Earth 2: Part 47

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Jeremiah stood in the trench of a sewer tunnel. It was dark, but with enough time he had acclimated. Water flowed past his feet, up to his ankles. It had taken a lot of effort to get even that much, and sweat flowed down his face. It still smelled bad, but his nose had grown accustomed to it.

His heart was racing. He knew this was wrong, he knew it from the start, but he needed the money. He thought things were gonna be set, but now everything was ruined. For a moment, he blamed Slim, but that moment passed. While he still hated him, this situation was his own fault. Jamal had put on a brave face, but he couldn’t have thought this would work. Even if everything worked out on Jamal’s end-

His thoughts were interrupted by footsteps. They were coming. They weren’t even thirty seconds off. He had thought his heart was racing before, but now it was in overdrive. He stretched his arms, and took a firm stance.

Before he had anticipated, a hovering figure emerged from the darkness. “Step aside.”

“S-Sewer gas!” Jeremiah stuttered. “You can’t light up, or it’ll explode!” His knees were shaking. Even he wasn’t convinced. While it was possible, it was highly unlikely that anything would explode.

Another figure caught up with the first, this one walking. The hovering man began to glow faintly, just enough to light the area. His dark skin contrasted with his white robes and the light emerging from him. “Last warning. Anastasia?” Dayspring gestured his companion forwards.

Jeremiah’s heart sank, as he recognized her face. This was the girl from the mansion. He took a step back. “P-please. I don’t want to-” He felt his ankles growing cold and stiff. He noticed crystals of ice forming, and promptly melted them.

“Then step aside.” She looked down at his feet with confusion, then back up at him.

“I can’t. Please, just-”

He was cut off by a sphere of ice. The girl had pitched it at him. He melted it, mid-flight. Cold water splashed over his front. His whole body was shaking now. He wasn’t made for this. This was all wrong. He took another step back.

They repeated the song and dance several more times, each yielding the same result. He needed to do something, but he couldn’t bring himself to advance on her. She paused her assault, and they locked eyes. He wondered if she recognized him.

He needed to press, but still couldn’t. It wouldn’t be making it right. It would be making the same mistake again. He didn’t care what would happen. He would stay defensive, and stall for time.

He saw her body tense, as she drew back. She hurled another ball of ice. This one was bigger than all the last. He squinted, and felt the cold water spray over him again.

This was followed by a sharp pain in his chest. There was a crunch. The breath was knocked out of his lungs, and he fell backwards. He felt the impact of his head on the brick floor, but not the pain he had expected. Everything began to go hazy. His chest stang where he had been struck.

Water rushed over his face, and he tried to sit up. He was met with intense pain in his sternum. He caught a glimpse of the girl’s face, and knew he had made the right call.

He felt himself being lifted from the water, and everything went black.



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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Fight scenes don’t exactly come naturally to me, but I felt good about this one. We’re just 3 parts away from the end of season 1! I’m very excited for the ending, and for things to come.

Happy new years!

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