Earth 2: Part 34

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Vanessa paced around outside of Jude and Paul’s room. She knew she needed to clear the air, but that didn’t make it easy. Besides, it was obvious that Anastasia had a thing for Paul, but she couldn’t help but wonder what Paul would say about her bringing it up.

As she paced, she passed a large painting. Her great grandfather stared down at her, and his eyes pierced her soul. His military uniform was clean and crisp. The stars on his shoulders almost shined, even in a painting. He lead an army, and she couldn’t even have a hard conversation. She felt a wave of courage, and charged into battle. That is, walked over to Paul’s room.

She walked through their common area, and knocked on Paul’s open door. Paul was just sitting on his bed with headphones in. As Vanessa entered, he removed them. “Hey, Paul…”

“Hey, do you need something?”

“I just think we should talk, about the past couple of weeks.” Her nerves were fluttering. “I know I’ve been… Well, I just…” This was her chance to tell him what her issue with Anastasia was, but she was blowing it. She panicked for a moment and then sighed. “Paul, I’m sorry, I’ve been rude about Anastasia.”

“Well, thanks, but I think you should probably apologize to her for that.”

“Well, it’s not just that… I’m sorry I didn’t trust you” She hung her head. She had come here with a simple goal, and now she was just going to let it go. It probably wasn’t worth the conflict, and she probably should just trust him.

“It’s alright, come here.” He got up from his bed, and hugged her. “Listen, I’m sorry I didn’t check with you. It’s your house, and you’re a major member of the team. I shouldn’t make unilateral decisions, but I’m glad you’ve come around.” He paused for a moment. “Oh! Are we still on for tonight?”

“Totally, six o’clock right?” She had hoped that they would still be on, but they hadn’t talked about it much. They hadn’t really talked much really.

“Sure, I can actually do a little bit earlier tonight. I’m not gonna go with Jude up to Gainesville today.” Paul sat back down on his bed.

“Oh, okay. I’ve got a hair appointment, so I probably can’t do much earlier than six.” She looked down at her phone, and saw that time was catching up to her. “Oh, crap! I’ve gotta go, or I’m gonna be late. See you tonight!”

“See ya!”

Vanessa went back out into the hallway. As she passed the painting again, she almost ran into Anastasia. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest, and she glanced over to the painting for a stern motivator. “Oh, Anastasia! I actually need to talk to you for a second.”

“Oh, yeah? What do you need?” She looked almost startled that Vanessa had addressed her. Maybe she had been a bit rude.

Vanessa took a deep breath. “I’m sorry I’ve been really rude lately. It’s just I had this stupid idea that you had a thing for Paul. I don’t know where I got that from. So, I’m sorry.”

Anastasia laughed nervously, and looked more startled than before. “Oh, it’s alright! Yeah, no worries here. Strictly friends!” She put on a pained smile.

“Alright, I’ve gotta run, but good talk.” Vanessa turned away, and headed for the car. While she didn’t get to talk to Paul about it, she did get to talk to Anastasia. Not to mention, she could now take some satisfaction in her being right. She did figure that she was probably safe for the time being.



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Earth 2: Part 33

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Jeremiah sat on a wooden stool in Jamal’s kitchen. Everyone was sat on both sides of the bar, with him on the end. He sipped idly on a soda, while everyone else drank beer. He didn’t like to drink, after he saw what it did to his dad. Free pizza, however, was fair game. It wasn’t even bad pizza, it looked like Jamal had sprung for the good stuff.

He had been reluctant to come over, but now that he was here, he realized he missed his old crew. Not that he had ever done any crimes, besides speeding that is. He had tried a few illegal substances, but didn’t much care for them. He felt a little sick to his stomach, as he thought about what Jamal might have in mind.

As if on cue, Jamal called them all over to the living room. Jeremiah took a slice of pizza over with him. He was standing over a table covered in blueprints and various other papers.

Jeremiah looked them over, and it looked like a large house. Possibilities ran through his mind. Perhaps a burglary, or maybe even a hit. He wondered if Jamal would try to recruit him for a hit.

“Alright, so here’s the place.” Jamal gestured to the blueprints. “You guys will follow a set path, and we’ll clear it nice and quick. We can go over specifics in a bit.”

