Earth 2: Part 21

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Jude took a deep breath and sighed. He glanced through the window and saw Mr. Smith with his feet propped up on his desk, talking on the phone. Jude couldn’t hear through the glass, but Mr. Smith looked annoyed.

Jude took a deep breath and sighed. He slowly raised his arm and knocked on the door. Mr. Smith waved him in. The office was lightly furnished with nothing but a desk, a bookcase, a filing cabinet, and a few chairs. On the desk was a top of the line laptop, sitting on a platform next to neatly stacked in and out boxes. All of the edges of the papers were as perfectly lined up as they could be.

“Alright, I’m gonna have to call you back… Yes, yes I know… I’m aware… Goodbye!” He turned his attention to Jude. His face turned to a smile. “Nice to see you, Dayspring. I think I know why you’re here.”

“Probably.” Jude sat down in the chair across from Mr. Smith’s desk, and he was already beginning to sweat. “Okay, I know you probably don’t want Vanessa to keep doing this, but I really belie-”

“What, you expect me to let my daughter go back out there?” He scoffed and shook his head. “After what happened? She’s in the hospital, with permanent scars.”

“I never said there weren’t risks, you both knew that.” Jude kept as neutral of an expression as he could manage.

“There is no way I’m letting her keep doing this. I’m shutting the ‘super hero’ venture down.” He said calmly.

Jude took a deep breath and sighed. “You can’t keep controlling everything your daughter does.”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re not a father. Not to mention you’re lecturing me about control, something you clearly lack after what you let happen!”

“You think I just let this happen? Is this what you think I wanted? I care more about her than you!” Jude raised his voice. His hands were tightly gripping the arms of his chair.

“Oh sure you do, you two buck zippo! You’re the most pathetic excuse for a hero I’ve ever seen!”

“Wow!” Jude jumped to his feet, pushing his chair back against the wall. The temperature in the office began to rise, and Jude began to glow. “We’re one and the same then! Because you’re clearly the most pathetic excuse for a father to walk this planet!”

“How dare you!” Mr. Smith stood to his feet and slammed his fist on his desk, sending pens and papers flying.

“Yeah, that’s right! You couldn’t ever spare a single second for her, but now that she wants to be an adult you want to make every decision for her! All of a sudden now that she’s interesting you give a shit! Is that what you think love is?!” Jude was screaming almost as loud as he could. The room was like a sauna now and Jude was lighting up the office.

“You think I’ll be intimidated by you! Hah! I’ve seen girlscouts scarier than you! What are you going to do? Illuminate my office?!” Mr. Smith shouted, even louder than Jude.

“Enough!” Jude shouted. The room was filled with blinding light and sweltering heat.  Jude balled his fist, and his eyes began to glow an almost sickly yellow. “I. Said. Enough.” He looked Mr. Smith dead in the eye, as his body began to glow almost white hot.

Jude took a deep breath and sighed. The light faded and the room returned to its normal temperature. Mr. Smith was covered in sweat and backed up against the wall, panting. He had a wild look in his eyes. “If you forbid this, it will be the single greatest mistake of your life. Not from me. I’m done. But if you actually love your daughter you won’t do this.”

Jude gently opened the door and closed it behind him. He passed Jean on his way down the hallway. Jude paused. He simply shook his head and walked down the hall. He walked to his room and washed off his face. Well that could’ve gone better. I guess that was probably the nail in that coffin. He laid down in his bed. I’m sorry Vanessa, I tried.

Jude took a deep breath and sighed.



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Earth 2: Part 20

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The nurse wheeled Paul out of the room, Vanessa wasn’t ready for him to go, but the nurse seemed insistant. Vanessa’s mind raced as she tried to find the right thing to say, but she had nothing.

“I’ll see you when you get home!” Paul called over his shoulder. Vanessa caught a glimpse of his face as he turned; he was grinning like an idiot. She couldn’t help but laugh.

