Earth 2: Part 40

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Vanessa sat in a salon chair as Phillip attended to her hair. She’d had a long few weeks, and nothing was more therapeutic than scissors running through your hair and good old fashioned crap talk. She was already almost done with her appointment, but she had only gone through the surface of her various grievances.

“So today I gave her the what’s what. I mean really, you can’t be that handsy with someone else’s boyfriend. It’s not like they’re long time friends or anything, they just met.” She sighed. At least there wasn’t any real danger from her, but it was more of the principle of the thing.

“You’ve gotta shut that down! Don’t take that from anyone.” Phillip span her chair around so that she was facing the rest of the salon. “You’re not crazy, I’ve been in your shoes. Everyone said ‘Phillip it’s fine, you’re overreacting, they’re just friends’. Two weeks later, I’m single and they were off together happy as can be.”

“See, I feel like I’m the only one who sees this. I mean-” She was cut off by a pop song blaring from her phone. Which was weird, because that was Paul’s ringtone, and he basically never uses his phone. “Sorry I have to take this, he never calls.”

“You’re good, I’m gonna step out for a second.” Phillip went off towards the back of the store.

Vanessa worked her phone out of her pocket and answered. “Hello?”

“Vanessa?” Anastasia sighed, “Listen, I’ve been trying to-”

“Why do you have Paul’s phone?” She couldn’t believe this. She had thought they had come to some kind of understanding, but evidently not. Vanessa took a deep breath. Maybe there was a reasonable explanation for this.

“I’ve been trying to call Jude, but he won’t pick up.” Now that she talked more she sounded out of breath. “People broke into the house, and-”

“What?” She said a little louder than she intended. She caught a few glances from other patrons, and switched her voice to a whisper. “Where are you? Where’s Paul? Put him on.”

“Okay, I’m not quite sure where I am…” She hesitated. “Paul isn’t here, they took us and-”

“They took Paul? Why did you let them take Paul?” Her heart stopped, and she jumped up from the chair and threw off the styling cape. She was afraid something bad had happened, but this was something awful. This was beyond the treatment capabilities of a deep breath. She was no longer catching glances, everyone stopped what they were doing and outright stared.

Anastasia stammered for a moment. “They took both of us! I got away I don’t know where Paul is! Wait… I think I know where I am.” A car horn sounded over the phone.

“Great! You lost Paul, but you know where you are!” She scoffed.

“Just call Jude and I’ll meet you at the house.” She hung up before Vanessa could get a word in.

“Don’t you hang up on me!” She looked at her phone for a moment and threw it on the ground. The clatter of plastic on tile echoed through the shop. She looked around at the salon and noticed that it had gone silent. Every eye was affixed on her.

The bell dinged as Jean and Phillip slowly entered the shop. “Everything alright?” Jean asked.

“No! Anastasia says someone took Paul, and then hung up. We need to get to the house.” Vanessa went out the door to the car. “Sorry Phillip!” She called back as the door closed.

Jean reached into his wallet and handed Phillip a wad of bills, before running after her.



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Thank you for reading! Right now I’m working on a blog post to keep you in the loop with what’s going on. This season is drawing to a close now, and I’m super excited to tell you about what’s coming next.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, and I wish you a good weekend. Until next time!

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