Earth 2: Part 26

As a celebration for making it halfway through the season, this is actually two parts in one. Enjoy.

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Paul was sitting in his room, waiting for Vanessa and Jude to get back from a Dayspring run. Paul had decided he wanted to surprise Vanessa with a song, so he took what time he could to work on that.

They had a date tonight, so Paul was finding it a little hard to concentrate. He couldn’t believe that he had actually gotten the girl, it was like an actual dream.

As he worked on the song, he suddenly felt a little strange. All of a sudden, he saw the gates to a mansion, the gates said ‘Smith’ in ornate curving letters. The vision then zipped along the sidewalk, and into an alley, between a donut shop and a pizzeria.

Paul figured it was another crime, but then he saw himself, with a walker, talking to some girl, about his age. He saw she was wearing a name tag, ‘Anastasia’ it read.

Paul then fell back on the bed, exhausted. It was surprising how much these visions took out of him. Paul had left the walker by his bed for short night time runs to the bathroom, but he hadn’t used it extensively. He groped around next to him until he felt it. He hadn’t mentioned it to anyone, but he felt like his vision was actually getting worse. He could still only see a blur, but it seemed to be even less clear, which he didn’t think was actually possible until it was. He could still tell if there was a wall right in front of him, but his eyes weren’t much use beyond that.

He grabbed the walker and slowly felt his way along the walls to find the door. He had heard about counting steps a while ago, and decided to give it a try. Thusfar, it seemed to be working. He had been in and out enough that he had a loose idea of where he was going in this house.

He found the side door that they usually went through and stepped out onto the sidewalk. He thought about calling Jean, but he figured it was just a short walk. After all, if he doesn’t test his limits how will he find them?

The warm summer air washed over him. He took a deep breath, and breathed in all of the car exhaust, fast food, and maybe a hint of garbage. It smelled like freedom. He couldn’t remember the last time he had gone on an outing alone, and his heart began to race.

He continued along the same sidewalk until he encountered a fence. He heard cars whooshing by on the other side, and figured he had found the road. He groped the fence where the sidewalk ended and cut himself on some sharp metal. He eventually found some form of knob and it opened up the fence, so he set out onto the main sidewalk.

Cars continued to go by, and the people on the sidewalk seemed to be giving the mad man with a walker a wide berth. He had walked for a moment when he suddenly realized, he had absolutely no idea how he was going to get back into the gate. He figured he may as well do what he came for.

He encountered his first intersection and began to have second thoughts. He came to the realization that he had no way to tell when to cross. He was actually going to have to ask for help to cross the street like a little old lady.

“Excuse me!” Paul yelled in the general direction that he felt people going by.

After a moment, he heard a woman’s voice. “Hey, do you need help or something?”

“Yes, actually, I kinda realized that I need help to cross this street. I’m blind.” Paul chuckled nervously. It had been a while since he had been out on his own like this, but he vowed to do it again.

“Oh, sure, I’m headed that way anyways.”

“Thanks.” Paul sat there in awkward silence. “Broke my leg falling down the stairs. If you’re wondering.”

“Yeah I was a little curious about the walker, but I wasn’t gonna say anything. Where are you headed?” Her voice sounded kind and well-intentioned, it was lucky he bumped into someone like her.

This outing seemed to be going well. It was hard to believe that something as unremarkable as walking down the street was now a grand adventure. Paul began to think that maybe he had given up too much freedom. He made a note to bring it up to Jude.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to explain, but I’m headed to an alley between a donut shop and a pizza place. It’s straight along this sidewalk, but I’m not exactly sure where…” Paul realized that he should probably plan more before he left the house on a whim, as he had no way back and no clue where he was going.

“Oh, I know where you’re talking about! I can show you where it is. I’m actually headed to work there. At the pizza place, that is”

Paul was pleasantly surprised at his change in luck, he was curious what the girl in his vision meant. He figured he’d get there in no time at all with someone who knew where they were going. “Wow, that’s a crazy coincidence.”

