Earth 2: Part 17

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Susan was almost shaking with fear as a man in white robes and a woman in pink walked it. The man looked familiar to her, after a moment of thought, she realized it was Dayspring, who she had seen on the news. She hadn’t seen the woman beside him before.

“Deven we got company!” Electrified shouted, as he slowly backed away from the heroes.

“Look, we can do this he easy way or the hard way.” Dayspring slowly stepped forwards, and his sidekick advanced with him.

As Dayspring spoke, the hulking metal man came out from the back. “Who’s this?”

“Good question, who are you to come crashing our party? More importantly, can you handle…” He paused for a moment as his comrade continued to come from the back, “The lightning!” An arc of lighting burst forth from his hands, which knocked Dayspring to the floor.

The people in the bank slowly backed up against the walls of the bank. Susan had a front row seat to this fight, as she was one of the last to join the crowd.

The pink lady began to throw weird pink disks at Electrified, but the metal man stood in front of him and appeared to be unaffected by them. The metal man laughed as he slowly advanced towards her.

Dayspring shot a bolt of light that knocked the metal man to the floor, but also blinded most people in the room.

Susan heard zapping, and what sounded like Electrified yelling in pain. She then felt herself pulled to her feet, “Thank you Dayspring!” Something didn’t feel right, though. She felt her hair standing up, like static electricity. The air around her smelled like ozone. She then felt the arm that pulled her up go around her neck and put her in a chokehold. She began to claw desperately at his arm, but it was no use.

As everyone’s vision came back, they saw the four supers standing completely still, looking between each other. Electrified had Susan in a chokehold with his finger to her temple.

“Move and inch and this lady gets zapped!”

Susan stared intensely at Dayspring as his expression changed from triumph to fear. She was shaking and her heart was pounding. She could feel the man’s breath running over her ear, he was breathing almost as fast as she was. Her heart was pounding as the man readjusted his grip.

He looked between him and the metal man. “What do you want?” Dayspring sighed and shook his head.

“I want to clear out that safe. You don’t move!” He removed his hand from Susan’s temple to point between Dayspring and his sidekick. “Deven, clear out the safe.” He placed his finger back onto Susan’s temple.

A few moments of intense staring and complete silence passed, when the metal man came back with a bulging sack.

Electrified looked around for a moment, “Okay, now slowly move away from the door.”

Dayspring obliged and motioned for his sidekick to do the same. Once they had cleared a path to the door Electrified dropped Susan and took off swiftly with his comrade.

Susan backed up into the crowd, her heart racing. One of the men next to her opened his mouth to speak when chaos erupted again

Once Electrified was near the door, the sidekick shot a pink disk, which sent Electrified back into the wall. He quickly sent an arc of electricity to the sidekick, causing her to fall to the ground, but when she fell, he didn’t stop. Dayspring sent another blast of light at him, but the metal man blocked it.

The blast washed over everyone in the room and Susan passed out.



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Thank you all for continuing to read! This part is one of my personal favorites, and the story is feeling like it’s about to settle in. If you’ve missed it and have any interest, I’ve run a few short stories in the same universe, let me know if you have any interest in seeing any of them continued.

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