The River

Morgan sat in the dirt, on a bank of the river Chattahoochee. Her surroundings were dimly lit by her kerosene lantern. There was something tranquil about the sound of trickling water, with the backdrop of the woods. It was like a concert, with a thousand crickets and fireflies joining her in the audience, all gathered to watch the famous Chattahoochee play one more song.

In truth, she wasn’t only here for the river. She camped a lot, and wasn’t too picky where she did it. Any sounds were better than the ones she could hear back home. She didn’t have it as bad as other people she knew, but things at home were still tense. It was like she’d outstayed her welcome, which she supposed she had. It wasn’t her fault she couldn’t get a good enough paying job with her bachelors, and she was almost out of grad school, so everyone put up with her. It was clear they were ready for her to move on, though.

She felt quite lonely when she was at home, which was funny considering the number of people living under that roof. She never could really relate to them, though. She had always been different somehow. They had lived in the same house in the same town for generations, and they were content to continue doing so. That was good enough for them, and she didn’t hold it against them, but it wasn’t good enough for her. She’d always dreamed of more. Right now it was like someone had built a dam, and her current just kept circling around, pooling up. Sure some of her dreams managed to pass the dam, but that was all they were, dreams. She knew one day she’d break through, at least that was what she told herself.

She looked out through the treeline at the moon. It was full tonight, and it looked huge, even for a full moon. She wondered if it was one of those super moons she had heard about, or if she just hadn’t really taken in a good view of the moon in a while.

She was pulled out of her meditation by the sound of a car horn in the distance. She turned her head towards the direction of the sound, and heard some kind of collision. She started to grab her lamp, when she noticed a green light on the horizon. It looked like the aurora, but it was moving like a wave. It was moving in her direction.

She stared into its majesty, and took a couple of steps back. She felt the Chattahoochee lapping at her heels. A new performer had arrived, and the river was not to be outdone. The river sang, as the green light danced forwards. It was truly like nothing she had ever imagined before. She took a deep breath as the light danced around her, then everything went dark.

She felt her very essence being scattered, and wondered if she had died. If she had, she figured it would be alright. After all, she wasn’t exactly living the big life, nobody would miss her too badly, and she had just witnessed the performance of a lifetime. She dismissed this thought, however, as a new sensation replaced her sight.

She felt a sense of momentum, and unity. She rushed along the sand, occasionally sweeping up sediment. She felt water cascading all around her, and she felt herself cascading around the water. A tadpole’s mouth opened wide, and she coursed into it. She began to flow through its body, and felt its plight. Elsewhere, a rock approached, and it kindly gave her a boost into the air. The air sailed around her, and took her hand.

She began to twirl off into the sky, in a dance with the air, as she also coursed down the banks of the Chattahoochee, and through the veins of a hundred creatures. She was finally leaving her home town. She was also remaining in her home town. She could be with her family and a thousand miles away at the same time. She felt the dam shattering around her, and all it had taken was a gentle push from a gorgeous dancer.



Hey everyone! First thing I’ve written in like 3 weeks, since I’ve been out of commission with something going on. Hope you enjoy. Just a cool idea I had and typed up.

If you don’t regularly read me, now’s a great time to check out my serial, Trials.

(Art credit: WordPress Free Photo Library)

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