Earth 2: Part 27

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Anastasia led Paul down the street, the way they had come from, until they reached the intersection where she had found him. A car horn sounded in the distance.

“So where to from here? This is where I met you.”

“Alright, so there should be a mansion with a big metal fence and the gate says ‘Smith’. Can you find that gate?” Paul began to think about ways he could get in… He vaguely remembered being given some kind of gate code, but didn’t really remember what it was… Maybe 0578?

They walked another ways until Anastasia spoke again, “Alright, we’re by the gate, there’s some keypad here, do you know the code?”

“Try 0578.” Paul really hoped that was right, but the keypad beeped.

“Alright, that one didn’t work? Any other guesses?”

“Try 0857” Paul began to worry about how many tries he had before something happened, and once again the keypad beeped.

“Still no, any other guesses? You do actually live here, right?”

“Yeah…” Paul laughed nervously, “Oh I think it’s 4729!” Paul remembered that was definitely the code for something… or was that his social…

The keypad beeped twice as much as it had before and an alarm began to go off.

“Well, I guess that’s one way to get in… Don’t worry, Jean will let me in.” Paul was a little worried about pissing off Mr. Smith by tripping the alarm, but he figured he deserved one freebie.

“Oh, here’s a car driving up, maybe they can let us in.”

Paul’s heart fluttered for a moment, but then he heard the whirring and occasional kicking of Jude’s garbage car, and sighed with relief.

“Can I help you?” Vanessa had a particular distaste in her voice, which threw Paul off a little bit. “Wait… Paul? What are you doing out here? Who’s she?

“Hey, Vanessa! Glad you’re here, I’ll fill you in inside, just buzz open the gate.” Paul couldn’t wait to tell his friends about his vision, he felt like they’d really like Anastasia.

“Is she with you?” Vanessa seemed a little irritated.

“Yeah, of course. Just open the gate, I’ve got good news.” Paul excitedly tapped his fingers on his walker until he heard the gate slowly slide open, and followed the car to the garage. He then went with Vanessa to the living room, Anastasia following him close behind.

“Wow, this place is huge!” Anastasia sounded like Jude when he first got here, Paul was pretty impressed by the first vision he had of the track though.

When they reached the living room, Vanessa pulled Paul to the side, “Hey, Jude we’ll be right back.” She pulled him into the hallway. “Paul, who is this?”

“Her name’s Anastasia, she has ice powers. I had a vision of her, so I went to find her, she’s really nice. We have a new teammate!”

“Whoa, slow down!” Vanessa let out an exasperated sigh. “Okay… You just grabbed some random person from the street and brought her here?”

“No not random, I saw her in a vision, and then the vision came true. Funny story, she actually helped me find the spot where I thought I-” Paul started

“You can’t just go bringing people in! Besides, you shouldn’t be going out alone!”

“What’s the problem with her?” Paul was a little bit irritated now. “And I’m blind, not a toddler.”

“Paul… That’s not what I meant.” Vanessa sighed again, she seemed to do that a lot when she was mad. “She looks… Sketchy. Besides, I’d prefer it if you checked with us before you made additions to the team.”

“Wait… You’re saying she looks sketchy. Do you actually have a problem with her because she’s poor?” Paul admittedly had ridden the high horse before in his life, but he was knocked down a while ago.

“No! I can’t believe you’d say that!” She sighed once again, this time louder than the last. “I just don’t trust her.”

“Then trust me!”

“I do trust you… it’s just… Let’s just go in.” Vanessa stepped back into the living room and Paul followed.




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Earth 2: Part 26

As a celebration for making it halfway through the season, this is actually two parts in one. Enjoy.

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Paul was sitting in his room, waiting for Vanessa and Jude to get back from a Dayspring run. Paul had decided he wanted to surprise Vanessa with a song, so he took what time he could to work on that.

They had a date tonight, so Paul was finding it a little hard to concentrate. He couldn’t believe that he had actually gotten the girl, it was like an actual dream.

As he worked on the song, he suddenly felt a little strange. All of a sudden, he saw the gates to a mansion, the gates said ‘Smith’ in ornate curving letters. The vision then zipped along the sidewalk, and into an alley, between a donut shop and a pizzeria.

Paul figured it was another crime, but then he saw himself, with a walker, talking to some girl, about his age. He saw she was wearing a name tag, ‘Anastasia’ it read.

