Earth 2: Part 24

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Vanessa and Paul were sitting in the back of Jude’s car. Jude pulled into the parking lot and drove over to the front of the restaurant, stopping to let them out. Vanessa stepped out of the car and helped Paul out.

“Don’t have too much fun!” Jude called out the window. “Text me when you’re ready, I won’t be too far.”

“Thanks again, Jude!” Vanessa called as he pulled off. She glanced at her phone and turned to Paul. She hugged Paul’s arm, and stepped up onto the curb “It looks like it’s exactly time for our reservation.”

“Well, then, let’s go!”

Vanessa and Paul stepped into the restaurant. There was one table for two, and all the other tables were pushed off to the side. Other than them and the staff, the restaurant was completely empty. A man in a tux led them to the only set table. There was a lit candle in the middle of the table.

Paul released Vanessa’s arm, and began to circle the table, keeping one hand on it. He arrived at a chair and pulled it out. The restaurant was completely silent, except for the quiet steps of employees.

“Thank you.” Vanessa laughed as she took her seat.

The waiter brought out two plates of food and sat one in front of each of them. “Is everything to your liking?”

“Yes, thank you.” Vanessa nodded at the waiter and he went on his way.

“Gee, don’t we usually order before we get our food? Is this what I’ve been missing out on?” Paul picked up his fork and probed around the plate.

“Welcome to my world!” Vanessa threw her hands out dramatically. “It’s pretty nice, huh?”

“Absolutely!” Paul nodded as he ate. “Next time, I’m taking you to my world. Frozen food prepared in a crowded restaurant playing classic rock.”

“Sounds interesting,” She chuckled, “I’ve dealt with crowds before, I just prefer not to.”

Paul took a bite of what he figured was mashed potatoes. They were good, if a bit salty. “So, something that I was curious about, do you not drive?”

“Well… No.” Vanessa pushed her hair back over her ear. “I guess I’m a little afraid.” She laughed nervously and looked down at her food. “I know… Lame.”

“I used to love driving, don’t get me wrong I was very bad, 3 tickets and an accident in a year, but it was fun.” Paul laughed, “Don’t worry, I can’t judge anyone for irrational fears. I’ll let you in on a secret…” He leaned towards her and whispered. “I’m scared of water and I can’t swim. And that was before I went blind.”

“No way! I had a friend who was terrified of water… My other friend pushed her in the pool and she didn’t talk to her for a week.” Vanessa laughed and took a sip from her drink.

“So have you always lived in this nice house with a pool and everything?”

“Yeah, well my parents used to send me to my grandparent’s farm for like a month every summer. They had this awful old car, it barely ran, any time I would want to go into town, we would take it. Almost every time, it would break down half way there, and we would have to walk all the way to the nearest neighbor and they would give us a ride. Grandpa loved that car.” She laughed quietly and looked off for a moment.

“I used to go to my grandfather’s cabin every-” Paul paused and put his hand to his temple. He winced in pain and suddenly fell back onto the floor screaming.There was a crack as his chair hit the ground.

“Paul!” Vanessa jumped up and ran over to him. “Paul are you okay?”

Paul convulsed and continued to scream. Vanessa took off her coat and put it under his head, while trying to keep him from hurting himself. Eventually Paul stopped screaming and was just out of breath.

“Paul? Are you okay? What happened?” Vanessa gently placed her hand on his arm.

“Terrifying… A vision… Something… Awful…” Paul hugged Vanessa around her waist.

“It’s okay, it’s over now.” She placed her hand on his back. She whipped her phone out and quickly texted Jude to bring the car around. “I’ve got you…”



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Hey guys, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. I’ve got a couple of things in the works, and they should be coming soon. Thank you for your continued support, I really do appreciate it.

Try to do something nice for someone today, or this weekend. I think we’d all be better for it.

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