‘Clear it’ definitely sounded like a robbery, but then again, maybe he means hunting for a person. He vaguely recalled that a few TV shows used ‘clear’ like that.

“Isn’t this a bit risky? I mean, banks are one thing, but a mansion? That mansion?” Slim asked.

“What do you mean ‘that mansion’? What’s so special about it?” Jeremiah piped up. He wasn’t sure about the relative danger between robbing banks and mansions, but the way Slim said that made him nervous. He never much cared for Slim, he was always way too intense. Jeremiah made a mental note to talk to Jamal about that.

“Alright, this is the place where Dayspring and the Pink Girl are living.” Jeremiah’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. Jamal started to say more, but Jeremiah cut him off.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. We’re hitting a superhero’s mansion? That sounds like suicide!”

“You didn’t let me finish.” Jamal looked around to see if anyone else was going to interrupt him. “Tomorrow, they’ll all be out of town. Dayspring, Pink Girl, and the blind kid. The rich guy and the butler are gone too. The whole place will be empty for more than enough time. No danger.”

“Well, what if they come back early?” At least it sounded like a robbery, not a hit.

“Dude, you’re a super too! We’ve also got me and Deven. We have more supers than them, not to mention everyone else here. We can take them. Deven and I took them alone!”

Jeremiah went quiet, and let Jamal keep going. He supposed that he was a super. Even if he hadn’t used his powers to fight, it probably wasn’t that much of a leap. Not to mention he did need money. It sounded like Jamal had planned this out pretty soundly. He had a truck, he bribed security, and they had strength in numbers.

Jeremiah’s heart sank as he realized that he was about to be an accomplice in a felony. Possibly multiple, depending on how it goes.

His face must have shown it, as Jamal turned to him. “Look man, it’s just stealing some stuff from some rich guy. That’s all it is. Are you in?”

Jeremiah figured he was probably already guilty of some kind of felony just by being here and talking about it. He thought about how easy this would make starting his company, and setting his kids up for college. There was only one thing he could do. “I’m in.”




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Earth 2: Part 32

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Paul, Jude, Vanessa, and Anastasia emerged from the car, and stepped onto the curb. In front of them was a sprawling building with a large sign that read ‘Vanguard Place Mall’. They stepped through the sliding glass doors, and into the air conditioning.

The mall was bustling with people, and the group slipped into the stream of traffic. They maneuvered around varying stands of people selling everything from ice cream to drones. Jude felt strangely comfortable here, in this crowd. He was by no means a front page celebrity, but since he didn’t wear a mask, some people occasionally recognized him. In a crowd, he had a  sense of anonymity. They were eventually spat out near the food court, and sat down at a table. Jude sat across from Paul, with Vanessa and Anastasia on either side.

“So, what do you think?” Jude looked to Anastasia.

“Well, I guess we’re sitting somewhere noisy instead of at home?” Paul laughed.

Jude stifled a laugh and sighed, “I was talking to Anastasia, Paul.”

“Yeah, I’ve actually been here before.” She looked around the cafeteria. “Just once, with my mom.”

“Oh, what about your mom?” Paul asked. “You just haven’t mentioned her.”

Anastasia’s smile faded and she looked down at her lap. “Oh, um. She actually passed away.”

Paul’s face went red. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s alright.” Anastasia patted Paul on the arm. Jude stifled a laugh, as Vanessa grabbed Paul’s hand and moved over next to him. “Anyways, tell me about yourself, Jude. You said everyone had a ‘thing’, what’s yours?”

“Oh, well, I suppose besides being Dayspring…” He thought for a moment. He spent most of his time training, talking to Paul and Vanessa, or sleeping. “Well, I guess I collect comics. That’s a thing. I’m not heavy into it or anything.”

“Oh please.” He laughed and turned to Anastasia. “He has a filing system. They’re all in dust covers, and in mint condition. One time, I tried to read one, and I think if I wasn’t holding his comic, he might’ve incinerated me.”

“You folded the cover over!” Jude was laughing, but still wasn’t quite over it.

Anastasia laughed. “Okay, Paul, what’s your thing? Besides ruining Jude’s comics, that is.”

Paul thought for a moment, “Well, let’s see. I still play keyboard and bass, I write, songs and fiction, and other than that I guess I just watch movies and listen to podcasts.”