Paul then fell back on the bed, exhausted. It was surprising how much these visions took out of him. Paul had left the walker by his bed for short night time runs to the bathroom, but he hadn’t used it extensively. He groped around next to him until he felt it. He hadn’t mentioned it to anyone, but he felt like his vision was actually getting worse. He could still only see a blur, but it seemed to be even less clear, which he didn’t think was actually possible until it was. He could still tell if there was a wall right in front of him, but his eyes weren’t much use beyond that.

He grabbed the walker and slowly felt his way along the walls to find the door. He had heard about counting steps a while ago, and decided to give it a try. Thusfar, it seemed to be working. He had been in and out enough that he had a loose idea of where he was going in this house.

He found the side door that they usually went through and stepped out onto the sidewalk. He thought about calling Jean, but he figured it was just a short walk. After all, if he doesn’t test his limits how will he find them?

The warm summer air washed over him. He took a deep breath, and breathed in all of the car exhaust, fast food, and maybe a hint of garbage. It smelled like freedom. He couldn’t remember the last time he had gone on an outing alone, and his heart began to race.

He continued along the same sidewalk until he encountered a fence. He heard cars whooshing by on the other side, and figured he had found the road. He groped the fence where the sidewalk ended and cut himself on some sharp metal. He eventually found some form of knob and it opened up the fence, so he set out onto the main sidewalk.

Cars continued to go by, and the people on the sidewalk seemed to be giving the mad man with a walker a wide berth. He had walked for a moment when he suddenly realized, he had absolutely no idea how he was going to get back into the gate. He figured he may as well do what he came for.

He encountered his first intersection and began to have second thoughts. He came to the realization that he had no way to tell when to cross. He was actually going to have to ask for help to cross the street like a little old lady.

“Excuse me!” Paul yelled in the general direction that he felt people going by.

After a moment, he heard a woman’s voice. “Hey, do you need help or something?”

“Yes, actually, I kinda realized that I need help to cross this street. I’m blind.” Paul chuckled nervously. It had been a while since he had been out on his own like this, but he vowed to do it again.

“Oh, sure, I’m headed that way anyways.”

“Thanks.” Paul sat there in awkward silence. “Broke my leg falling down the stairs. If you’re wondering.”

“Yeah I was a little curious about the walker, but I wasn’t gonna say anything. Where are you headed?” Her voice sounded kind and well-intentioned, it was lucky he bumped into someone like her.

This outing seemed to be going well. It was hard to believe that something as unremarkable as walking down the street was now a grand adventure. Paul began to think that maybe he had given up too much freedom. He made a note to bring it up to Jude.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to explain, but I’m headed to an alley between a donut shop and a pizza place. It’s straight along this sidewalk, but I’m not exactly sure where…” Paul realized that he should probably plan more before he left the house on a whim, as he had no way back and no clue where he was going.

“Oh, I know where you’re talking about! I can show you where it is. I’m actually headed to work there. At the pizza place, that is”

Paul was pleasantly surprised at his change in luck, he was curious what the girl in his vision meant. He figured he’d get there in no time at all with someone who knew where they were going. “Wow, that’s a crazy coincidence.”

“Yeah, weird. Oh, we can cross, it’s not too far from here. It’s just a couple of blocks.” She gently guided Paul along the crosswalk, and down the next couple of blocks. “Well, here’s your… Alley? What are you doing in the alley, dare I ask?” She laughed a little.

“Well, I’m meeting someone. It’s nothing sketchy, despite how sketchy it sounds. Thank you though!” Paul was admittedly a little sad to leave his walking companion, but this meeting felt important.

“Well, have fun with your meeting! Maybe I’ll see you around?”

“Maybe, have fun at work!” Paul headed into the alley. He figured he probably wouldn’t see her again, as he didn’t exactly leave the house much. He walked through the alley, brushing past various trash. He really hoped he didn’t step in anything. “Anastasia?” He figured he should probably check that she wasn’t already here, but he received no response, so he figured she wasn’t.

Paul stood there for a few minutes, not wanting to lean on a wall in case he leaned in something. After awhile, he began to question the accuracy of his vision. Maybe the girl had brought him to the wrong alley. Shortly after he began to doubt, he heard shouting from the street, and quiet sobbing which began to grow near.

“Hello?” Paul called in the direction of the sobbing. Maybe this was his girl?

