Earth 2: Part 28

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Anastasia sat silently on the couch. She was trying to come to the grips that this room is probably worth more than her. Everything in here, from the velvet drapes to the couch she was sitting on, was probably worth more than the nicest thing she had ever owned. It was an unnerving thought, like you’re one sneeze away from financial ruin.

She tried to occupy herself thinking about the furniture, but the furniture clearly didn’t even want her here. She glanced over to Jude who was twiddling his thumbs, trying to pretend like he didn’t notice her.

“So… Uh, I’m Jude.”

Anastasia jumped. “Oh, um, I’m Anastasia.” She looked back down at the ground. She wondered what to say for a moment, but was interrupted by Paul and Vanessa walking back in.

“Hi, Anastasia, I’m Vanessa.” She said. Her voice was kind, but her face was more like someone being forced to give an apology.

Tears welled up in Anastasia’s eyes. She couldn’t believe she had let her hopes get up that high. Nobody here wants anything to do with her, and it would be easier if she just left. She tried her best to contain her tears, so that maybe Paul wouldn’t notice. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have come here…” She could only get that far before she ran out of the room, stifling her sobs.

She couldn’t quite remember where to go, but she just wanted to get far enough away. If she kept going she could find a door, and just run away. It dawned upon her that she had nothing to run to, but that thought was interrupted by a repeated squeaking noise.

“Anastasia!” Paul squeaked down the hall with his walker.

“I’m sorry, Paul… I just shouldn’t… I should’ve known this would be too good to be true.” She said between sobs.

“Hey. No, this isn’t too good to be true, because I swear, if I have to, I will train you myself!” Paul hit his fist against his walker for emphasis.

“Paul, they don’t want me here. I’m just some random poor girl.” It stang as she said it, but she knew it was true.

“No, you’re not random, my vision took me to you, you were the one who decided to help some confused blind guy at a street corner. And so what if you’re poor? Most of this team was poor until we got in here, now we’re just poor in a nice house. Now, I want to train you, are you in or not?”

Anastasia looked into his deep brown eyes for a moment, and wrapped her arms around him. Nobody had ever been this nice to her. Everything just melted away as she held him. She blushed as she pulled away, afraid she had held on too long.

“Alright, let’s go then.” Paul said, before taking off down the hallway.

Anastasia did her best to keep up. Her heart tried to escape from her chest as she entered the room behind Paul.

“Okay, listen up.” Paul pointed towards Jude and Vanessa. “This is Anastasia, and I’m going to be training her with or without you. I swear I will walk to an abandoned warehouse every day to train her if I have to. I’m-”

“She’s on the team.” Jude interrupted.

Anastasia thought she might burst. She wrapped her arms around Paul, and almost brought him down. “Thank you!” She said, breaking off.

“Alright, we’ve just got a couple of forms for you to fill out.” Vanessa rose from her seat. “This is an actual job, after all.” She looked less irritated, and gently put an arm on Anastasia’s shoulder, as she led her out of the room.



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