Vanessa sighed with relief. As Paul left, her excitement began to fade, and she began to feel her injuries again. She was on enough painkillers to dull it, but her entire body felt out of balance. She gently ran her fingers along the coarse bandages and shook her head. A tear began to fall down her face, soaking into the bandage on her cheek.

There was a knock on the door, and she pretended to be scratching her eye.

“Wow, I leave you alone for five minutes and you’ve already confessed your love for eachother.” Jude was grinning in the doorway. He stepped in and sat down next to her bed.

“Yes, I know, you told me so. I don’t wanna hear it.” Vanessa laughed, but she felt a stabbing pain spread across her chest. It took her a moment to recover, but she looked up again with a smile.

“Well, I’m glad you two finally talked.” Jude paused for a moment, he looked up again with a more serious expression. “So, I wanted to talk to you about what happened.”

“What about it?”

“Well… You’re in pretty foul shape, I won’t lie. The doctors say you should recover, but you’ll have these scars forever.” Jude rested his hand on the rail of her bed. He had the same expression her soccer coach had when she broke her ankle. She missed concerns like risking minor injury to play soccer. “I understand if you want to quit, you’re hurt pretty bad, and I can’t promise it won’t be worse next time, you really did get off lucky this time.”

Vanessa looked down at her arm again. The doctor said that it would recover, but it would never be quite the same again. This was all a nightmare, like a wish from a genie gone wrong.

“I understand, this is a weighty decision. Just think on it.”

“I don’t know if my dad would even let me.”

“Leave that to me, I want this to be all your decision. Nothing swaying you either way, being a hero isn’t easy, and has a lot of danger. Only you can decide if you want that.”

“What do you mean-”

“You need rest, so I’ll let you be.” Jude patted her knee and got up. “Don’t worry about this until you’re better, I just wanted to go ahead and have this talk.”

Jude had a warm smile, he felt like an older brother giving wise counsel. For a moment as he hugged her before leaving, it felt like all her pain and insecurity faded away. As he left, Vanessa still felt better.

More of Vanessa’s friends and extended family came in that day, she gave them all some story about accidentally touching an uncovered wire. The doctors and nurses came in and out all day, but it was all a blur to her. All she could think about was what she was going to do, but she couldn’t decide. She had weighed all the pros and cons, but each option seemed equally terrifying to her. She decided to put off thinking about it for the time being. After all, Jude did say that she didn’t need to make a decision for now, but despite this, she couldn’t get her mind off it.

Eventually, after a blur of visitors, doctors, nurses, and stress, she was wheeled out to her dad’s car. She had hoped to see her dad, but it was just Jean. She sighed and got into the car.



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Earth 2: Part 19

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Paul heard the steady beating of Vanessa’s heart rate monitor, along with the chaos of the rest of the ICU, but he wasn’t focused on that. The room was a little bit cold, and smelt sterile.  Paul focused in on her steady breathing. She sounded mostly fine, but it sounded like there was some resistance every time she inhaled.

“How are you feeling?” Jude hadn’t told Paul too much about how bad it looked, so Paul still felt worried.

“Well, I’ve been better.” She laughed a little bit. Her sheets rustled as she began to sit up. “I really don’t feel too bad though. I’ll probably be out pretty quick.”

“Are you sure? Jude was acting a little… weird, and it was kinda worrying me.”

“I’m fine, it looks worse than it is.” Vanessa sighed. “I’ll be okay.”

“You don’t sound okay.” He hesitated, “You can talk to me, you know. I’m in this with you.” Paul’s heart was racing, and his stomach was doing somersaults. His words weren’t being checked by his brain anymore, they were just flowing out.

“Oh, Paul…” Vanessa took his hand in hers, a small wave of pain hit her, and she tensed. Paul began to edge forward towards her, but Vanessa quickly held his hand tighter. “Thank you. For everything.”

