Earth 2: Part 33

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Jeremiah sat on a wooden stool in Jamal’s kitchen. Everyone was sat on both sides of the bar, with him on the end. He sipped idly on a soda, while everyone else drank beer. He didn’t like to drink, after he saw what it did to his dad. Free pizza, however, was fair game. It wasn’t even bad pizza, it looked like Jamal had sprung for the good stuff.

He had been reluctant to come over, but now that he was here, he realized he missed his old crew. Not that he had ever done any crimes, besides speeding that is. He had tried a few illegal substances, but didn’t much care for them. He felt a little sick to his stomach, as he thought about what Jamal might have in mind.

As if on cue, Jamal called them all over to the living room. Jeremiah took a slice of pizza over with him. He was standing over a table covered in blueprints and various other papers.

Jeremiah looked them over, and it looked like a large house. Possibilities ran through his mind. Perhaps a burglary, or maybe even a hit. He wondered if Jamal would try to recruit him for a hit.

“Alright, so here’s the place.” Jamal gestured to the blueprints. “You guys will follow a set path, and we’ll clear it nice and quick. We can go over specifics in a bit.”

‘Clear it’ definitely sounded like a robbery, but then again, maybe he means hunting for a person. He vaguely recalled that a few TV shows used ‘clear’ like that.

“Isn’t this a bit risky? I mean, banks are one thing, but a mansion? That mansion?” Slim asked.

“What do you mean ‘that mansion’? What’s so special about it?” Jeremiah piped up. He wasn’t sure about the relative danger between robbing banks and mansions, but the way Slim said that made him nervous. He never much cared for Slim, he was always way too intense. Jeremiah made a mental note to talk to Jamal about that.

“Alright, this is the place where Dayspring and the Pink Girl are living.” Jeremiah’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. Jamal started to say more, but Jeremiah cut him off.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. We’re hitting a superhero’s mansion? That sounds like suicide!”

“You didn’t let me finish.” Jamal looked around to see if anyone else was going to interrupt him. “Tomorrow, they’ll all be out of town. Dayspring, Pink Girl, and the blind kid. The rich guy and the butler are gone too. The whole place will be empty for more than enough time. No danger.”

“Well, what if they come back early?” At least it sounded like a robbery, not a hit.

“Dude, you’re a super too! We’ve also got me and Deven. We have more supers than them, not to mention everyone else here. We can take them. Deven and I took them alone!”

Jeremiah went quiet, and let Jamal keep going. He supposed that he was a super. Even if he hadn’t used his powers to fight, it probably wasn’t that much of a leap. Not to mention he did need money. It sounded like Jamal had planned this out pretty soundly. He had a truck, he bribed security, and they had strength in numbers.

Jeremiah’s heart sank as he realized that he was about to be an accomplice in a felony. Possibly multiple, depending on how it goes.

His face must have shown it, as Jamal turned to him. “Look man, it’s just stealing some stuff from some rich guy. That’s all it is. Are you in?”

Jeremiah figured he was probably already guilty of some kind of felony just by being here and talking about it. He thought about how easy this would make starting his company, and setting his kids up for college. There was only one thing he could do. “I’m in.”




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Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed. I upload a new part every Friday at noon.

As it turns out, the hurricane completely missed me, so no damage there. Hope you all are equally unaffected, and I hope you have a great weekend.

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