she saw some new girl in Jannette’s spot.

“Excuse me, where’s Jannette.”

“Oh, she’s got the flu.” The girl was like the girl in Starbucks, young, pretty, and probably with loving parents, she probably didn’t even need this job.

Susan sighed and turned back to the metric shit-ton of coins this guy brought in on the day the coin counter was being repaired, and of course he couldn’t come back tomorrow.

The door to the bank flew off its hinges as an enormous man made of metal and a smaller black guy stomped through. Susan screamed and froze on the spot. Her heart was racing, how could two robberies happen to the same person on the same day? As she began to see the robbers her terror increased, as she realized she was being robbed by some kind of metal monster.

“This is a robbery!” The smaller one shouted as he pointed forwards, not appearing to have any weapons.

“Get on the ground!” The metal man briefly looked to the smaller man for reassurance.

“Listen up, y’all! You’re gonna put all of your phones and stuff in this bag, while my friend here brings it around.” The small man pointed and spun as he spoke.

Suddenly a man jumped up from the crowd, “Atlanta PD, put your hands in the air!”

The metal man turned to his friend, as the small guy got a look of indignant rage.

“Listen here buddy.” The small guy slowly raised his hands, as he turned to face the officer. “I’m no normal man, that you can mess with, you see. I’m…” The cop was blasted back by a bolt of electricity as a sadistic grin exploded onto the smaller mans face, “Electrified!”

The whole room starred on in terror as the metal man returned to collecting phones. Electrified then turned to the teller nearest to him, which of course was Susan.

“The cash, where is it!” Electricity arced between his fingertips as he spoke.

“In the back, big door, can’t miss it.” Susan barely managed to sputter this out, despite her recent experience with robbery, she still felt terrified.

Electrified jumped over the counter and went back to look at the door. It was huge and probably at least a foot thick, with about 4 different locking mechanisms, some physical, and others electronic.

“Hey Deven, come take care of this door.” He walked back into the main lobby and began watching the various people he had captive. “You!” He yelled at Susan and the new girl, as he passed the counter. “Get on this side of the counter, I wanna see you!”

Susan slowly stood up and climbed over the counter, by the time her and the new girl were with the rest of the people, two new figures burst through the door.



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