Surprise blog post about Netflix

Netflix’s selection is getting worse. You’ve noticed it, I’ve noticed it, we’ve all noticed it. This is the same for whatever other platforms you may choose to use. I have a calculus test in like 30 minutes, so I’m not gonna do some super long blog post about it, but you should really please take the time to watch this video. Heck, to give you some incentive, if you comment that you watched this, with maybe just some brief summary, I’ll follow your blog.

Now for my old people that are still following, I’m not back. Sorry. I’m about to take organic chemistry 1 and 2 this summer, so I won’t be back for a bit, if I do come back that is. At this point, it’s looking like I will, but I just need some time.

Thanks for reading, if this gets any attention, I’ll do a longer blog post about it. Love you lots, and have a wonderful week.


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