Earth 2: Part 36

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Anastasia was sitting in Paul’s room, after Vanessa had left. She was playing around on Paul’s phone, and found the lack of entertaining options disappointing. A punk song played through Paul’s speaker system. Vanessa had been gone for a bit, but her perfume still lingered. Vanessa had seemed actually nice to her this time, then again, she had been wrong before.

Her reflections were interrupted by Paul coming out of the bathroom, and his walker creaking along the floor. She put his phone in her pocket for the time being. He was dressed in black slacks with a crimson button up. His hair was still messed up, though. “What do you think? Still like it?”

“Definitely. Just one more thing.” She got up from her chair and walked over to him. She ran her fingers through his hair. She moved her hands along his bangs, tucking them in along each other. She swept the rest of his hair to the side. She lingered for a moment, before removing her hand. “There we go!”

“I’ll take your word from it.” He laughed and fell back onto the bed.

“Don’t lay down in the shirt! You’ll get it dirty and wrinkled!”

“Fine,” Paul sighed. He got up and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing an undershirt underneath. He hung his shirt, then flopped back down onto the bed. “Happy?” He smirked.

“Yes.” Anastasia laughed. “Alright, I think you’re all set.” She sat down next to him on the bed.

“So-” Paul started, but he was interrupted by a loud crunch followed by a bang from outside. “What was that?”

Anastasia got up and walked over to the window, and peeked through the blinds. Outside she saw at least four men. One of them she recognized to be Metal Man, standing next to the discarded door. Her heart sank. “Paul, there’s a bunch of people. I think they’re breaking in, and I think one of them is Metal Man.”

“Shit…” He thought for a second. “We need to hide.”

“I’m gonna barricade the door!” She ran into the living room, and locked the door. She looked around the room for anything she could move, but almost everything in here was way too heavy for just her to move. Her eyes settled on a small four person table. It wasn’t much, but maybe it would hold them off for a second.

She tried to lift it, but it was a little too heavy and wide. She started to push it across the room, but as she did so, one of the legs made a loud skidding noise. Her heart sank, and she heard footsteps coming this way. She threw subtlety to the wind, and slammed the table against the door.

She grabbed one of the chairs that had been at the table, and barred Paul’s bedroom door with it. She saw Paul slide off of the bed, onto the floor of the side opposite to the door, and hunkered down next to him. “Okay, maybe that’ll hold…”  She tried to catch her breath, and leaned over onto his shoulder.

“It’ll be fine…” Paul put his arm around her. As he did so, he tensed up and his head fell back onto the bed. She could feel his heart pounding and his breath racing. After a moment, he looked back to her. “Okay… It’ll be okay… Anastasia, you need to keep your head. Don’t do anything you’ll regret, just keep your head. You’ll know what I’m talking about, there’s not time. Just promise me.” He took her hand.

As she held his hand, she could feel it shaking a little. She looked into his eyes, and saw a tear forming. “Okay. I promise.” She embraced him, and he wrapped his other arm around her. It was silent except for their breathing.



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Thank you all for reading! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, but I’m sure you’re all ready for the weekend.

I don’t want to make a habit of plugging my social media, but, as it’s still new, I’ll make and exception. Right now I only have a Twitter, but I’ve become active besides just blog links. I post occasional tidbits about my life, and I also interact with the wonderful writing community. If you’ve come from Twitter, welcome! I hope you’ll stick around.

I don’t have much in the way of announcements, but it looks like my other WIP might end up being a novel. More details to follow, hopefully.

I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you have an excellent weekend!

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