“You’re still here?” It was the girl from earlier, but it sounded like she was crying now.

“Yeah, I’m beginning to wonder if my person is showing. You alright?” He wasn’t entirely comfortable consoling a crying person, but he figured he owed her a good try.

“Well, I just got fired, and I don’t know how I’m going to pay for my apartment.” She sniffled.

“Ouch, that bites, well I’ve not really got a way to get back home right now, so I guess we’re homeless buddies.”

“Yeah, guess so.” She laughed a little, so Paul figured he didn’t completely screw that up. “It sucks that your person isn’t showing. Who are you waiting for?”

“Oh, hey maybe you know her, I’m pretty sure her name’s Anastasia, and I think she works at the same place as you. Well, as you used to.” Paul chuckled nervously, he seemed to be doing his best to offend this poor girl.

“Oh, hey, my names Anastasia. Definitely not another there. Maybe you’re looking for me?”

“Oh wow, I didn’t even think of that!” Paul really couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of that, it was so obvious, it wasn’t luck, it was the prophecy! “So, here’s the deal. I’m not exactly sure why it is I’m looking for you… I work with Dayspring, and I get visions… And I saw us here.”

“Whoa, the Dayspring, like the superhero?” She seemed to have stopped sobbing, so Paul figured he accomplished that.

“Yup. The Dayspring. Do you mind if I take your hand for a moment? Sorry it’s the best way for me to get more specifics.”

“Oh, um, sure.” She sounded unsure, but she put her hand into Paul’s

This time, he saw her standing in the training room. Jude was there, off to the side, and so was Vanessa. Anastasia sent blasts of ice, soaring across the gym.

Paul stumbled back, but Anastasia caught him. He winced as his leg hit the ground, but he lifted it up quickly. He couldn’t help but notice that her hair smelled really nice, maybe pomegranate?

“Alright,” Paul started, as she released him, “So I think you have superpowers.”


“Yup, so how would you like to come train with us. Hey, we can offer you a place to live!” Paul then remembered that he had teammates that he needed to check with, but he figured the visions hadn’t been wrong before, and he definitely saw her there.

“That’s…” She paused for a moment, “Unbelievable… I guess I don’t have anything else going for me right now, so sure.”

“Alright, your training begins now!” Paul laughed, “Your first task is to help me find my way back home, and somehow inside the fence again!”

“Mission accepted!” She laughed, “Come on.” She led him out of the alley.




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Earth 2: Parts 1-25 Recap

Hello, all! In an effort to lower the entry barrier for this series, I will be releasing periodic recaps. I’m still not decided on the frequency, but that will come later. What follows is the gist of the story that has already been uploaded, but doesn’t contain every detail. I still recommend reading for the full experience.




Paul and Jude were just hanging out, when a green light washed over them. Paul found that he couldn’t see, and went to the hospital. He was then informed that he is likely permanently blind. He moves in with Jude and adjusts to his new life. Some time passes, and Jude found that he had the ability to create light. Paul revealed that he had been having visions, and had a vision of a crime. They went out, and Jude put a stop to it.

Meanwhile, Jamal and Deven were at work when the light hit. Deven turned into metal, and Jamal found that he can control electricity. Jamal attacked his boss, and walked out with Deven behind him.

Paul continued to have visions of crimes, and Jude continued to stop them. One day, Paul had a particularly bad feeling about a crime. Jude, hard pressed for time, found he could fly, and took off for it. He busted in to stop it, but was knocked down. He got back up and quickly dispatched the criminal. He then took Vanessa to the hospital.

At the hospital, Jude spoke with Vanessa, and she agreed that she would like to train to be a hero. A few days later, Jude and Paul rolled up and began to train her. They found that she had psychic powers, and could create disks with her mind that she could use as weapons. Her father expressed reluctance, but Vanessa talked him into letting her be a hero.

Mr. Smith offered Jude and Paul full time employment to train his daughter and keep her safe. A few weeks later, Jude and Paul moved into the mansion. Vanessa helped Paul unpack, and they shared a moment together.

After some time training, Vanessa went out on her first mission as a superhero. She and Jude easily stopped the robbery, and she went back home to celebrate. She sat in bed aftwerwards, when she heard a disturbance. She investigated, and found that Paul had fallen down the stairs and couldn’t get up. She talked Paul into letting her and Jean take her to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, Paul was told that his leg was broken. He was informed of his mobility options and sent home.

