Looking Forwards to Season 3

Hello all! I hope you’re doing well this holiday season, with all things considered. I just tested negative for COVID, but for about a week before that I’ve been quarantining and trying to rest. This has slightly derailed my writing schedule in conjunction with an RSI in my left arm. In addition, I have an important exam to study for in January. It looks like I’m going to have to write the remaining third or so of season 3 by hand and dictate it, due to the RSI, so it’ll take a bit more time than I thought. Additionally, I have to allow time for a beta reader to read through it, and for me to do a full editing pass.

With all that being said, expect a hiatus of about a month after the conclusion of Trials, before the release of the first part of season 3 (as of yet unnamed). Note that I could start uploading immediately after the conclusion of trials, but I believe you will have a much better product if I can do a full editing pass with a beta reader before I begin uploading it. Additionally, I like to avoid the stress of having to keep up with a backlog and I try to have the entire season written before I begin uploading. Season 3 will be approximately 60 parts long; with the parts tending to be slightly longer than season 2’s, so there is a lot to do.

In the hiatus, I will still be uploading something every week, it simply will not be a part of the main story. Right now I have a few things slated, including a one-off introduction of  a new hero, a potential guest post from one of my friends, and a rejected ending for the story, with minimum commentary to fill you in on some ideas that never made it in.

I will release a date for the beginning of season 3 when I have one, but expect it to fall in February (hopefully) or March (at worst) of 2021. I appreciate your patience as I deal with work, school, and health complications.

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Season 2: Official Release Date

Hey everyone! I’ve mentioned this on my twitter, but I also want to put it here. I have an official release date for Season 2: this Friday! I am almost done editing, and I will have it finished, short of me getting sick. I do appreciate your patience with me getting my shit together on this. As a thanks, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m uploading every day until this Friday!

I am also considering uploading more frequently for as long as tons of people are on quarantine, but every day is a bit much. I will see what I’m able to do.

Looking Forwards

Hello all! This is the previously mentioned blog post, discussing things to come. Firstly, I just want to thank everyone for reading and sticking with me. 49 is a lot of posts, and 36,000 is a lot of words.

In regards to Earth 2, I’ve decided I will structure the plot in ‘seasons’, like a TV show. Season 1 will have its finale on part 50, and I’m planning on taking a short break between. This break will be 1 month, and during it, I will still be uploading every Friday at noon. I will upload some one-offs, an epilogue, and maybe some other miscellaneous things. I plan to use the break to plan and build a backlog of posts for season 2.

Season 2 will be a continuation of the current story, much like you would expect from a TV show. It will have about 50 parts, but the parts will be longer.

Now, big announcement time. Not really, but it was fun to say. Little announcement: I am working on a full length novel! This will take place in a completely different world to Earth 2, with completely different characters. I’ll have more details when I’m a bit closer to being finished. If you’re curious, this will not affect the serial.

With regards to Season 1’s posts, I am hoping to conglomerate it into a novelette. I am as of yet unsure if I will be able to do that, but I’ll look into it. Regardless, as of right now, I don’t intend to do much editing on Season 1, so they’ll likely stay how they are. Let it serve as a barometer of my improvement as a writer.

I intend to write another summary for parts 26-50, once they’re completed, like how I did for parts 1-25. I also plan to go through, and mark some of my posts that stand particularly well on their own, so as to provide a better taste of my writing style, without the requirement of reading 50 parts.

Now, with all of that being said, thank you so much for all of your support. This blog has really grown, and I’m super proud of it. I really can’t thank you enough for reading.

Have a good weekend, and remember, the finale is next Friday, January 18th.

Month of Writing

Hello, all! This month, I am taking part in a challenge to write 10000 words in May. I plan to write a fair bit of backlog for Earth 2, but I will also likely write some other things. Earth 2 will continue to come out on Fridays, but I may post a few other things on no particular schedule. If you see something in particular that you like, let me know in the comments or the contact me page, I may do more of it.

Another fun thing about may, is that it’s my birth month! I don’t want to disclose a specific birthday, but it happens this month. Also happening in May is mothers day! No real relevance to this blog, just thought some of you could use the reminder. May 13th.

If you’d like more info about the writing challenge follow the link at the bottom of this post. Have a wonderful May, I appreciate your reading!



Hello readers! Today, I am planning on upgrading my WordPress plan, which would grant me a new URL. There will be a post coming later today, but as with anything, there is a chance that this could break everything, so if the site is out of commision that will be why.


Have a lovely day, Earth 2: Part 11 coming later today. (With the assumption that I don’t break the site and ruin everything.)


EDIT: Alright, the switch is done, the URL should just read cjaworks.com. May be somewhat finicky for the first few days, but it looks like everything is fine, and old links should redirect to the new URL.

I also now have a twitter, so you can follow that if you play the social media game, it should tweet when there’s a new post.

Regarding Part 3

Hey guys, so I’m not happy with how part 3 ended up, so I will be uploading a different part 3 when I can. I’ve had a pretty busy weekend and I’m just getting started, but I will try to hurry. For the record the original post will stay up, and there will still be a post this Friday.

Thank you so much for bearing with me, I will try not to make this too regular of a thing, but there’s enough that I want to change that I feel like this warrants it. I will also not be uploading too many posts that aren’t story, as I feel that is the point of this whole site, but I will upload necessary updates.