Trials: Part Twenty Five

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Vanessa began to probe Darryl’s mind. She found herself in a nice office, she looked out the window and saw it was raining outside. She saw Darryl sitting at a desk, with a man who looked vaguely familiar to her sitting on the other side.

“We need someone to help guard these bad apples, someone with training and powers, like you.” The man said.

“Very well. I will do as you ask.” Darryl signed a piece of paper, and the world faded to black.

Now they were back in the central cave, but Vanessa and Ashley were asleep on the floor. She saw Darryl standing over them with the other guard. Only the other guard had a flashlight, but both of them had a pack.

“Alright, Darryl, let’s get going. I don’t wanna spend longer down here than I have to.”

Darryl nodded and gestured for the other guard to lead the way.

“Why don’t you take the lead this time.” The other guard said.

“You’re the one with the light. Makes more sense for you to lead.” Darryl replied.

“Well, whatever works for you, bud.”

Vanessa wasn’t sure what it was, but there was definitely a palpable tension. She saw the name patch of the other guard, and it said ‘Jones’.

The guard began to walk down the same tunnel that Vanessa remembered taking, and Darryl followed. They walked for a while, and Vanessa noticed Darryl reaching for his gun. There was a slight click as he pulled it out of its holster, and the other guard whipped around, shooting darryl with a tranquilizer in the leg. Darryl froze, and the world faded to black again.

Vanessa found herself back in the central cave, and looked around. She saw Darryl leading both her and Ashley down a tunnel. She definitely didn’t remember this happening, so this couldn’t be a memory. He led them down the tunnel for a couple of minutes, before there was a sudden click. Darryl swore, and tried to cover Vanessa and Ashley, but fire engulfed them and the world went to black.

Vanessa gasped and released Darryl’s hands. Her heart was racing, and Darryl looked confused.

“Darryl, did you see that?” She asked.

“Yes…” He nodded.

“Were you planning to take us to that tunnel?”

“Well, yes, but I didn’t know what was down it! I was just going to pick the one next to this one.”

“What’s going on, guys?” Ashley’s voice was wavering.

“I saw us going down a tunnel, and dying. All of us.” Vanessa shook her head. This doesn’t make sense. Darryl would’ve had to consciously imagine that, and he imagined himself dying with them. That wouldn’t make sense if he was trying to kill them. “Darryl, what’s your superpower?”

“I’m not even sure if it’s really a superpower.” Darryl shook his head. “All I know, is I got a lot better at fighting after the green light. It’s like I know just what to do, and I do it. I even knew it was going to be you kicking me, so I didn’t fight back.”

“How long did you know that?”

“Just right  before it happened. I knew it was you. I don’t know how…”

Vanessa nodded. She wondered if he had a kind of future sensing power, like Paul. She supposed it would be reasonable, but maybe it was based on what was about to happen, given whatever Darryl is about to do.

“Okay, Darryl. It wouldn’t make much sense to go down that tunnel, so let’s try a different one. Keeping it methodical, knowing that one leads to death, lets take the next tunnel.”

“I guess that makes sense?” Darryl seemed hesitant. “Are you saying you trust me?”

“Sure. Give me your hands again.”

Darryl obliged, and Vanessa found herself in the center cave again. Darryl was leading them into the next tunnel to the right. After a while of walking they reached a dead end. It seemed there had been a cave-in at some point.

Vanessa released Darryl’s hand and got to her feet. She took the gun and light back from Ashley, and turned to Darryl. “Alright. Take us to the dead end tunnel.”

Darryl nodded and began walking. Vanessa and Ashley followed.

Ashley came up behind Vanessa and whispered to her. “Vanessa, what’s going on?”

“I think Darryl can see the immediate future, and with my help we can probe it a little further. We’re going to check out a tunnel that we saw should be a dead end. If it is, then that means this works, and we can find our way out like that!”

“We can find our way out…”

“Let’s just see how it goes. Stay behind me though.”

Ashley nodded, and the group returned to the central cave. Darryl went to the second tunnel to the right of the one they came out of, and the group followed. They walked for a few minutes, and eventually came up on a dead end. Just as they had seen in Darryl’s vision, there was a cave-in. Vanessa looked at the rocks, and they even looked the exact same as she had seen.

“We have our way out! Good work Darryl, lets head back to the central cave. Now that we know this works, we don’t even have to physically check every tunnel, we can just find the one that leads out of here.”

“That’s amazing…” Darryl murmured. “I had no idea I could do this.”

The group proceeded back to the central cave, and scanned every tunnel in the same manner as they had previously. After about ten minutes, they finally found one that led outside, but not to the prison. She was slightly surprised that Takeo actually gave them a way out. Then again, they weren’t out yet. There was only one way to find out.

Darryl led the way through the tunnel, and eventually they began to see some light that wasn’t from the flashlight. They went forwards, and the light continued to get brighter, enough so that the flashlight wasn’t necessary. They finally came out of the tunnel and found themselves standing in a forest. Birds sang up in the trees, and the wind blew. The sun warmed their faces. Freedom.

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