“Hey, you were there for me when I fell down the stairs. You even managed to talk a little bit of sense into me.” Paul’s heart felt like it was going to burst, she had his hand and he had absolutely no idea what to do about it or what it meant. He couldn’t even remember the last time he had felt this way… Definitely before the light. Life is so much easier without stress like this, but I need to do this.

“The doctor said it’s going to be a pretty nasty scar…” Vanessa sniffled a little. “Paul… I’m going to look like a freaking ogre…”

“Hey, no you’re not, you’re honestly the prettiest girl I’ve never seen.” Paul was almost shaking with nerves at this point. Is this the moment? Did I seriously just make that joke?

Vanessa laughed and Paul nervously did the same. “Listen…” Oh dear god this is happening. “I really like you… Like…” Dear god this is going terribly. Abort, abort! It’s too late. At least he was in the ICU, so when his heart stopped they’ll be able to take care of it.

“Really?” Paul couldn’t really tell if that was excitement, disgust, or something in-between. These interactions were always much easier when I could see facial expressions. “Oh that came out wrong… I feel the same…” She laughed. “Sorry, I’m so bad at this.”

Paul laughed too, “My heart was beating so fast I thought I might need to get a room.”

So they sat there for a moment, holding hands, before a nurse came running in.

“Are you feeling okay?” She sounded panicked. It was at that moment Paul realized her heart-rate monitor was beeping like crazy.

Vanessa contentedly sighed. “Better than ever.” She gave Paul’s hand a squeeze.

“Oh, okay.” The nurse laughed for a moment. “I think it might be best if you took your next visitor. And you.” Paul assumed this was directed at him. “Don’t do whatever you did again, I thought she was dying.”

The nurse took the handles of Paul’s chair, and she began to wheel him out.



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Earth 2: Part 18

Jude sat on a bench, his back up against a wall of glass, and Paul sat next to him in his wheelchair. The ICU bustled around him, with various carts and people running by. Everyone in here seemed to be running, but somehow, he was still left waiting. The ICU was a large open area, with a circular nurse’s station in the center. Large rooms lined the sides of it.

He heard various monitors beeping all around him, and if he concentrated, he could barely hear Mr. Smith on the other side of the glass. He looked over his shoulder, through the frosted glass, and into Vanessa’s room. He could see Mr. Smith standing over Vanessa, talking about something. Jude was still irritated that he had to wait outside, because of some stupid rule. He had already tried once, but the nurse was watching like a hawk.

While Jude looked around, Paul stared forwards with a blank expression. “I should’ve seen this coming. Why couldn’t I predict this in time?”

Jude jumped a little at the sound of his friends voice. “Hey, man, you did your best. You can’t see everything before it happens. There’s always a risk when we go out into the field. We’ve never faced anything like that before.”

“You don’t understand! This is the one thing I contribute to this, and I couldn’t do that right!” Paul put his face in his hands and sighed.

“Hey, we all messed up today, me, you, and her, so it’s okay. We can’t be perfect.” Jude gently squeezed Paul’s shoulder, as he did this, he understood Paul being upset. He felt his pain, but he knew now wasn’t the time for that, they needed to be there for Vanessa.

Jude’s comforting was interrupted by Mr. Smith speed-walking out of her room. He was barking orders into his phone, and almost ran into a nurse, before leaving the ICU.

“Alright, I don’t think he’ll be coming back any time soon. Let’s go in.” Jude got up, and began to wheel Paul in, while Paul wiped his eyes.

As Jude crossed the doorway, he heard a voice yelling from behind him. “Hey! What did I say about one at a time!” A rather large woman in scrubs thundered towards him.

Jude glared daggers at her. “My friend is blind. Would you like him to wheel himself in?”

She stopped and began to head back to the nurse’s station. “I’m watching you.” She turned back and pointed at him.

Jude gripped the handles of the wheelchair tightly, and stood in the doorway. Doesn’t she realize that she’s working with someone who almost gave her life for people like her? How dare she slap us in the face like that. As he seethed, the handles of the wheelchair began to give. Jude looked down, and saw that he was beginning to melt them.

