Hello, everyone. Sorry if you were expecting a real post. I just thought it would be fitting to do this on a Friday at noon. While it’s been a blast to run this blog for the last year, I think it’s time to take an actual break. Not sure how long this break will last. It’ll be long enough to build up an adequete backlog at my own pace, or possibly just indefinite. I might upload short stories and the like through the hiatus, but I make no promise on schedule. I think season one is a more than adequete ending for the series, if you feel you need such. If there is sufficient demand, I might write a new epilogue that ties things together rather than exposes loose ends.

Personally, if I had followed a blog this far, only to have it I’d want some kind of explanation, so I will do my best to provide one.

Firstly, season 2 has honestly been really hard to write. The ideas aren’t flowing like they used to, and I wasn’t able to work up any real backlog. I’m excited about broad ideas and characters, so I might come back to it, but I think I need to let this project cool off for a while.

Secondly, I’m in school. Without a backlog like I had before, it would be really tough on me to keep up with an upload schedule frequent enough for me to find it worth doing. On top of that, roundabouts mid season and onwards, my school schedules going to get way crazier. If I’m not feeling it, I won’t find time for it, and would inevitably sputter out mid season. I think that ending it at season one, if it comes to ending it, would be more satisfying than being halfway through a new season.

Lastly, views. Don’t take this as begging for more views, or accusing you of anything. I am owed nothing, I myself have had trouble keeping up with reading serials. However, honestly, basically nobody is reading. Now when I started this, I wanted to just have 5 people regularly reading my stuff, but I don’t even really have that anymore. If I felt like someone cared, I would be more hesitant about taking a break. However, given viewership, I have difficulty believing anyone does. If you honestly care, let me know. If sufficient demand is kicked up, the hiatus will likely be brief. Once again, not begging for likes, views, or sympathy.

Now, if you are interested or concerned in what will happen to the blog during the hiatus, it will stay up. I’m really proud of what I did, and have no intention to take it down. I might decide to drop the premium plan, or I might not. That’s something for me to think on during the hiatus. I very well might just throw some random short stories on here, as stated earlier. If you’re currently following, and actually like my stuff, probably worth staying that way in case. Additionally, not to keep plugging my twitter, but I plan to remain as active as I’ve ever been on there, if you would like to keep up with me.

Thanks for all of the words you’ve read of mine, and for being with me through my first completed project (I’m willing to call season 1 a completed project). I hope I’ll see you all again one day.

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