Earth 2: Part 23

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Jean hadn’t taken people seriously when they told him ‘When you become the full time personal assistant for a family your job takes on an entirely unexpected role.’ He thought about this as he walked his friend/employer’s daughter back to the limo from the hospital. And she was in the hospital, because of an injury she received as a superhero.

“Jean, I need your advice.” Vanessa interrupted his train of thought.

That was always his favorite question. The kind of problems these people ask him for help on could make a great story. “Ask away.”

“Paul and I talked, and we both like each other… I think he’s probably going to ask me on a date or something.”

“Well, that sounds like a good thing, what do you need my advice about?” Jean was hopeful this would be normal teenager stuff, but he couldn’t be entirely sure. He could never be sure anymore. He could give advice about normal teenager stuff.

Jean also took some level of pleasure in hearing this, even if the two weren’t exactly subtle about it, he did take pride in having ‘called it’ as they say.

“I don’t know how my dad would react… Should I tell him?”

“Well,” Jean weighed his options. He had a philosophy, in general it is better to go down the middle on these things. “I won’t tell you what to do here, I’d say you may want to wait a little bit before you have this conversation with him.”

“How do you think he’d react, though?”

“Well, it is entirely possible that he may not entirely approve.”

“You’re right. He never cares about me until I want to do something, then all of a sudden he’s an invested parent! I mean look! He’s not even here to get me from the hospital!” She threw her hands up. She had always been like this, but then again who could blame her.

Jean sighed. He just needed to get her to the car, preferably before she wished eternal damnation on her father. “He does care about you, you know. I think you’re being a little hard on him.”

Sure he does.” Vanessa sighed.

Jean couldn’t help but feel for Mr. Smith, he did have a long road ahead of him, but he was trying. Already a mile ahead of me.

This conversation had carried them all the way to the car. Mr. Smith had been very specific on how to do this so Jean followed his instructions. He angled Vanessa towards the car, put away his dignity, did a drumroll on the roof of the car, and swung open the door.

“Jean, what are you- Dad!” Vanessa embraced him.

“You didn’t think I wouldn’t be here to pick you up did you?” Mr. Smith gave Jean a nod for obliging him. “What do you say we do something special today, just the two of us! A ‘you just got out of the hospital’ treat! I’ve cancelled everything, cleared out my calendar, it’s all you.”

“Yes!” Vanessa released her father and climbed into the back seat next to him.

Jean closed the door behind her and walked around to the driver’s seat. Although he did think the gesture was a bit ridiculous, it did still bring a smile to his face. He was after all glad Vanessa was okay. He had begun to feel like something of a member of the family. That was another thing that he hadn’t taken seriously. Jean climbed into the driver’s seat and looked back with a genuine smile. “Okay, you two, where to?”



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Hello, all! Thank you for continuing to read this! I really appreciate your viewership. I’m currently considering adding some new things to the blog, a more official word on that will hopefully be coming soon.

I was reflecting today, and I think we all could use some more wholesomeness in our lives. Everyone out there, I hope you have a great life. Go outside, do that fun thing you’ve been putting off. Try to do something nice for someone else this week. It doesn’t need to be big, I just think we could all make the world a bit of a better place for a week.

That doesn’t really fit with my usual content, but I felt that was something that needed to be said. Have a great week, and thanks for reading.

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