“Hey, I thought I was the blind one. Why are you just standing there.” Paul looked back towards Jude.

“Sorry.” Jude shook his head and wheeled Paul in.

He took inventory of the room, she had several flowers and a few balloons on a table across from the bed. The TV was playing some generic daytime television program in the background, competing with the heart-rate monitor and the rest of the ICU to be the dominant background noise. Her left arm was mostly covered in bandages, but her right appeared to be fine. She had the sheets pulled up to her waist, and her bed had her leaning forward. She had one large bandage across her left cheek, and on her neck as well.

“Paul! Jude!” Vanessa spoke quietly, but she was managing a pained smile. While not quite on death’s door, she was in obvious pain. Electrified really did a number on her.

“Hey, the nurse isn’t letting me stay, too many people in the room and all, but I’ll talk to you in a bit. I’ll give you two some privacy.” He winked as he said that last part. Her face went beet red, and Jude turned and exited the room with a quiet laugh.



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Earth 2: Part 17

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Susan was almost shaking with fear as a man in white robes and a woman in pink walked it. The man looked familiar to her, after a moment of thought, she realized it was Dayspring, who she had seen on the news. She hadn’t seen the woman beside him before.

“Deven we got company!” Electrified shouted, as he slowly backed away from the heroes.

“Look, we can do this he easy way or the hard way.” Dayspring slowly stepped forwards, and his sidekick advanced with him.

As Dayspring spoke, the hulking metal man came out from the back. “Who’s this?”

“Good question, who are you to come crashing our party? More importantly, can you handle…” He paused for a moment as his comrade continued to come from the back, “The lightning!” An arc of lighting burst forth from his hands, which knocked Dayspring to the floor.

The people in the bank slowly backed up against the walls of the bank. Susan had a front row seat to this fight, as she was one of the last to join the crowd.

The pink lady began to throw weird pink disks at Electrified, but the metal man stood in front of him and appeared to be unaffected by them. The metal man laughed as he slowly advanced towards her.

Dayspring shot a bolt of light that knocked the metal man to the floor, but also blinded most people in the room.

Susan heard zapping, and what sounded like Electrified yelling in pain. She then felt herself pulled to her feet, “Thank you Dayspring!” Something didn’t feel right, though. She felt her hair standing up, like static electricity. The air around her smelled like ozone. She then felt the arm that pulled her up go around her neck and put her in a chokehold. She began to claw desperately at his arm, but it was no use.

As everyone’s vision came back, they saw the four supers standing completely still, looking between each other. Electrified had Susan in a chokehold with his finger to her temple.

“Move and inch and this lady gets zapped!”

Susan stared intensely at Dayspring as his expression changed from triumph to fear. She was shaking and her heart was pounding. She could feel the man’s breath running over her ear, he was breathing almost as fast as she was. Her heart was pounding as the man readjusted his grip.

He looked between him and the metal man. “What do you want?” Dayspring sighed and shook his head.

“I want to clear out that safe. You don’t move!” He removed his hand from Susan’s temple to point between Dayspring and his sidekick. “Deven, clear out the safe.” He placed his finger back onto Susan’s temple.

A few moments of intense staring and complete silence passed, when the metal man came back with a bulging sack.

Electrified looked around for a moment, “Okay, now slowly move away from the door.”

Dayspring obliged and motioned for his sidekick to do the same. Once they had cleared a path to the door Electrified dropped Susan and took off swiftly with his comrade.

Susan backed up into the crowd, her heart racing. One of the men next to her opened his mouth to speak when chaos erupted again

Once Electrified was near the door, the sidekick shot a pink disk, which sent Electrified back into the wall. He quickly sent an arc of electricity to the sidekick, causing her to fall to the ground, but when she fell, he didn’t stop. Dayspring sent another blast of light at him, but the metal man blocked it.

The blast washed over everyone in the room and Susan passed out.



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