While talking to Jude about his leg, Paul had a vision of a bank robbery. Vanessa and Jude went out to stop it. They found Jamal and Deven holding up the bank with their powers. They almost beat them, but Jamal took a hostage. Vanessa tried to attack him while he was leaving, but she missed and he hit her with electricity.

Paul and Jude visited Vanessa, and found that she was in stable condition. She had some permanent scarring, but she would be fine. Paul takes this moment to tell Vanessa that he cares for her, and she told him that he reciprocated. Jude told Vanessa that he would understand if she didn’t want to continue being a hero.

Jude went to Mr. Smith and asked him to allow Vanessa to make her own decision. Mr. Smith and Jude got into an argument, and Jude flared up with his powers. After a moment, Jude walked out. Mr. Smith reflected on his mistakes in life for a while, until Jean talked him into going to pick up Vanessa. Vanessa happily embraced her father when she saw him. Vanessa and Paul went out on their first date, which was interrupted by Paul having a vision.

Earth 2: Part 25

This is part 25 of an ongoing series.

Earth 2: Part 1


Jamal was out buying groceries. That’s right evil dudes have to eat too. Jamal had begun to shop at publix once he got all the money from those first few bank robberies. People who rob banks and get away, tend to get caught because the suddenly have five rolexes. Jamal was gonna just take it nice and easy. He had bought just the ingredients for today’s dinner, and he also bought some of those sodas in the glass bottles because he deserved to treat himself.

Jamal was thinking about the chicken marsala he’d be having later this evening, while drinking a Coke. He actually felt like he was in a Coca-Cola commercial, drinking it from a glass bottle and walking down the street.

He and Deven had recently moved into a nicer apartment in a nicer part of town than the slum they were in before. It was really amazing the advancement you could get from a few bank robberies if you just play it cool. He had a buddy who was in the laundering business, so he got a ‘job’ at the laundromat nearby to his old house.

Jamal began to smile at his sudden success. He downed the last drop of his Coke and tossed the bottle over a fence. He looked through the fence and saw a grand mansion. He didn’t need that kind of flash though, he just needed a few more heists to be set for life. He then figured that with their powers, mansion robbing might be profitable. Something to consider at least.

While he was plotting about the riches inside of that mansion, he neglected to look where he was going. He ran straight into some ginger chick pushing a wheelchair.

“Oh, sorry!” The girl said, she couldn’t have been more than 20, the kid in the chair looked about the same age.

There was something about her face though, and her voice, that stuck out to him. “The name’s Jamal.”

“I’m Vanessa, it’s nice to meet you. This is Paul.” She gestured to the kid in the chair.

She had some kind of burn mark on her face… Jamal had seen burns like that before, definitely electrical. If it’s that bad that usually means she was messing with something she shouldn’t have been. “It’s nice meeting you, you live around here?” He was determined to figure this out. There was something about this girl…

“Yeah, we actually live right over there.” She pointed to the mansion.

“You’re kidding! That’s crazy.” Jamal laughed, he had just met the chick who lives in the house he was mentally casing seconds ago.

“We’re together!” The kid in the chair finally spoke up. The girl turned him around, looks like he broke his leg, must be pretty bad for them to put him in a chair.

“Paul!” Vanessa slapped Paul in the arm.

“Together!” Jamal laughed. Then it hit him, this chick was that girl in pink with Dayspring from the bank! And she just told him everything about herself! “What happened to your leg?” Jamal pointed to his cast.

“Well, he broke it falling down the stairs, he’s blind and still hasn’t gotten used to it.” Vanessa was smiling away.

The amount of information these kids were willing offer to some random guy on the street was astounding. Jamal was always telling people how important it is to dress nice, you know damn well you’re not getting this dressed like a bum.

“Well, we should probably get going, it was nice meeting you.” Paul put out his hand and Jamal shook it. For some reason the kid looked like he had seen a ghost the second he touched his hand.

“Take care!” Jamal called as he walked past. That wasn’t his problem, he had an idea. Maybe a stupid one, but it just might work…




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Earth 2: Part 24

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Vanessa and Paul were sitting in the back of Jude’s car. Jude pulled into the parking lot and drove over to the front of the restaurant, stopping to let them out. Vanessa stepped out of the car and helped Paul out.

“Don’t have too much fun!” Jude called out the window. “Text me when you’re ready, I won’t be too far.”

