Afflictions: Part Fifteen

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The crowd roared, and the sound system blared, “Home run!”

Zoey jumped to her feet and cheered, along with both Jude and her dad. It was the sixth inning, and the Braves were already up 4 runs over the Royals, and that home run gave them 2 more. It had been a while since Zoey had been to a baseball game, and she loved it. The snacks, the crowd, and the excitement were some of her favorite things. Her dad had said that his boss had won some tickets from a radio show, but couldn’t go, so he asked if he could have them.

She looked over at Jude, and noticed that he seemed to be having a good time. It seemed like he’d run into a lot of trouble during all of their other stops, so she was glad he finally seemed to be having a good time.

She looked over at her dad, who she already knew would be having a good time. He noticed and turned to her with a smile. She leaned over and gave him a hug.

“We’re doing good, huh?” He shouted over the noise of the game.

“Yeah!” Zoey shouted back.

Her mind turned to back home, and she wondered if Jessica liked baseball. If she did, maybe they could go to a game some time. It had caught her a little off guard when she started being nice to her, but she turned out to be really cool. Zoey’s heart sank, as she remembered she’d forgotten to tell Jessica about her trip. After all, she was going to be gone for like three weeks, even if one of those weeks was a break. Hopefully she wouldn’t worry too much. She’d try to text her later, since her phone was dead right now.

Her attention was called back to the game, as the other half of the stadium began to boo. She looked around and saw who was going up to the plate.

“Why are they booing that guy so loudly?” Jude asked

“Oh, that’s Julian Arias. He’s the first super in the MLB with a power relevant to the sport.”

“Oh that’s right. I think I’ve heard of him…” Jude thought for a moment. “He was really controversial right?”

“Yeah. He can throw and hit really hard, but the MLB said he was allowed to play if he stayed within normal human limits. Atlanta really loves supers, but I don’t think it would fly in some other places.”

The conversation came to a pause as Arias reached the plate. The booing of the Royals fans kicked into high gear, as the pitcher wound up. Arias swung, but it was a strike. The pitcher wound up again, and threw a curveball, but this time Arias made contact and sent the ball flying towards the outfield. He’d already made it to second base by the time the ball made it back to the pitcher.

“Wow, so he’s just holding back?” Jude asked.

“Yup.” Zoey nodded. “I heard that he could hit it out of the park every single time if he wanted to, but he doesn’t.”

“Wow, maybe I should turn to professional sports.” Jude laughed.

“Oh yeah! My dad and I could totally coach you! You’d be great!”

“I think I’ll stick with the superhero gig for now, but I’ll let you know if I change my mind.”

Zoey laughed, and looked back down at the game. Jude and the others did seem to be pretty happy lately. Ever since Josh got put in charge, things seemed to be going well. She wasn’t doing too bad either, she was just tired a lot. She hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep lately, even on the trip, outside of sometimes on the car rides. She was a little worried she’d wake someone up, so it was just better to try to stay up.

Her attention was pulled back to the game by what appeared to be a commotion on the field. Someone was storming the field holding some kind of poster. She looked up at the jumbotron, and saw that it read ‘No Supers in Kansas’. He looked like he was running for Arias, but he was tackled by a couple of players, one Royals and one Braves. Everyone on the Braves side of the stadium and most of the Royals fans began to boo the guy that charged the field, as he was escorted off.

Zoey sighed. Things were pretty good in Atlanta, but she was wondering if things were like this everywhere else. It wasn’t like supers asked for this, or like most of them were hurting anyone. There were even super celebrities.

She felt a hand on her back, and saw her dad looking over at her. He smiled like he always would when he was worried about her.

She didn’t want to ruin the game, since she’d been having a good time up until this anyways, even if she was a little tired. She smiled back at him like she always did when she didn’t want him to worry about her. She gets to be a super after all, and that’s something most people dream about. She had friends now. She had a loving dad. Above all she was on vacation, and wasn’t about to drag down anyone else’s mood or her own.

“I’m gonna go get some snacks, do you want anything?” Jude asked as he got to his feet. He didn’t seem to be bothered by the guy who stormed the field at all.

“Can you get me a hot dog?” Her dad passed Jude his wallet around her.

“Me too!” Zoey smiled.

“Alrighty, two hot dogs on the way.” Jude smiled as he put the wallet in his pocket.

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I’ve started work in earnest on season 4, and I’ve just finished the posts I intend to do between seasons 3 and 4, season 3.5 if you will. I’ll hopefully have a better name by the time it’s up. Season 4 has a really interesting story structure that I’m looking forwards to writing. It’s not TOO far off of what I’ve done the past few seasons, but it’s a definite difference. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Afflictions! Things seem to be going pretty well for everyone, surely that’ll hold up.

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