Earth 2: Part 25

This is part 25 of an ongoing series.

Earth 2: Part 1


Jamal was out buying groceries. That’s right evil dudes have to eat too. Jamal had begun to shop at publix once he got all the money from those first few bank robberies. People who rob banks and get away, tend to get caught because the suddenly have five rolexes. Jamal was gonna just take it nice and easy. He had bought just the ingredients for today’s dinner, and he also bought some of those sodas in the glass bottles because he deserved to treat himself.

Jamal was thinking about the chicken marsala he’d be having later this evening, while drinking a Coke. He actually felt like he was in a Coca-Cola commercial, drinking it from a glass bottle and walking down the street.

He and Deven had recently moved into a nicer apartment in a nicer part of town than the slum they were in before. It was really amazing the advancement you could get from a few bank robberies if you just play it cool. He had a buddy who was in the laundering business, so he got a ‘job’ at the laundromat nearby to his old house.

Jamal began to smile at his sudden success. He downed the last drop of his Coke and tossed the bottle over a fence. He looked through the fence and saw a grand mansion. He didn’t need that kind of flash though, he just needed a few more heists to be set for life. He then figured that with their powers, mansion robbing might be profitable. Something to consider at least.

While he was plotting about the riches inside of that mansion, he neglected to look where he was going. He ran straight into some ginger chick pushing a wheelchair.

“Oh, sorry!” The girl said, she couldn’t have been more than 20, the kid in the chair looked about the same age.

There was something about her face though, and her voice, that stuck out to him. “The name’s Jamal.”

“I’m Vanessa, it’s nice to meet you. This is Paul.” She gestured to the kid in the chair.

She had some kind of burn mark on her face… Jamal had seen burns like that before, definitely electrical. If it’s that bad that usually means she was messing with something she shouldn’t have been. “It’s nice meeting you, you live around here?” He was determined to figure this out. There was something about this girl…

“Yeah, we actually live right over there.” She pointed to the mansion.

“You’re kidding! That’s crazy.” Jamal laughed, he had just met the chick who lives in the house he was mentally casing seconds ago.

“We’re together!” The kid in the chair finally spoke up. The girl turned him around, looks like he broke his leg, must be pretty bad for them to put him in a chair.

“Paul!” Vanessa slapped Paul in the arm.

“Together!” Jamal laughed. Then it hit him, this chick was that girl in pink with Dayspring from the bank! And she just told him everything about herself! “What happened to your leg?” Jamal pointed to his cast.

“Well, he broke it falling down the stairs, he’s blind and still hasn’t gotten used to it.” Vanessa was smiling away.

The amount of information these kids were willing offer to some random guy on the street was astounding. Jamal was always telling people how important it is to dress nice, you know damn well you’re not getting this dressed like a bum.

“Well, we should probably get going, it was nice meeting you.” Paul put out his hand and Jamal shook it. For some reason the kid looked like he had seen a ghost the second he touched his hand.

“Take care!” Jamal called as he walked past. That wasn’t his problem, he had an idea. Maybe a stupid one, but it just might work…



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Hi, thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed, this was a blast to write.

I’ve decided how I’m going to proceed with this series. I will write it in ‘Seasons’, similar to how a TV show might have seasons. This season will have 50 Parts. Next weeks part will be the ‘Midseason Premiere’, so to speak, and it will be two parts in one. Thank you so much for sticking with me through this.

If you’re new here, I understand 25 parts worth of backlog is intimidating. I have decided to have a season recap (coming soon), and will be releasing those more frequently.

Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful weekend.

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