Hello! This site is my writing page.  Right now, this is home to my running serial “Earth 2”, which is a superhero story revolving around Vanessa, Paul, Jude, and Anastasia. Earth 2 has some violence and a little language, not excessive. A high PG, low PG-13.

If you’re just getting started now, and would like a sample of my writing before you jump into a big backlog, I have uploaded a few short stories, and will hopefully upload more in time. I have semi-recently uploaded a recap for up to part 25, if you want to jump in, but find the backlog to be too large.

I am open and welcome to constructive feedback, via the contact page or comments, either way would be appreciated.

You can navigate using either the sidebar, or the table of contents page.

I upload a new part of my serial every friday at noon.

Also, follow me on twitter! Just click the little bird on the sidebar and he’ll take you right to me.


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