Earth 2: Part 27

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Anastasia led Paul down the street, the way they had come from, until they reached the intersection where she had found him. A car horn sounded in the distance.

“So where to from here? This is where I met you.”

“Alright, so there should be a mansion with a big metal fence and the gate says ‘Smith’. Can you find that gate?” Paul began to think about ways he could get in… He vaguely remembered being given some kind of gate code, but didn’t really remember what it was… Maybe 0578?

They walked another ways until Anastasia spoke again, “Alright, we’re by the gate, there’s some keypad here, do you know the code?”

“Try 0578.” Paul really hoped that was right, but the keypad beeped.

“Alright, that one didn’t work? Any other guesses?”

“Try 0857” Paul began to worry about how many tries he had before something happened, and once again the keypad beeped.

“Still no, any other guesses? You do actually live here, right?”

“Yeah…” Paul laughed nervously, “Oh I think it’s 4729!” Paul remembered that was definitely the code for something… or was that his social…

The keypad beeped twice as much as it had before and an alarm began to go off.

“Well, I guess that’s one way to get in… Don’t worry, Jean will let me in.” Paul was a little worried about pissing off Mr. Smith by tripping the alarm, but he figured he deserved one freebie.

“Oh, here’s a car driving up, maybe they can let us in.”

Paul’s heart fluttered for a moment, but then he heard the whirring and occasional kicking of Jude’s garbage car, and sighed with relief.

“Can I help you?” Vanessa had a particular distaste in her voice, which threw Paul off a little bit. “Wait… Paul? What are you doing out here? Who’s she?

“Hey, Vanessa! Glad you’re here, I’ll fill you in inside, just buzz open the gate.” Paul couldn’t wait to tell his friends about his vision, he felt like they’d really like Anastasia.

“Is she with you?” Vanessa seemed a little irritated.

“Yeah, of course. Just open the gate, I’ve got good news.” Paul excitedly tapped his fingers on his walker until he heard the gate slowly slide open, and followed the car to the garage. He then went with Vanessa to the living room, Anastasia following him close behind.

“Wow, this place is huge!” Anastasia sounded like Jude when he first got here, Paul was pretty impressed by the first vision he had of the track though.

When they reached the living room, Vanessa pulled Paul to the side, “Hey, Jude we’ll be right back.” She pulled him into the hallway. “Paul, who is this?”

“Her name’s Anastasia, she has ice powers. I had a vision of her, so I went to find her, she’s really nice. We have a new teammate!”

“Whoa, slow down!” Vanessa let out an exasperated sigh. “Okay… You just grabbed some random person from the street and brought her here?”

“No not random, I saw her in a vision, and then the vision came true. Funny story, she actually helped me find the spot where I thought I-” Paul started

“You can’t just go bringing people in! Besides, you shouldn’t be going out alone!”

“What’s the problem with her?” Paul was a little bit irritated now. “And I’m blind, not a toddler.”

“Paul… That’s not what I meant.” Vanessa sighed again, she seemed to do that a lot when she was mad. “She looks… Sketchy. Besides, I’d prefer it if you checked with us before you made additions to the team.”

“Wait… You’re saying she looks sketchy. Do you actually have a problem with her because she’s poor?” Paul admittedly had ridden the high horse before in his life, but he was knocked down a while ago.

“No! I can’t believe you’d say that!” She sighed once again, this time louder than the last. “I just don’t trust her.”

“Then trust me!”

“I do trust you… it’s just… Let’s just go in.” Vanessa stepped back into the living room and Paul followed.



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Thank you all for reading, I appreciate it a lot. I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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