Earth 2: Part 22

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David sat on the floor, leaning against the wall of his office. The office was dark, and papers and office supplies were scattered about. He turned the key in the lock of a drawer, and pulled out a bottle from it. He looked down at the coin and back up at the bottle.

He opened up the bottle and smelled it deeply. He slowly raised the bottle to his lips before lowering it again, without drinking. He put the lid back on it, sighed, and dropped the bottle. He reached up onto his desk and grabbed a framed photograph.

You were so worried about your outfit that day… You wanted me to grab a scarf from the house and bring it to you… But I didn’t… I was drunk. David picked up the bottle again, raised it over his shoulder, and cast it across the room. Whiskey and broken glass exploded all over the wall and the carpet. Shattered like my daughter’s heart.

The door to his office creaked open. “There’s broken glass all over the floor, be careful.”

“Sir? Is everything alright?” A man asked.

David groaned as he got up from the floor and sat in his chair. “It’s been 2 years…”

The door clicked, as the man closed it behind him. “Yes sir, I believe it has.”

“2 years of being sober, and I still can’t get this dad thing right.” David flicked the coin in the air and caught it as it came down.

“If I may, I don’t think anyone ever feels like they got it right. We just try as best as we can.” The man picked up a chair from its side and took a seat across the desk.

“I really do try, you know? Nobody thinks I do, but I love the crap out of her.” David sniffled and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Sir, we all make mistakes.”

“18 years of not being there, be it liquor or work, is not just a mistake.” He chuckled and sighed. “That was the last of the alcohol in the house.”

“That’s a big step, sir.”

“Yeah, she’s the only thing that makes it worth it. I’m worth billions, but it’s all crap next to her. I thought the liquor would fill the hole, then I tried work, but she’s the only thing I have that matters.” David sobbed for a moment. “I’m scared I’m gonna lose her, Jean.”

“Sir, if I may, I think sometimes, you need to let the things you love most go. That meaning, if she wants to be a hero, to put her life on the line, you need to let her and you need to support her.”

“I know, Jean. It’s just hard.” David fixed his hair, and wiped off his face. “I just don’t know how to make up for all the times I screwed up. How do you make up for 18 years Jean?”

“Well, Mr. Smith-”

“Jean, you can call me David.”

“David, you make up for it one day at a time. You really did screw up, there isn’t one magical deed which fixes everything, you fix it one day at a time, by loving her and being there for her.”

David sighed and got to his feet. He walked over to Jean and embraced him.

“What do you say we go pick up Vanessa, together. I think she’d like to see you with me.”

“Jean, I’d say you’re right. Let’s go get Vanessa.” The pair made their way to your door, and David paused. “Thank you, Jean.”



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