Earth 2: Part 49

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Vanessa gripped the roof handle of the car, as Jean flew around a curve and squealed to a halt. They had made it to the sewer, likely not too far behind Jude and Anastasia. She jumped out of the car, and looked around. Light rain fell onto her uniform. There was a manhole, with the cover thrown to the side. She looked behind her, and saw Jean getting out of the car.

“Don’t wait for me! Go!” Jean shouted, as he clambered out.

Vanessa hesitated for a moment, but her resolve held. She descended the grimy ladder, and found herself ankle deep in sewer water. It was dark and the smell was horrendous, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. Electrified had taken Paul and humiliated her, and she wasn’t going to let him win this time.

She took off running, not checking to see if Jean was still behind her. The smell faded relatively quickly, and an aura of determination took its place. She hadn’t been going for long when she came across a man lying in her path. He was a large middle aged man, and was completely soaking wet. He wasn’t with her or Jude, so he must be with them. His chest was bloody, but he seemed to be moving. A swift kick to the head knocked him out… Probably.

She felt uneasy, as she stepped over him. The thought entered her mind that he could’ve been just some guy, but she pushed it back. He was injured, which meant he put up a fight, which meant he was no good. The uneasiness was pushed back with a tidal wave of anger. Electrified and his whole crew could die for all she cared. They preyed on the weak, like that man who had attacked her a few months ago, and they were standing between her and Paul.

She took off running towards a light. She sprinted the whole way there, and came to a halt as she entered into a much larger room. Jude ducked out from behind a pile of stuff, which upon further inspection proved to be her stuff, and a blast of lightning narrowly missed him. He didn’t notice her, or if he did, he didn’t acknowledge her entrance.

She ran forwards between piles and saw Electrified, Metal Man, and Paul. Paul leaned against a wall, motionless. She took a stance and readied a pink disk. She was stopped in her tracks, by a familiar portrait of her great grandfather. Once again, its eyes looked into her soul. She faltered for a moment. Before she could think, Electrified jumped back, and lighting hurtled towards her. Only this time, she didn’t freeze. There was a loud explosion as lightning bounced off of a large pink wall, into a pile of junk, followed by the shattering of ice on concrete.

She stared at Electrified, and time froze. Her whole body shook with anger. This was the man who robbed banks, and used innocent people as hostages. The was the man who put her in the hospital, and nearly killed her. This was the man who abducted her boyfriend, no doubt for leverage. This was the man who just tried again to kill her. This was no man, this was an animal, and his reign of terror had come to an end.

She hurled a red disk, full of anger and revenge at him. This was for Paul, for her, and for all of the people who were tired of being pawns in someone else’s game.

The disk sliced into his abdomen, and he fell to the floor.




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Keeping the end message short and sweet this week. Hope you enjoyed, and I wish you a good weekend. Next week is the final part of this season!

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