“Yeah, weird. Oh, we can cross, it’s not too far from here. It’s just a couple of blocks.” She gently guided Paul along the crosswalk, and down the next couple of blocks. “Well, here’s your… Alley? What are you doing in the alley, dare I ask?” She laughed a little.

“Well, I’m meeting someone. It’s nothing sketchy, despite how sketchy it sounds. Thank you though!” Paul was admittedly a little sad to leave his walking companion, but this meeting felt important.

“Well, have fun with your meeting! Maybe I’ll see you around?”

“Maybe, have fun at work!” Paul headed into the alley. He figured he probably wouldn’t see her again, as he didn’t exactly leave the house much. He walked through the alley, brushing past various trash. He really hoped he didn’t step in anything. “Anastasia?” He figured he should probably check that she wasn’t already here, but he received no response, so he figured she wasn’t.

Paul stood there for a few minutes, not wanting to lean on a wall in case he leaned in something. After awhile, he began to question the accuracy of his vision. Maybe the girl had brought him to the wrong alley. Shortly after he began to doubt, he heard shouting from the street, and quiet sobbing which began to grow near.

“Hello?” Paul called in the direction of the sobbing. Maybe this was his girl?

“You’re still here?” It was the girl from earlier, but it sounded like she was crying now.

“Yeah, I’m beginning to wonder if my person is showing. You alright?” He wasn’t entirely comfortable consoling a crying person, but he figured he owed her a good try.

“Well, I just got fired, and I don’t know how I’m going to pay for my apartment.” She sniffled.

“Ouch, that bites, well I’ve not really got a way to get back home right now, so I guess we’re homeless buddies.”

“Yeah, guess so.” She laughed a little, so Paul figured he didn’t completely screw that up. “It sucks that your person isn’t showing. Who are you waiting for?”

“Oh, hey maybe you know her, I’m pretty sure her name’s Anastasia, and I think she works at the same place as you. Well, as you used to.” Paul chuckled nervously, he seemed to be doing his best to offend this poor girl.

“Oh, hey, my names Anastasia. Definitely not another there. Maybe you’re looking for me?”

“Oh wow, I didn’t even think of that!” Paul really couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of that, it was so obvious, it wasn’t luck, it was the prophecy! “So, here’s the deal. I’m not exactly sure why it is I’m looking for you… I work with Dayspring, and I get visions… And I saw us here.”

“Whoa, the Dayspring, like the superhero?” She seemed to have stopped sobbing, so Paul figured he accomplished that.

“Yup. The Dayspring. Do you mind if I take your hand for a moment? Sorry it’s the best way for me to get more specifics.”

“Oh, um, sure.” She sounded unsure, but she put her hand into Paul’s

This time, he saw her standing in the training room. Jude was there, off to the side, and so was Vanessa. Anastasia sent blasts of ice, soaring across the gym.

Paul stumbled back, but Anastasia caught him. He winced as his leg hit the ground, but he lifted it up quickly. He couldn’t help but notice that her hair smelled really nice, maybe pomegranate?

“Alright,” Paul started, as she released him, “So I think you have superpowers.”


“Yup, so how would you like to come train with us. Hey, we can offer you a place to live!” Paul then remembered that he had teammates that he needed to check with, but he figured the visions hadn’t been wrong before, and he definitely saw her there.

“That’s…” She paused for a moment, “Unbelievable… I guess I don’t have anything else going for me right now, so sure.”

“Alright, your training begins now!” Paul laughed, “Your first task is to help me find my way back home, and somehow inside the fence again!”

“Mission accepted!” She laughed, “Come on.” She led him out of the alley.



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Hey guys, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed. As promised, I’ve written the midseason recap, hopefully that will be of help to new readers.

Please, let me know if you have any thoughts about the season thusfar, or this part.

I really can’t thank all of you enough for sticking with me this far. You guys have already blown my original goals out of the water, and I really hope you enjoy this. Hope you had a wonderful week, and have an amazing weekend.

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