Reading Guide

Hello! It’s gotten a little bit messy as far as my actual recommendations as to what to read, so here we go. Here is the definitive reading order. Note that if you opt to skip season two, or any future seasons and read the recap, I still recommend you read all the miscellaneous suggestions then read all the recaps right before. The ideal experience is to read from season two onward with all the little tidbits, but in the end it is up to you.

Earth 2: Season One (Origins) is completed. Season 2 (Trials) is completed. Season 3 (Afflictions), is currently running.

Content Warnings:

Earth 2 will involve some discussion of sensitive topics, such as disability and LGBTQ issues. Season 2 forwards, I began to include trigger warnings in individual posts. In season 3, you should expect some gore, violence, child abduction, mild body horror, and panic attacks.

If you find that I have forgotten a trigger or content warning please let me know if you can.

Season 1 (Origins):

I don’t particularly recommend that you read this, if I’m honest. The writing is a little rough, and I’ve improved a lot since. I recommend that you read the recap instead, and move onto Season 2 (Trials). I will note that there will inevitably be story details lost that were not captured in the recap, so if you’re a completionist, maybe give it a read. Please don’t hold the prose against me if you do. On the upside, the reading order is intuitive if you decide to read it. Just read it in numerical order.

Season 2 (Trials):

There are a few things you’ll need to read before this for the ideal experience. Technically you can just read it without context, as I try to give sufficient background, but it will leave you confused.

  1. Zoey: Parts one and two (Other writing)
    1. This will introduce an important character
  2. Artana: Parts one and two (Other writing)
    1. This will introduce an important character
  3. Out of Shape (Other writing)
    1. This will introduce a slightly important character
  4. Origins recap (Under Origins)
    1. I recommend this regardless of whether you read origins or not. This is new writing, so it’s not only recap.
  5. Trials
    1. I recommend actually reading this, as the prose is good and the story is interesting. I still think this holds up. If you’re opposed to clearing the backlog, there is a recap as well.

Season 3 (Afflictions):

  1. Hammerston Heroes: Parts 1-6 (Other writing)
    1. Introduces important characters, plot points, and a setting
  2. Caveat, Always a Caveat, and A Small Caveat (Other writing)
    1. Introduces an important character
  3. The Siren (Other writing)
    1. Introduces a minor reference. Not critical, but nice.
  4. Origins and Trials recaps (Under Origins and Trials respectively)
    1. Again, highly recommend you refresh the critical points of the plot. The recaps are new writing.
  5. Afflictions
    1. Again, actually good. There will be a recap when it is done, however.

Other Writing:

I write a lot of standalone Earth 2 stuff that is not listed above, and I’d say most of it is worth reading. The setting is the same, but features characters with varying degrees of attachment to the main story

Super Turbo Space Pirates is a fun setting that I write in sometimes, involving a swashbuckling suave space pirate and his wife, as well as other aliens that are affected by their actions. Note that this was originally going to be tied into Earth 2, but is now not, so there is an alternate ending called “Superzeroes Invaded” that you could read if you’re curious.

Lastly, sometimes I write stuff that isn’t either of those. Those pieces usually stand best on their own, and will have good explanations.

Photo Credit: Me.