Earth 2: Part 38

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Anastasia rolled over in bed, but she found that position wasn’t particularly comfortable either. After trying a plethora of different positions, she realized that she wasn’t in a bed at all. It was very dark, and the room she was in was rumbling. It was also sweltering hot, and the air was barely breathable. She got to her feet, but was promptly swept off them, as the room moved.

She tried to remember where she was. She remembered being with Paul, and something happened. People broke in, and she tried to protect Paul. Two men busted into the room, and that’s all she could remember. “Paul!” she called out into the darkness, and her voice echoed back.

She heard the muffled sound of a car horn, but no reply. She groped around and felt something plastic and hard. It was quite large, judging by the perimeter. It was probably a TV. She figured that they robbed them while they were there, maybe that was their idea of a pretense. One thing was certain, she would get out, and they would pay.

Paul’s words echoed in her mind. ‘Anastasia, you need to keep your head.’

Anastasia took a deep breath of crisp air, and assessed her situation. She was in the back of a truck, probably. Paul was either here and unconscious, or somewhere else. It was dark, and she had no light.

She felt a buzz in her pocket, and realized she still had Paul’s phone. She pulled it out, and turned on the flashlight. The trailer was bathed in light, and Anastasia winced. The trailer wasn’t particularly big, and was really just filled with typical valuable items. There were some TVs, a cabinet, and a few storage containers.

She stood to her feet, and braced herself against one of the bars on the side wall. After a more thorough scan, she found Paul wasn’t there. Her heart sank. Paul was off somewhere with no phone, and was probably terrified.

‘Keep your head.’ his voice repeated in her mind.

For now she needed to not be wherever they were taking her. They were probably going pretty slow judging by the street noise around. She was almost thrown off her feet again, but this time she caught herself.

She shined her light on the plywood walls until she found the one that looked like the door. She edged around the clutter, without taking her hand off of the support. Eventually, she found herself at the door, and examined its opening. It looked like it opened in the middle, but she couldn’t find any clear way to open it.

She held on tight to the bar, and began to put her shoulder to the door. She pressed against the wood, and felt it press into her shoulder until it hurt. She swore under her breath, as she backed away from the door. She took another step back, and without taking her hand off the bar, she slammed the heel of her foot into the door. The bang echoed through the trailer, and she fell to the ground. She shined the light on the door, and found that she had made no difference.

She was on the clock now, the driver must’ve heard that. She stepped away from the door, stopping at the middle of the trailer. She decided that the physical approach might not be the best. She knew that her previous ice blasts wouldn’t be strong enough to do anything, but she had an idea. She figured that if she mixed Vanessa’s method of creating a disk with momentum, with her original idea of throwing it, that it might go faster.

She waited for the truck to slow to a halt, before taking a steady stance. She wound up, and lobbed a spear of ice straight at the center of the door. There was a crack as the doors flew open, and daylight flooded the trailer. She sprinted to the opening, and leapt off of the trailer.

She ran around a red sports car that was behind them, and onto the sidewalk. She needed to call someone, Jude, Vanessa, someone. For now though, she needed to get far away.



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Hello, all! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Personally, I had lots of ups and downs, but I think I ended on an up. Just so you know, this season of Earth 2 will have 50 parts. I will keep you posted when I decide what will be done after season one is over.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Until next week, I bid you adieu.


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