Earth 2: Part 42

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Jean slammed the car into park and got out of the car. He wasn’t just a personal assistant, he was also over the rest of the staff, including security. A breakin meant that they all simultaneously failed at their jobs, and that was not something that he took lightly. Vanessa ran off, and Jean walked up to a man waiting by the door.

“Alright Mr. Reid, fill me in. What have you gathered since I called?” Jean asked.

“Well, eye-witness saw a truck from Freeman’s moving service. He said there were other trucks, but that was the only one he could identify.” He thumbed through a notepad for a moment, and put it in his pocket.

“Alright, Reid, you go examine where Mrs. Newton escaped from the truck. Corner of Marbury and Madison. I’ll see to Freeman’s moving service.” Jean revelled in the one benefit of this superhero business, he didn’t necessarily have to wait around for the police. He was finally able to take care of things.

“Right away.” Mr. Reid ran into the house.

Jean debated following for a moment, but decided against it. He had been informed enough of the state of the house. This was a more urgent matter. After a cursory search for the company, he got in the car, and peeled out of the driveway.

Within minutes he pulled into a parking spot outside of a warehouse. It was large enough to hold several trucks, but only barely. Potholes and cracks were all over the lot. He examined a couple of the trucks, and noticed that a few of them had the logo of the company covered. He turned his attention to the faded brown tin warehouse.

He walked into a sparsely furnished ‘lobby’, and approached the desk. There were a few folding chairs lining the walls, and the desk appeared to be particle board with a faux wood covering. On the desk sat a metal bell next to a sign that read ‘Ring bell for service.’ Jean obliged the sign and rang the bell.

A middle aged balding man walked into through an open door into what must have been storage units. “Freeman’s, can I help you?” As the man approached, Jean noticed the distinct aroma of sewer gas.

“Hello, I’m representing a private interest, and I’d like to take a look around.” The downside to not using the police, is nobody is obliged to help you or answer questions.

“Is your private interest looking for moving or storage?” The man raised an eyebrow.

“Have you made any pickups today?” Jean had to coast on raw charisma and intellect, which more or less meant intellect.

“We make pickups all the time, it’s kind of our business. Why?” The man looked increasingly uncomfortable.

“Anything off of Old Main?” Jean hoped that by grilling the man about the general area of the mansion, he might crack.

The color drained from the man’s face. His mouth hung open for a moment. “Come back with a warrant.” He went back through the door, but that was all Jean needed.

As he was walking back to the car, his phone began to vibrate. It was Reid. “Hello?”

“Sir, we’re here, but all we can find is tire tracks onto a back road. Nobody saw anything either.”

“Look for ways into the sewer, that may be where they moved the goods. The whole place reeks of it.” Jean hadn’t had a proper opportunity to work his investigative skills before. While this was an unfortunate circumstance, he did enjoy handling it. “I need to stop by the house, but I’ll join you when I can. See you then.”

“I’ll call if anything of note happens.” The phone clicked off.

Jean sped home with one thing on his mind. He hadn’t thought of this before, but this could’ve been a more strategic attack than he had thought. He pulled up his phone once he connected to the system, and his worst fears were confirmed. He called Mr. Smith, but it went to voicemail.

“Mr. Smith, the situation is wider reaching than we had thought. Project Cognus may be compromised. Call me immediately.”



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Hello, all! This was something of my first dive into writing mystery, even if it is just a short bit. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, however you celebrate it, assuming you’re american. If you’re not American, I hope you had a wonderful Thursday!

Until next time!

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