Earth 2: Part 39

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Jamal and Jeremiah stood around a manhole cover. The sun was beating down on his back, so Jamal was ready to go down down. He had to admit, he was a little excited to go into an abandoned sewer. All of these tunnels that might not have had people in them for decades, and he would be one of the first. He didn’t get to be first a lot, so he took it when he could.

“Alright, here’s your mask.” Jeremiah handed Jamal a mask with a fan looking thing hanging from the mouth. “You don’t need it now, but keep it on you in case there’s gases.”

Jeremiah bent down, popped the cover off, and slid it to the side. He turned on his head lamp, and started down. Jamal turned on his own light, slipped on Jeremiah’s spare work gloves and followed after him.

The rungs were actually dry, but the smell hit immediately. It actually wasn’t quite as bad as he was expecting, but even a little sewer gas is still too much sewer gas. After climbing down about fifteen feet, Jamal reached the ground. There was a damp looking canal, with a weathered brick walkway on either side. The tunnel went off one way for a while, then forked. The other direction lead straight on and into some light.

“Light at the end of the tunnel.” Jeremiah chuckled.

“Man, how many times have you said that joke today?” Jamal laughed. He didn’t usually go for dad jokes, but this was an exception. He was in a good mood.

“Every time I’ve gone down.” He started down the walkway towards the light.

After about five minutes of walking, they finally reached the light. The tunnel opened into a larger room, with a few lights set up. Wires ran sloppily up to the surface. A couple of people milled around the perimeter. In the center of the room, was the haul. A large pile of TV’s, cardboard boxes, art, and other random crap.

Jamal began to take inventory of what they got. This mansion must’ve had thirty TVs, not to mention creepy old paintings. The eyes of some war general stopped Jamal in his tracks. They looked deep into his soul, and told him that he was wrong. He turned it over so that it wasn’t facing him. This was his day, and he wasn’t about to be told otherwise by a dead guy.

Jamal rounded the back side of the pile, and his heart stopped. In front of him was the kid in the wheelchair. He was laying on the ground, unconscious in dress clothes. He looked to Jeremiah and tried to form a sentence but couldn’t. Jeremiah’s face went white.

“Why the hell is there a person here!” Jamal shouted. His voice echoed through the room, and all motion stopped. He crouched down and put his face in his hands.

Jeremiah stammered for a moment. “You said there wouldn’t be people… We panicked and threw them on the truck!” He backed away.

“There’s more than one!” Jamal felt his plan unraveling around him. What was going to be a simple heist had just turned into a death sentence.

“Well there was, but one of them got away…” Slim appeared from around the junk pile. He was keeping his distance.

Jamal sent a blast of lightning into the wall, leaving a charred black spot. He panted, and looked around at his crew. He felt a pressure in the back of his head as the stress built. He stormed off to one of the side tunnels of the room.

He heard Jeremiah’s voice calling after him. “Keep a lid on the lightning in the tunnels. It could explode!”

Great, he couldn’t even vent. He needed a plan and he needed one fast. It was only a matter of time before these supers got pissed. A robbery was one thing, but kidnapping the blind kid? This was about to go south quick. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t; maybe what he read was wrong. He knew this wasn’t the case, but it was nice to think about.



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