Hello! This site is my writing page.  Right now, this is home to my serial “Earth 2”, which is a superhero story revolving around Vanessa, Paul, Jude, and Anastasia, along with a few others. Earth 2 has some violence and a little language, not excessive. A high PG, low PG-13. Season 2 will involve some discussion of sensitive topics, such as disability and LGBTQ issues.

Earth 2: Season One, is completed. Season 2 is on indefinite Hiatus. Check that post for details. I may be making a comeback as early as January, though, so stay tuned!

As for navigation, I have a table of contents, as well as easily accessible pages for seasons one and two, available underneath the table of contents.

Also, follow me on twitter! Just click the little bird on the sidebar and it’ll take you right to me. Fair warning, the twitter is hardly about writing anymore.


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