Origins: Recap

Spoilers for Origins (AKA Earth 2: Season 1). If you’d rather read it, here is the first part.




Vanessa looked out the window, and watched the blue ocean waves lap at the beach. The sole occupant of the beach paced along with his head on a swivel. She wondered how much longer he was going to take. So much had happened, and at the end of it all, he was all she had. She laughed a little, but it was hollow.

She heard footsteps approaching and jumped a little bit. The man was still pacing the beach. She groaned and laid back in her chair.

A man entered the room. The same man that paced the beach at that very moment, in fact. He wore a Hawaiian shirt, a black backpack, and beige cargo shorts that seemed to complement his red skin very nicely. His sunglasses were perched just in front of the curved goat horns that emerged from the top of his head.

“Hiya!” He smiled, as he made his way to the chair in front of Vanessa.

“Do you know how long I was staring at you on the beach, thinking that was you?”

“Oh, he’s running security. We swap every day. I wear floral shirts, and he wears tikis.” He rifled through his book bag, and pulled out a small notebook and pen. “Now, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I have something I’d like to try today.”

“Why do I have a feeling that you have a clone somewhere watching real therapy sessions around the clock?” Vanessa laughed.

Caveat looked briefly to the side. “Anyways, enough about me. Let’s talk about you.” He leaned forwards in his chair. “I want you to run me through everything that’s happened, from the beginning, like I know nothing about anything.”



“Alright…” Vanessa sighed and sat back in the couch. “I think my story really starts a little after the green light, since I didn’t know I had powers until Paul and Jude told me.

“I was living with my dad, and taking a ‘gap year’, which more or less meant sitting around doing nothing. I went out for a run, when some crazy guy pulled a gun on me, and dragged me into some warehouse.” Vanessa shuddered as she recalled the terror she felt, but pushed on. “He tied my arms around a beam or something. I wanted to do something, but I just… Couldn’t. My body wouldn’t do anything. Then Jude busted in and saved me. He rode in the ambulance with me, and kept me company in the hospital until my dad got there. He asked if he could call a friend to the hospital and have him meet me, which I thought was a little weird, but I said sure. That’s when I met Paul, and I really think that’s when I fell in love. He told me I had powers, and that they wanted to train me. My dad wasn’t for it, but I harassed him into it. I guess he was right in the end really.” She looked off at the ocean for a moment, before turning back. “Anyways, that was the day my story really began. One hell of a day.”

“That sounds like a lot.” Caveat nodded, as he penned some notes. “How long had Jude and Paul been doing the superhero thing at that point?”

“Ummm…” She thought for a moment. “I don’t know exactly, but I think they were still pretty new. They were on the news a little bit, so I knew who Jude was before he saved me.”

“Interesting…” Caveat wrote something down, then looked back up. “So, what happened next?”

“Let’s see… I trained for a little bit, got better acquainted with Paul and Jude. I figured out what my powers were, or at least the basics of them.” She nodded. “I did a little bit of super-heroing… Oh yeah! That’s when Paul broke his leg.” She laughed a little, but stopped herself. “He was so determined back then to not accept any limits. He tried to go downstairs at night, but fell and broke his leg. He was in a wheelchair for the next few months, if I recall correctly.”

“So you helped him through that?”

“Yeah…” She pushed back tears, and took a moment to collect herself. “That was the same day that we fought Jamal and Deven for the first time. Paul had a vision, so Jude and I went to stop a bank robbery.” She chuckled. “You know, I think that money was insured, and I don’t think they even would’ve hurt anyone if we hadn’t showed up, so I’m not sure what the point was…” She was quiet for a moment. “Anyways, we went in, and got into a standoff. I don’t even remember the exact order, but I think I tried something, or maybe it was Jude… Anyways, Jamal got me, and I woke up in the hospital. I had an electrical burn from my arm up to my face. My arm still doesn’t quite work the same.” She swung her arm a little bit to feel it. It was subtle, but something definitely changed. “The day wasn’t all bad, though, when I came to Paul and I talked and decided to start dating.”

“I see…” Caveat nodded, and flipped to a new page.

“Things were going well after that. I think that’s probably one of the happiest times of my life, until Anastasia showed up.” Her tone was a little more harsh than she had intended. “I don’t really hold it against her now, but I suppose it’s a little late for that. Anyways, Paul showed up with some stranger in a fast food uniform, and insisted she be able to join the team. As it turns out, she had ice powers. She blitzed through her training, and was a full fledged part of the team, much to my chagrin at the time. She was clearly infatuated with Paul, and I felt like she was trying to cut me off from him.”

“So you felt like she threatened your happiness and stability?”

“More or less. I think she really did, though it wasn’t her fault. She and Jude went out on a couple of Dayspring runs, until the day finally came. Jude was up in Gainesville for something, I think he was going to a school. I was getting my hair done, and Paul and Anastasia were at the house. I got a call from Anastasia, on Paul’s phone, saying he got kidnapped, and that there was a robbery. Jean drove me back, with half-way cut hair, and we regrouped. Jean did some detective work, while we waited for Jude, and figured out where they probably were. They had stashed the stuff they stole, and Paul, in the sewer. I was honestly terrified, after what happened last time. I hadn’t done any superhero stuff since then, and this was the guy that messed me up so badly last time. Jude and Anastasia went ahead, and I was planning on staying behind. Then my dad talked me into going. I wonder what his angle was there… He had been trying to be better back then, and we were pretty close, so I guess it could’ve been genuine.

“Either way, Jean and I went to the sewer, and he sent me in ahead. I found some dude unconscious, and gave him a kick to the head when he started moving… God, I hope I didn’t kill him too…” She looked back at the ocean, and pushed back tears again.

“I see… Why did you do that?” Caveat looked up from his notepad.

“I don’t know… I guess I didn’t want him coming in behind me, and figured they were all bad guys anyways.”

“I see… So what happened next?”

“I made my way into the room where they were already fighting. Jamal took a shot at me, I blocked it, and then I killed him…”

“Why did you go for a kill-shot there?”

“I… I think I just put all the blame for everything that seemed to be going wrong on him. I sensed my world was being threatened, I pinned it all on him, and then I killed him. Once he was gone, the world wasn’t better, it was worse if anything. Then I blamed Anastasia. I thought it was her that ruined everything. She was the reason why Paul wasn’t acting the same around me.” She nodded in silence for a moment. “I went to therapy after the Jamal thing… It didn’t really help, but I don’t think I was actually trying.”

“I see…” Caveat wrote something down for a second, then looked up. “Alright, do you need a break, or are you ready to keep going?”

“I think I need a break.” Vanessa sighed.

“Alright, I’m gonna make some mojitos, we’ll do more therapy when you’re ready.” Caveat jumped up, repacked his bag, and slung it over his shoulder. “You want one?”

“Why not.” Vanessa shrugged. This was a vacation home, so she may as well do a little vacationing.



Trials: Part One


Hey everyone, I thought for a while about how to make a good recap of season one, and finally settled on this. I hope you enjoy, and happy reading!

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