“Thanks again, Jude!” Vanessa called as he pulled off. She glanced at her phone and turned to Paul. She hugged Paul’s arm, and stepped up onto the curb “It looks like it’s exactly time for our reservation.”

“Well, then, let’s go!”

Vanessa and Paul stepped into the restaurant. There was one table for two, and all the other tables were pushed off to the side. Other than them and the staff, the restaurant was completely empty. A man in a tux led them to the only set table. There was a lit candle in the middle of the table.

Paul released Vanessa’s arm, and began to circle the table, keeping one hand on it. He arrived at a chair and pulled it out. The restaurant was completely silent, except for the quiet steps of employees.

“Thank you.” Vanessa laughed as she took her seat.

The waiter brought out two plates of food and sat one in front of each of them. “Is everything to your liking?”

“Yes, thank you.” Vanessa nodded at the waiter and he went on his way.

“Gee, don’t we usually order before we get our food? Is this what I’ve been missing out on?” Paul picked up his fork and probed around the plate.

“Welcome to my world!” Vanessa threw her hands out dramatically. “It’s pretty nice, huh?”

“Absolutely!” Paul nodded as he ate. “Next time, I’m taking you to my world. Frozen food prepared in a crowded restaurant playing classic rock.”

“Sounds interesting,” She chuckled, “I’ve dealt with crowds before, I just prefer not to.”

Paul took a bite of what he figured was mashed potatoes. They were good, if a bit salty. “So, something that I was curious about, do you not drive?”

“Well… No.” Vanessa pushed her hair back over her ear. “I guess I’m a little afraid.” She laughed nervously and looked down at her food. “I know… Lame.”

“I used to love driving, don’t get me wrong I was very bad, 3 tickets and an accident in a year, but it was fun.” Paul laughed, “Don’t worry, I can’t judge anyone for irrational fears. I’ll let you in on a secret…” He leaned towards her and whispered. “I’m scared of water and I can’t swim. And that was before I went blind.”

“No way! I had a friend who was terrified of water… My other friend pushed her in the pool and she didn’t talk to her for a week.” Vanessa laughed and took a sip from her drink.

“So have you always lived in this nice house with a pool and everything?”

“Yeah, well my parents used to send me to my grandparent’s farm for like a month every summer. They had this awful old car, it barely ran, any time I would want to go into town, we would take it. Almost every time, it would break down half way there, and we would have to walk all the way to the nearest neighbor and they would give us a ride. Grandpa loved that car.” She laughed quietly and looked off for a moment.

“I used to go to my grandfather’s cabin every-” Paul paused and put his hand to his temple. He winced in pain and suddenly fell back onto the floor screaming.There was a crack as his chair hit the ground.

“Paul!” Vanessa jumped up and ran over to him. “Paul are you okay?”

Paul convulsed and continued to scream. Vanessa took off her coat and put it under his head, while trying to keep him from hurting himself. Eventually Paul stopped screaming and was just out of breath.

“Paul? Are you okay? What happened?” Vanessa gently placed her hand on his arm.

“Terrifying… A vision… Something… Awful…” Paul hugged Vanessa around her waist.

“It’s okay, it’s over now.” She placed her hand on his back. She whipped her phone out and quickly texted Jude to bring the car around. “I’ve got you…”




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Earth 2: Part 23

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Jean hadn’t taken people seriously when they told him ‘When you become the full time personal assistant for a family your job takes on an entirely unexpected role.’ He thought about this as he walked his friend/employer’s daughter back to the limo from the hospital. And she was in the hospital, because of an injury she received as a superhero.

“Jean, I need your advice.” Vanessa interrupted his train of thought.

That was always his favorite question. The kind of problems these people ask him for help on could make a great story. “Ask away.”

“Paul and I talked, and we both like each other… I think he’s probably going to ask me on a date or something.”

“Well, that sounds like a good thing, what do you need my advice about?” Jean was hopeful this would be normal teenager stuff, but he couldn’t be entirely sure. He could never be sure anymore. He could give advice about normal teenager stuff.

Jean also took some level of pleasure in hearing this, even if the two weren’t exactly subtle about it, he did take pride in having ‘called it’ as they say.

“I don’t know how my dad would react… Should I tell him?”

“Well,” Jean weighed his options. He had a philosophy, in general it is better to go down the middle on these things. “I won’t tell you what to do here, I’d say you may want to wait a little bit before you have this conversation with him.”

