Earth 2: Parts 1-25 Recap

Hello, all! In an effort to lower the entry barrier for this series, I will be releasing periodic recaps. I’m still not decided on the frequency, but that will come later. What follows is the gist of the story that has already been uploaded, but doesn’t contain every detail. I still recommend reading for the full experience.




Paul and Jude were just hanging out, when a green light washed over them. Paul found that he couldn’t see, and went to the hospital. He was then informed that he is likely permanently blind. He moves in with Jude and adjusts to his new life. Some time passes, and Jude found that he had the ability to create light. Paul revealed that he had been having visions, and had a vision of a crime. They went out, and Jude put a stop to it.

Meanwhile, Jamal and Deven were at work when the light hit. Deven turned into metal, and Jamal found that he can control electricity. Jamal attacked his boss, and walked out with Deven behind him.

Paul continued to have visions of crimes, and Jude continued to stop them. One day, Paul had a particularly bad feeling about a crime. Jude, hard pressed for time, found he could fly, and took off for it. He busted in to stop it, but was knocked down. He got back up and quickly dispatched the criminal. He then took Vanessa to the hospital.

At the hospital, Jude spoke with Vanessa, and she agreed that she would like to train to be a hero. A few days later, Jude and Paul rolled up and began to train her. They found that she had psychic powers, and could create disks with her mind that she could use as weapons. Her father expressed reluctance, but Vanessa talked him into letting her be a hero.

Mr. Smith offered Jude and Paul full time employment to train his daughter and keep her safe. A few weeks later, Jude and Paul moved into the mansion. Vanessa helped Paul unpack, and they shared a moment together.

After some time training, Vanessa went out on her first mission as a superhero. She and Jude easily stopped the robbery, and she went back home to celebrate. She sat in bed aftwerwards, when she heard a disturbance. She investigated, and found that Paul had fallen down the stairs and couldn’t get up. She talked Paul into letting her and Jean take her to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, Paul was told that his leg was broken. He was informed of his mobility options and sent home.

While talking to Jude about his leg, Paul had a vision of a bank robbery. Vanessa and Jude went out to stop it. They found Jamal and Deven holding up the bank with their powers. They almost beat them, but Jamal took a hostage. Vanessa tried to attack him while he was leaving, but she missed and he hit her with electricity.

Paul and Jude visited Vanessa, and found that she was in stable condition. She had some permanent scarring, but she would be fine. Paul takes this moment to tell Vanessa that he cares for her, and she told him that he reciprocated. Jude told Vanessa that he would understand if she didn’t want to continue being a hero.

Jude went to Mr. Smith and asked him to allow Vanessa to make her own decision. Mr. Smith and Jude got into an argument, and Jude flared up with his powers. After a moment, Jude walked out. Mr. Smith reflected on his mistakes in life for a while, until Jean talked him into going to pick up Vanessa. Vanessa happily embraced her father when she saw him. Vanessa and Paul went out on their first date, which was interrupted by Paul having a vision.


Earth 2: Part 26

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