Hello! This site is my writing page.  Right now, this is home to my serial “Earth 2”, which is a superhero story revolving around Vanessa, Paul, Jude, and Anastasia, along with a few others, the cast has grown too large to easily list. Earth 2 has some violence and a little language, not excessive. PG-13. It will involve some discussion of sensitive topics, such as disability and LGBTQ issues. Season 2 forwards, I began to include content warnings in individual posts. In season 3, you should expect some gore, violence, child abduction, mild body horror, and panic attacks.

If you find that I have forgotten a trigger warning please let me know if you can.

Earth 2: Season One (AKA Origins), is completed. Season 2 (AKA Trials) is completed. Season 3 (Afflictions), is currently running. There were a lot of issues in getting there, but we’re there now and that’s all that counts.

I also have another universe, which I have uploaded a few short things for. It is currently referred to as ‘Super Turbo Space Pirates’, but that is subject to change. If you’re into science fiction, give that a look!

As for navigation, I have a table of contents, as well as easily accessible pages for seasons one, two, and three, available underneath the table of contents. The writing tab is just all of my posts from most recent to oldest. Please be patient with me if a link is missing for a new post, since I have to add every link in after the post has been published. I usually remember to do it within a couple of days. Please also let me know if a link is broken or takes you to a wrong post, as I still find those from time to time, and would like to fix them.

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