“How do you think he’d react, though?”

“Well, it is entirely possible that he may not entirely approve.”

“You’re right. He never cares about me until I want to do something, then all of a sudden he’s an invested parent! I mean look! He’s not even here to get me from the hospital!” She threw her hands up. She had always been like this, but then again who could blame her.

Jean sighed. He just needed to get her to the car, preferably before she wished eternal damnation on her father. “He does care about you, you know. I think you’re being a little hard on him.”

Sure he does.” Vanessa sighed.

Jean couldn’t help but feel for Mr. Smith, he did have a long road ahead of him, but he was trying. Already a mile ahead of me.

This conversation had carried them all the way to the car. Mr. Smith had been very specific on how to do this so Jean followed his instructions. He angled Vanessa towards the car, put away his dignity, did a drumroll on the roof of the car, and swung open the door.

“Jean, what are you- Dad!” Vanessa embraced him.

“You didn’t think I wouldn’t be here to pick you up did you?” Mr. Smith gave Jean a nod for obliging him. “What do you say we do something special today, just the two of us! A ‘you just got out of the hospital’ treat! I’ve cancelled everything, cleared out my calendar, it’s all you.”

“Yes!” Vanessa released her father and climbed into the back seat next to him.

Jean closed the door behind her and walked around to the driver’s seat. Although he did think the gesture was a bit ridiculous, it did still bring a smile to his face. He was after all glad Vanessa was okay. He had begun to feel like something of a member of the family. That was another thing that he hadn’t taken seriously. Jean climbed into the driver’s seat and looked back with a genuine smile. “Okay, you two, where to?”




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Earth 2: Part 22

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David sat on the floor, leaning against the wall of his office. The office was dark, and papers and office supplies were scattered about. He turned the key in the lock of a drawer, and pulled out a bottle from it. He looked down at the coin and back up at the bottle.

He opened up the bottle and smelled it deeply. He slowly raised the bottle to his lips before lowering it again, without drinking. He put the lid back on it, sighed, and dropped the bottle. He reached up onto his desk and grabbed a framed photograph.

You were so worried about your outfit that day… You wanted me to grab a scarf from the house and bring it to you… But I didn’t… I was drunk. David picked up the bottle again, raised it over his shoulder, and cast it across the room. Whiskey and broken glass exploded all over the wall and the carpet. Shattered like my daughter’s heart.

The door to his office creaked open. “There’s broken glass all over the floor, be careful.”

“Sir? Is everything alright?” A man asked.

David groaned as he got up from the floor and sat in his chair. “It’s been 2 years…”

The door clicked, as the man closed it behind him. “Yes sir, I believe it has.”

“2 years of being sober, and I still can’t get this dad thing right.” David flicked the coin in the air and caught it as it came down.

“If I may, I don’t think anyone ever feels like they got it right. We just try as best as we can.” The man picked up a chair from its side and took a seat across the desk.

“I really do try, you know? Nobody thinks I do, but I love the crap out of her.” David sniffled and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Sir, we all make mistakes.”

“18 years of not being there, be it liquor or work, is not just a mistake.” He chuckled and sighed. “That was the last of the alcohol in the house.”

“That’s a big step, sir.”

“Yeah, she’s the only thing that makes it worth it. I’m worth billions, but it’s all crap next to her. I thought the liquor would fill the hole, then I tried work, but she’s the only thing I have that matters.” David sobbed for a moment. “I’m scared I’m gonna lose her, Jean.”

“Sir, if I may, I think sometimes, you need to let the things you love most go. That meaning, if she wants to be a hero, to put her life on the line, you need to let her and you need to support her.”

“I know, Jean. It’s just hard.” David fixed his hair, and wiped off his face. “I just don’t know how to make up for all the times I screwed up. How do you make up for 18 years Jean?”

“Well, Mr. Smith-”

“Jean, you can call me David.”

“David, you make up for it one day at a time. You really did screw up, there isn’t one magical deed which fixes everything, you fix it one day at a time, by loving her and being there for her.”

David sighed and got to his feet. He walked over to Jean and embraced him.

“What do you say we go pick up Vanessa, together. I think she’d like to see you with me.”

“Jean, I’d say you’re right. Let’s go get Vanessa.” The pair made their way to your door, and David paused. “Thank you, Jean.”




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