CW Covid , Depression

I awoke one day in a world that was not my own.

It was magical and magnificent. I found that I held power beyond belief, and that there was a great evil facing the world. I trained, I studied, I had a great defeat, and I eventually had a greater victory. I met many people, and I missed people from my home. This, however, is not the world I speak of.

Once I had finished, I returned to my home, and rested after a long journey. When I awoke, I found that the world was not as I had left it.

The people didn’t smile.

The birds didn’t sing.

The sun didn’t shine.

After long days of fantastical battles and fighting for my life, I thought I longed to return to the way things were. I found that my job did not hold the same joy.

Did I change?

Did the world change?

The people avoided one another, as though they were afraid. Many who I knew were here no more. I thought of asking, but a part of me knew better.

After a while I realized that I no longer truly knew anyone, and sought to return to the world which I had found.

If the world I had loved was gone, what was the point in remaining?

I found that the world of magic was closed off to me as well.

With no home to return to and no quest to undertake,

I returned to work, and smiled no more.

Wrote a poem, as a nice change of pace. I actually wrote it for a contest, but decided to submit something else instead. Hopefully I win.

On a blog related note, I am actually working on season 3, and am still (technically) on track for a March release. That announcement will come later though, probably when I have a name for it.

Photo credit: Pexel’s Free Photos

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