Looking Forwards to Season 3

Hello all! I hope you’re doing well this holiday season, with all things considered. I just tested negative for COVID, but for about a week before that I’ve been quarantining and trying to rest. This has slightly derailed my writing schedule in conjunction with an RSI in my left arm. In addition, I have an important exam to study for in January. It looks like I’m going to have to write the remaining third or so of season 3 by hand and dictate it, due to the RSI, so it’ll take a bit more time than I thought. Additionally, I have to allow time for a beta reader to read through it, and for me to do a full editing pass.

With all that being said, expect a hiatus of about a month after the conclusion of Trials, before the release of the first part of season 3 (as of yet unnamed). Note that I could start uploading immediately after the conclusion of trials, but I believe you will have a much better product if I can do a full editing pass with a beta reader before I begin uploading it. Additionally, I like to avoid the stress of having to keep up with a backlog and I try to have the entire season written before I begin uploading. Season 3 will be approximately 60 parts long; with the parts tending to be slightly longer than season 2’s, so there is a lot to do.

In the hiatus, I will still be uploading something every week, it simply will not be a part of the main story. Right now I have a few things slated, including a one-off introduction of  a new hero, a potential guest post from one of my friends, and a rejected ending for the story, with minimum commentary to fill you in on some ideas that never made it in.

I will release a date for the beginning of season 3 when I have one, but expect it to fall in February (hopefully) or March (at worst) of 2021. I appreciate your patience as I deal with work, school, and health complications.

(Photo credit: Pexels free photo library)

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