Hello! This site is my writing page.  Right now, this is home to my running serial “Earth 2”, which is a superhero story revolving around Vanessa, Paul, Jude, and Anastasia. Earth 2 has some violence and a little language, not excessive. A high PG, low PG-13.

I just finished season one. I will announce a release date for season two soon, but in the meantime check out this post for some information about what’s happening right now.

If you’re just getting started now, and would like a sample of my writing before you jump into a big backlog, I have uploaded a few short stories, and will hopefully upload more in time. I have a recap for parts 1-25, and I’m currently working on the recap for 26-50. It will likely be released very close to the same time as season 2.

As for navigation, I have a table of contents, as well as easily accessible pages for seasons one and two, available underneath the table of contents.

I upload a new part of my serial every friday at noon.

Also, follow me on twitter! Just click the little bird on the sidebar and he’ll take you right to me.


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