Earth 2: Part 18

Jude sat on a bench, his back up against a wall of glass, and Paul sat next to him in his wheelchair. The ICU bustled around him, with various carts and people running by. Everyone in here seemed to be running, but somehow, he was still left waiting. The ICU was a large open area, with a circular nurse’s station in the center. Large rooms lined the sides of it.

He heard various monitors beeping all around him, and if he concentrated, he could barely hear Mr. Smith on the other side of the glass. He looked over his shoulder, through the frosted glass, and into Vanessa’s room. He could see Mr. Smith standing over Vanessa, talking about something. Jude was still irritated that he had to wait outside, because of some stupid rule. He had already tried once, but the nurse was watching like a hawk.

While Jude looked around, Paul stared forwards with a blank expression. “I should’ve seen this coming. Why couldn’t I predict this in time?”

Jude jumped a little at the sound of his friends voice. “Hey, man, you did your best. You can’t see everything before it happens. There’s always a risk when we go out into the field. We’ve never faced anything like that before.”

“You don’t understand! This is the one thing I contribute to this, and I couldn’t do that right!” Paul put his face in his hands and sighed.

“Hey, we all messed up today, me, you, and her, so it’s okay. We can’t be perfect.” Jude gently squeezed Paul’s shoulder, as he did this, he understood Paul being upset. He felt his pain, but he knew now wasn’t the time for that, they needed to be there for Vanessa.

Jude’s comforting was interrupted by Mr. Smith speed-walking out of her room. He was barking orders into his phone, and almost ran into a nurse, before leaving the ICU.

“Alright, I don’t think he’ll be coming back any time soon. Let’s go in.” Jude got up, and began to wheel Paul in, while Paul wiped his eyes.

As Jude crossed the doorway, he heard a voice yelling from behind him. “Hey! What did I say about one at a time!” A rather large woman in scrubs thundered towards him.

Jude glared daggers at her. “My friend is blind. Would you like him to wheel himself in?”

She stopped and began to head back to the nurse’s station. “I’m watching you.” She turned back and pointed at him.

Jude gripped the handles of the wheelchair tightly, and stood in the doorway. Doesn’t she realize that she’s working with someone who almost gave her life for people like her? How dare she slap us in the face like that. As he seethed, the handles of the wheelchair began to give. Jude looked down, and saw that he was beginning to melt them.

“Hey, I thought I was the blind one. Why are you just standing there.” Paul looked back towards Jude.

“Sorry.” Jude shook his head and wheeled Paul in.

He took inventory of the room, she had several flowers and a few balloons on a table across from the bed. The TV was playing some generic daytime television program in the background, competing with the heart-rate monitor and the rest of the ICU to be the dominant background noise. Her left arm was mostly covered in bandages, but her right appeared to be fine. She had the sheets pulled up to her waist, and her bed had her leaning forward. She had one large bandage across her left cheek, and on her neck as well.

“Paul! Jude!” Vanessa spoke quietly, but she was managing a pained smile. While not quite on death’s door, she was in obvious pain. Electrified really did a number on her.

“Hey, the nurse isn’t letting me stay, too many people in the room and all, but I’ll talk to you in a bit. I’ll give you two some privacy.” He winked as he said that last part. Her face went beet red, and Jude turned and exited the room with a quiet laugh.



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Hey everyone, I just want to thank you for sticking around. I’m always trying to be a better writer, and really appreciate you sticking through it. I love doing this, and I hope you love reading. This part was belabored, but I think I’m satisfied with the end result.

If you don’t already know, throughout the month of May, I wrote a few short stories, introducing new characters. I’d love to hear what you think about them, you can find them in the Table of Contents.

Thank you again for reading, and have a lovely week.

For all of you coming back to this, thanks for caring enough to read! I’m a dummy, but I caught it, so it’s okay.

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