Earth 2: Part 35

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Jamal sat in the cab of Jim’s moving truck. The truck rumbled and bounced along the highway.

“Your destination is on the right.” Jamal’s phone said, before he turned it off.

“Alright then. We’ll be in and out in no time Jim. Just swing down this service road and nobody will suspect a thing.”

Jim swung the truck down the road and put it in park. Jamal slid open the back door of the trailer and his motley crew stumbled out.

“You can ride in the back next time.” Slim jumped down from the truck and staggered over to a bush, he bent over for a moment before getting back up.

“Alright boys, you know the drill. I’ll take care of security systems, you lay low until I get back.” Jamal took off towards the side door.

Jamal really hadn’t taken the time to appreciate how nice this mansion was while he was casing it. The attention to detail was really there. He walked through a lovely garden on his way to the security keypad, and felt like Deven would love it. It even had a nice sturdy bench that could probably even bare Deven’s weight. Enough gardening, no time for that.

Jamal slowly approached the keypad and took a deep breath. He still didn’t like running on wires, but he knew he’d need to. Jamal took off the casing and touched the corners of the circuitry. His heart raced as his body turned to electricity and he ran along the circuitry. He first knocked out the cameras, then the door and window alarms, finally he looped a current to send a ‘just fine’ signal.

Jamal gasped for air as he popped out of the system where he had previously been standing. He felt like he had run several marathons in the course of thirty seconds. After he had caught his breath he went back to where his crew was standing.

“Alright, securities out, we still have a physical lock on the door though. Deven, you got it?”

“Sure. I can take off the door.” Deven said walking through the garden. He paused a moment to pick a rose, then with the rose in one hand, he ripped off the door with his other, then gently sat it down.

Jamal stepped through what remained of the doorway. “Alright boys! Spread out and take anything nice.” He then stepped into a side room as the rest of his gang spread out. Okay, now I just need to find out how they find out crime so quick, they must have a massive computer system somewhere, so I just need to find that. Jamal looked around the room, grabbed a fistfull of cables and turned to electricity.

Jamal ran along the current. Alright, a massive computer would take massive power, so I just need to follow the current to the most power. Jamal followed the current, letting it pull him along with it, until eventually it spat him out in a dark room. Jamal concentrated, and electricity arced between his fingertips, gently lighting up the room. He looked around and saw massive towers of servers. Jackpot.

Jamal walked among them, quickly jumping through them as he walked by. Each computer providing its own stash of valuable information. Jamal found power profiles of each of the people he had faced and even a few more that he hadn’t. He stumbled upon the kid in in the wheelchair’s power profile. This kid has prophecy powers, that must be how they find us!

Eventually, he encountered a locked sector in one of the towers. He slammed away at the encryption, but it seemed to meet him at every step, no matter how much headway he made it seemed like the computer was a step ahead. I need to go deeper. Jamal’s heart was already racing, his entire body felt like pins and needles. He screamed as he went deeper and ran through the encryption, his heart felt like it might explode, and his legs were twitching. Jamal saw what the computer had hidden so well and recoiled in horror.

Jamal shot out of the computer. Sparks flew, and smoke began to pour out of it. Jamal blacked out for a moment.

When he awoke, he was unsure of how long he had been out. He looked around the room and saw that the computer he was thrown out of was charred black. He took off running along the wiring towards the exit.



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Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. This past week I’ve begun to be more active on my twitter account. I’ve run into some interesting people over there, so give that a look if you’re so inclined.

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