Earth 2: Part 37

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Jeremiah’s heart was pounding. At least, it would’ve been if he wasn’t consciously regulating his pulse to keep his cool. Jamal had said there weren’t people here, but as evidenced by the slamming in this room, Jamal was wrong. Jeremiah decided to assume that Jamal was wrong rather than lying to him.

“You gonna move so I can pick this lock?” Slim’s grating voice brought him back to reality.

Jeremiah moved to the side, and let Slim work. Had he known he would be partnered with Slim, he wouldn’t have taken the job, but Jamal kept that a secret until he had already committed.

“Done.” Slim removed a couple of sticks from the lock, and turned the handle.

Their progress was short lived, as the door slammed into something wooden on the other side. Whoever was on the other side had the good sense to barricade the door.

“C’mon, let’s just leave them be.” He didn’t sign up for these kinds of felonies. Stealing a little money from some rich guy is one thing, but what were they even gonna do with whoever was in there?

“For all we know, the shiniest thing in this house is behind this door. You gonna grow a pair and help me or not?” Slim put his shoulder to the door, but as his name implied, it didn’t do much.

Jeremiah shook his head and pushed the door open. On the other side of the door, he saw a table pushed against it. He looked around, but there wasn’t anything particularly nice. Just a lot of furniture, and a TV. Sure the TV is nice, but it’s not exactly a treasure trove. There were two more doors, one opened and one closed. Assuming the people here were smart, Jeremiah checked the closed door, and it was barricaded too.

Jeremiah walked over to the open door and peeked his head in. He sighed with relief, as he saw there was nobody in there. On the other hand, there really wasn’t anything worthwhile in here. There was a mannequin, which was weird, but there was nothing on it. He figured it might be worth coming back to, but he would decide that once he had cased the rest of it.

“Water boy! You scared or something?” Slim’s voice rang into the room.

Jeremiah returned into the larger room, and saw Slim wielding a broken table leg. “You’re gonna kill someone with that.”

“Just get the door open, Mr. Morality. This one’s blocked too.” He gestured towards it and stepped back.

Jeremiah gave the door a push, and it budged slightly. He peered through the crack; a normal kitchen chair barred it. While it was an effective way to block a door, no wooden chair was a match for a moderately overweight middle aged man. Jeremiah put his full weight on it, and there was a mighty snap, as the door swung open.

Time froze for a moment, as he stepped into the room. A teenage girl hid on the other side of the bed. This could be his daughter. He was terrorizing a kid. This was not part of the deal, and that deal had been getting worse by the minute. He then noticed a hunk of ice hurtling at him, but he melted it in the air.

There was a splash as the water hit the ground. Jeremiah was greeted by three more icicles in rapid succession, but quickly melted them. It looked like this girl had powers too. He needed to end this. “Stop, please, I don’t want to hurt you.”

The projectiles stopped, and all he could hear was their heavy breathing. He was almost pushed to the ground, as Slim plowed past him, and leapt over the bed brandishing his table leg. He almost connected with his target, but another person put himself right in the path. The boy slumped down on the bed.

“No!” The girl shouted and stood to her feet. She tried to fire more ice, but Jeremiah melted it immediately.

Jeremiah pulled Slim away, much to his protest. “If you don’t take that girl out, I will ruin you! I’m talking wife and kids!”

Jeremiah stared into the eyes of a scared little girl, and thought of his wife. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them she was soaking wet and unconscious.

Jeremiah hung his head. “Okay, what do we do with them?” He sat down on the bed.

“Well, they’ve seen us now. Not to mention we assaulted them. They go on the truck.” Slim got to his feet, and started to pick up the girl. “Unless you want felony charges that is.”



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Hello, all! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Hope you enjoyed this part. I’ll keep this week’s post-story message nice and brief, but have an excellent weekend. Until next time.

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