Earth 2: Part 46

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Paul awoke on a cold hard floor. Immediately he noticed the smell of sewer gas, and almost gagged. Wherever he was was lit and vaguely brown. He felt a dull throbbing pain in his head, as he sat up against something hard.

Suddenly, he saw a large room. The walls were made from tan bricks, and in the center was a large pile of stuff. His view rounded the corner of the pile, and there he saw Jude standing next to Anastasia. The seemed to be talking to a black man, who was leaned up against the wall. His vision flickered, and the man had a large gash in his side. It was pouring blood. The man locked eyes with Paul, and he found himself back wherever he was before.

“Shit…” Paul muttered. He had hoped his warning to Anastasia would be enough, but it wasn’t. “Electrified!” His voice echoed through the room.

Footsteps echoed in answer. “You’re awake.” A man said from his right.

“Is that you?” Paul looked over, and could faintly recognize a humanoid shape. His vision had definitely deteriorated.

“The one and only.” He didn’t have the enthusiasm that Paul had imagined, maybe he had realized what was going to happen.

“Okay, you’re the last hope. You’re the only one that can stop this. You need to surrender, put up the white flag.”

He laughed, “Sorry, I can’t do that. Besides, they haven’t found me yet.”

Paul’s heart sank, he’d had a faint hope that he would listen, but he couldn’t give up that easy. “Listen dude, as of right now, this goes only one way. You dying. I get visions, and trust me, that’s what happens.”

“And what would you have me do? Turn myself in? Throw Deven into prison?” He began to raise his voice.

“Go anywhere else besides here. Run away, start a new life, whatever. Just don’t do this.” Paul pleaded. He couldn’t let Anastasia kill him, he had to convince him.

“Look, I’ve thought this through. This is the only way I can get out of this on top. If I run away, he’ll find me. You know he will.” He paused for a moment, and the figure crouched down near Paul. “Look, this wasn’t a part of the plan. We aren’t good people, but this wasn’t how it was supposed to go down. One mistake and it all goes to shit.”

“I could make a deal with them. You could get off easy. They might let your friend go.” He reached his hand over towards him, and found his shoulder. “Deven, right? Is that the metal guy?”

“They won’t make a deal, I’m not willing to hang this on a might. I might die, sure, but he’ll be fine. If I win, we’ll make our getaway, and never be seen again. If I lose… Well I have a plan for that too.” He sat down on the ground next to Paul.

“Please… You will die, and I can’t just let that happen.” He had to be careful of what he said. He didn’t want to tell him who kills him, since he might take care of the problem.

“I appreciate the concern, but you didn’t just let it happen. There is nothing you could do to convince me.” He patted Paul’s shoulder. “I have one job here, and that’s to take care of Deven. I already screwed up, and I’m gonna make sure he’s okay. Me? I’m just an afterthought.”

Paul felt tears welling up. “I’m scared of what will happen to her if she kills you.” His heart skipped a beat, as he realized he was confiding in a wanted felon.

Electrified was silent for a moment. “In your vision… Is Deven okay?”

“Yeah. I think so.” He sniffled. “Electrified?”

“My name’s Jamal.” He chuckled. “You guys gave me the worst name ever.”

“Jamal, good luck.” Paul’s heart sank as he realized that he had failed. Nothing he could do would change this outcome, and Anastasia would become a murderer. Even knowing the end of the story, he still wasn’t good enough.

His headache came back, and he felt suddenly tired.



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Thanks for reading! I’ve been moving this week, so I’ve been slammed with stuff to do, but it’s finally slowing down. Just in time to get slammed by the holidays!

I’m presently also working on what happens after this season is over. Season referring to this arc of the story, and not the holidays. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’m drafting a blog post discussing what will happen after part 50. I’m very excited about things to come!

I wish you a happy christmas, and I hope whatever you have planned goes well.

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