New Single and Superzeroes Update

Hey there, stranger! Long time no see. I’m doing relatively well, all things considered.

Getting right into the updates, I’ve been locked out of my twitter (I know twitter is a dumpsterfire now, so I guess that’s for the best anyways), so this is now the official communication platform for Venus Pop Star (the thing i know you’re all here for).

Also, on the topic of VPS, I’m going to be dropping a new single some time in the near future, so be looking forward to that! It’s most likely going to be a lo-fi bop to build some hype for my next album (title pending, coming this summer-ish).

Lastly, for those of you who subbed to this blog back when I did a superhero serial, I’m going to actually try to finish out that season that I was in the middle of when I got too bored of it to finish. Take note that most all of this was already done and was written years ago, so it may not be the most topical, but it’s a soft end to the story. I may try to read through some of my old backlog and see if I can’t kick up a writing passion again sometime this summer.

For those of you reading this via any other medium, my suggested subscription for this blog is actually email, rather than wordpress or anything. That doesn’t drive numbers for me or anything, that’s just how I prefer to consume stuff like this.

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