“Wow, I didn’t think you could do-” She cut herself off, and her face went crimson.

Paul turned towards her with mock indignation, “Didn’t think I could what?

“I’m sorry I didn’t meant to-” She started to stammer.

Jude couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore, and broke. “Come on, Paul. She’s new.”

Paul couldn’t contain himself either and burst out laughing. “I’m messing with you, I don’t care. I didn’t think I could still do things either for a while, but here I am. I learned and adapted.”

Anastasia buried her face in her hands and laughed. “Okay Vanessa, what about-”

Anastasia was cut off by a teenager walking by, “Dayspring!”

Jude sighed and put on a fake smile. It seemed he couldn’t just blend in with the crowd. He thought about trying to lie, but he seemed to know for sure. A lie likely couldn’t hold up to close scrutiny. “That’s me.” He got up from his seat.

The teenager walked over and stuck out his hand for a handshake. He was thin, but not scrawny. Upon further examination, he actually looked to be a little muscular. He had perfect skin, and brown hair. Dayspring shook his hand and nodded. “My name’s Nick by the way, huge fan.”

“Thanks, Nick.” Jude turned back to his friends, sat down, and hoped nobody else noticed.



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Earth 2: Part 31

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“Okay, now Anastasia.” Paul paced around the room. He was about to trip on a weight, but Vanessa stopped him. “We’re gonna try something more advanced.”

“Paul says that he saw you shooting ice projectiles in his vision, but let’s start with something a bit smaller than that.” Vanessa created a disk in her hand. “Both Jude and I have creation powers, we both started by just making something small. Just try to make a piece of ice in your hand.”

“Okay…” Anastasia concentrated on making a ball of ice, and in seconds, it was there. It was a perfect sphere, but the edges were rough and frosted over. She brushed off a bit of the frost and she could see through it. She tossed it in her hand for a moment, before willing it to disappear. She was speechless at how she could’ve created something like this. Up until a little bit ago, she had just been scraping by, an ordinary person with nothing special about her. Now she was a superhero. Well, a super at least.

“Very impressive, Anastasia. You’re a natural.” He laughed. “Since you did that so easily, lets move on.” He gestured to Vanessa.

“Alright, this task is simple enough. I’m going to make a target, and you try to hit it.” Vanessa produced a pink disk, and floated it over about twenty feet away from Anastasia. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Anastasia formed another ball in her hand, this one seemed easier than the last. She took aim, and chucked the ball overhand. The ball missed the target by a mile, and clanked as it bounced across the gym floor.

“Alright…” Jude began to pace around, thinking.

“Okay, try something for me.” Vanessa stepped forward. “Don’t create something and throw it, try to create it with momentum. Like this.” Vanessa leveled her arm and a disk came flying out, hit the target, and disappeared. “See how I didn’t throw it, but instead it went on its own.”

“Alright… I think I understand.” Anastasia took a step back, and leveled her arm. She concentrated, but nothing was happening. It was like she was trying to flex a completely different set of muscles. She began to get frustrated, but she paused and took a breath. She lowered her arm for a moment, but quickly raised it again. A ball of ice went flying across the room, straight into the target. The ball bounced for a bit, and then slid to a halt. “I did it!” Anastasia jumped with joy.

“Good job, Anastasia.” Jude patted her on the back. “I know that was a short training session, but that’s all we had for today. You really blew through it.” Vanessa smiled, nodded, and began to walk out of the room. Jude and Paul followed.

Anastasia ran behind to catch up. “So what do you guys do for fun around here? I mean, when you’re not training or hero-ing.”

The others stopped for a moment, and began to think. After a while, Jude spoke up. “Well, I guess we just hang out. Occasionally we go somewhere, and then we each do our own thing sometimes.”

“Well, do you guys want to do anything?” Anastasia asked.

“Well, I’ve got nothing else to do.” Paul shrugged. “You guys?”

Vanessa looked to Jude and shrugged. “Sure, I guess.”

“Cool!” Anastasia beamed. “So where to?”

“I guess we could go to the mall.” Jude said.

“Alright, I’ll get Jean to pull the car around.” Vanessa pulled out her phone and began typing away. She typed for a moment, and then began to meander towards the door with the others in tow.

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