Earth 2: Part 31

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“Okay, now Anastasia.” Paul paced around the room. He was about to trip on a weight, but Vanessa stopped him. “We’re gonna try something more advanced.”

“Paul says that he saw you shooting ice projectiles in his vision, but let’s start with something a bit smaller than that.” Vanessa created a disk in her hand. “Both Jude and I have creation powers, we both started by just making something small. Just try to make a piece of ice in your hand.”

“Okay…” Anastasia concentrated on making a ball of ice, and in seconds, it was there. It was a perfect sphere, but the edges were rough and frosted over. She brushed off a bit of the frost and she could see through it. She tossed it in her hand for a moment, before willing it to disappear. She was speechless at how she could’ve created something like this. Up until a little bit ago, she had just been scraping by, an ordinary person with nothing special about her. Now she was a superhero. Well, a super at least.

“Very impressive, Anastasia. You’re a natural.” He laughed. “Since you did that so easily, lets move on.” He gestured to Vanessa.

“Alright, this task is simple enough. I’m going to make a target, and you try to hit it.” Vanessa produced a pink disk, and floated it over about twenty feet away from Anastasia. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Anastasia formed another ball in her hand, this one seemed easier than the last. She took aim, and chucked the ball overhand. The ball missed the target by a mile, and clanked as it bounced across the gym floor.

“Alright…” Jude began to pace around, thinking.

“Okay, try something for me.” Vanessa stepped forward. “Don’t create something and throw it, try to create it with momentum. Like this.” Vanessa leveled her arm and a disk came flying out, hit the target, and disappeared. “See how I didn’t throw it, but instead it went on its own.”

“Alright… I think I understand.” Anastasia took a step back, and leveled her arm. She concentrated, but nothing was happening. It was like she was trying to flex a completely different set of muscles. She began to get frustrated, but she paused and took a breath. She lowered her arm for a moment, but quickly raised it again. A ball of ice went flying across the room, straight into the target. The ball bounced for a bit, and then slid to a halt. “I did it!” Anastasia jumped with joy.

“Good job, Anastasia.” Jude patted her on the back. “I know that was a short training session, but that’s all we had for today. You really blew through it.” Vanessa smiled, nodded, and began to walk out of the room. Jude and Paul followed.

Anastasia ran behind to catch up. “So what do you guys do for fun around here? I mean, when you’re not training or hero-ing.”

The others stopped for a moment, and began to think. After a while, Jude spoke up. “Well, I guess we just hang out. Occasionally we go somewhere, and then we each do our own thing sometimes.”

“Well, do you guys want to do anything?” Anastasia asked.

“Well, I’ve got nothing else to do.” Paul shrugged. “You guys?”

Vanessa looked to Jude and shrugged. “Sure, I guess.”

“Cool!” Anastasia beamed. “So where to?”

“I guess we could go to the mall.” Jude said.

“Alright, I’ll get Jean to pull the car around.” Vanessa pulled out her phone and began typing away. She typed for a moment, and then began to meander towards the door with the others in tow.

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Thank you all for your continued support. I really enjoy writing this, and I hope you enjoy reading.

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